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 Business communication skills instructor and coach

An accomplished Adult Education Professional, skilled at helping groups and individuals attain

excellence and growth in the Canadian workplace. Expertise includes:

  • Advanced business communication in Sales
  •  Presentation and influencing skills for small and larger audiences
  • Applied business skills in the areas of sales and strategic business planning
  • Negotiation skills
  • Strategic leadership
  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • Effective consultation with project stakeholders.
  • E-learning based programs. (Instructional design)
  • Competitive strategy blunting
  • Training strategy for product launches
  • Customized Sales model Development

Work experience

Nov 2008Present


Markus Van Aardt Consulting

Instructional Designer

Sales Coach

Workshop Facilitator

Learning Solutions Project Manager

Current Professional Activity

 1. Smarter Selling

Accredited facilitator


  • An advanced consultative Sales Model
  • The approach hinges on self –knowledge as well as a deeper understanding client behaviours
  • Focus on developing trust- based relationships that will facilitate true partnering toward mutually beneficial goals
  • Includes self- assessment profiling model as well as Customer profiling.
  • Tools to assess needs, run meetings, and shorten the sales cycle
  • 2-day workshops aimed at advanced selling skills and taking Business relationships from “Buyer vs. Seller” to that of "Trusted Business Partners" 

2. CMC (Canadian Management Centre), affiliated with American Management Association

Accredited facilitator


  • Business Communication skills Training
  • Custom Workshop design
  • Instructional Design
Areas of specialty 
  • Sales Training
  • Selling model development
  • Management development
  • Stakeholder and Influence planning
  • Negotiation skills
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech subject matter, Specifically CV,GI and Respirology

3. Ryerson University (Raymond B. Chang School for Continued Education)

Developer and Instructor


  • Curriculum design
  • Role as instructor and coach
  • Consultant to web designers 

Curriculum design for:

  • Effective persuasion and Public Presentation Skills
  • Teamwork Communication and Organizational behaviour
  • Management skills/Advanced Leadership competencies


Sales Training Specialist

AstraZeneca Canada Inc.2005- 2007

Sales Training Specialist

Responsible nationally for learning needs of all representatives and their managers in Respirology, Cardiovascular Medicine and Sales Training for approximately 400 individuals. Developed courseware for Respirology, Cardiovascular and Evidence Based Medicine.


  • Developed e-learning courseware for Respirology, Lipidology (Cardiovascular) and Evidence- Based Medicine which ensured updated disease state information, a more current view on treatment options and better learner testing
  • Developed multiple workshops for a specialist sales force aimed at developing Key Opinion Leaders, Speaking Advocates and establishing leveraging networks for Formulary access in hospitals
  • Launched an e-learning training platform to a new Indication for Symbicort Brand
  • Acted as project manager for training roll-out to a new Customer Segmentation initiative
  • Developed a workbook based workshop format that allowed Specialist (Hospital) representatives to leave training interventions with a strategic document for implementation in the field
  • As Sales Trainer acted as appointed mentor for 2 new colleagues in the Training group
  • At end of first year as Sales Training Specialist, received “exceeds expectations“ performance rating in 5 of 7 available categories
  • Recipient of 5 “Bravo” awards in 2006/7 for exceptional contributions within and beyond my immediate sphere of responsibility
  • Invited as speaker at Cardiovascular CME events in Calgary and Lethbridge resulting in an invitation to do 2 more talks in 2008 in Calgary (Physician audience)

Cardiovasculare Specialist Representative

AstraZeneca Canada Inc.2001- 2005

Cardiovascular Specialist Sales Representative

Played a dual role during the launch of a new Cardiovascular mega-brand (Crestor) in coaching and developing Key Opinion leaders as speakers for its successful launch as well as carrying out related sales activities with high potential customers. This included consultation with Key Opinion Leaders at Specialist forums, Research initiatives and Advisory Boards.. Support of 2 regional teams by coaching speakers to deliver brand- friendly messages at CME which resulted in driving fast adoption of the new brand by General Practitioners.


Senior Sales Representative

AstraZeneca Canada Inc.1998 - 2001

Senior Sales representative

Responsible for the launch of Zomig, an anti-Migraine medication, in the GTA. Promoted various brands in the Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Dermatology, CNS, and GI fields to approximately 250 General Practitioners


Jan 1989Nov 1993

BA Hons.

University of Pretoria