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Work experience

Cosmetic Surgeon

Zukowski Center for Cosmetic Surgery



Northwestern University



At present, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mark Zukowski extends body- and face-enhancing procedures through his private practice, the Zukowski Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Committed to patient satisfaction and comfort, he offers individuals a choice of facilities for their procedures, whether in an office-based setting or at a hospital, and he follows up by making house calls if desired. In addition, Dr. Mark Zukowski can help arrange for driver services, postoperative nursing care, and more. Aside from his duties at his Wilmette, Illinois-based office, he remains on staff at Chicago's Resurrection Medical Center and acts as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. At his practice, Dr. Mark Zukowski draws on his expertise in endoscopic techniques to perform minimally invasive face and brow lifts. Other procedures for the face include otoplasties for the ears, blepharoplasties for the upper eyelids, and rhinoplasties, which change the angle or size of the nose. In addition, he can inject fat and collagen into desired areas, augment the chin, or perform jaw lifts. For individuals seeking a nonsurgical approach, Dr. Mark Zukowski offers Botox injections and chemical peels, and his office sells a number of leading skincare products as well.Besides surgeries for the face, Dr. Mark Zukowski specializes in ultrasonic liposuction to address individuals' problem areas. He also extends abdominoplasties for the stomach, Brazilian lifts for the buttocks, and implants for the calves or chest. Women seeking breast procedures frequently turn to Dr. Zukowski for augmentations, lifts, and reductions. A full list of operations remains available on his website, Mark Zukowski holds a BS from Union College and an MD from Northwestern University. He also completed advanced residency training at Northwestern, where he studied under some of Chicago's foremost cosmetic surgeons. When outside the office, he takes pleasure in several recreational activities, including traveling, camping, skiing, and playing chess.


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