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Work experience

Apr 2014Present

Senior Development Engineer

Auctionata AG
  • Creation of a logistics item tracking system replacing a commericial one.
    • Frontend based on AngularJS Web. Backend written in C# WebAPI. MongoDB as datastore.
    • Mobile Client for Windows Phone/Windows 8.1 and Android(Xamarin) for tracking with Barcode and NFC.
    • Connection to backoffice system via RabbitMQ.
  • Implementation of customer facing iOS Apps helping to improve customer experience and brand attachment.
    • C# Xamarin Stack with MVVM pattern
    • PAAS as backend system
    • Microsoft Azure Mobile Services as backend system
    • MongoDB as replacement for SQL tables provided by Azure and locally.
    • REST backend services written in C#/WebAPI
    • CloudFunctions written in Javascript(Node. js)
  • Development of new Features for the customer facing CMS.
    • ASP.Net as driving technology stack.
    • SQL Server 2012 Technologies
  • Using Scrum as project management framework GITlab repository
Aug 2006Apr 2014

Senior Consultant

Steria Mummer Consulting AG
Mar 2004Aug 2006

Software Developer

ilink GmbH

Integration external systems(wireless communication, telephone etc.) Client/server components Design of software architectures for JavaEE and.Net components. Integration and development of a system to store fingerprints for police ID system. Definition of interfaces to interact with external systems. Development. Technologies:. Net 4.5, C#, WPF, WCF, Java EE 6, C++ ilink, Berlin Software Developer Development of CTI middleware components(Computer Telephony Integration) for ilink products and in cooperation with Siemens as license partner. Driver-Development of TAPI Telephony Service Provider. Development of CTI Desktop Tools with Integration of external Databases(LDAP, Navision, Sage) The middleware components are written in C++. Some tools were developed using the. NET framework(C#) and Java. Development and test of CTI integration components(TAPI/HiPath) in cooperation with a mayor callcenter company. Implementation of a connectivity adaptor to connect a Microsoft Live Communication Server to a PBX system. This proxy was written in C# and is talking via CSTA-XML to the CTI middleware-backend.

Administration of the RCS system(Rational ClearCase). December 2000-, Berlin December 2003 IT-Manager. Development of in-house solutions to support the software-test department. Tools-development. Administration



OraMetrix GmbH
Freelance: Development of a near-realtime steering system for automatic detection of errors in camera scanned images. Here four scanning computers are connected through TCP/IP and delivering the scanning results to a central server component which collects, stores and visualizes the received data. Additionally this component is responsible for interfacing with the mechanical system via a Beckhoff interface module with a multitude of input and output signals. This server component was written in C#. The imaging clients were written in C++. The whole process had to maintain a analysis time below 1,5 seconds.
Aug 1998Dec 2000

Software Developer

AMTEC Automatisierungstechnik, Berlin
Software Developer Co-ordination of the hardware and software department during the execution of customized projects. Draft and development of C++ class libraries and component-based applications for the simplification of the development process with robotics and automation problems. This class library was written to support multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux and QNX. Development of graphical userinterfaces for automation projects using C++ and MFC. Briefing and support of the customized solutions at the place of the customer. 1998 Administration of the heterogeneous computer network of the Department of Biochemistry. Service of the Windows NT and IRIX machines Organization of the Windows user accounts.


Development and conception of a class library in the language PHP/FI for the abstraction of HTML-based forms with direct SQL data base coupling for dynamic web scripting. Amtec Robotics Conception, design and co-development of a programming system for the abstraction of automation problems in the robotics field(C++ classes, Client server concepts, GUI development with ActiveX, MFC). For example here it was possible to create spline-path controlled movements of n-axis robots. The class libraries were available for Windows NT, Linux and QNX. Freelance(2002-2003): Design, development, and realization of a client server project for visually controlled steering of a medical-technical instrument(surgery table). The GUI front-end was developed in JAVA. The server process was written in C++(Linux, GCC). We designed a proprietary TCP/IP communication protocol. This application was developed for the Linux operating system.


Institute for Physical
Free University of Berlin, and Theoretical Chemistry Student Coworker Production of teaching material such as Calculated computer animations(used self written software in association with commercial products) Administration of the web site of the group.


Developed and designed an application for the collection and graphical evaluation of measured data under Linux(using wxWindows). Freelance Developed home banking software for the PalmOS written in C for the daughter of the Deutschen Bank.

Technical Assistant

Free University of Berlin, Department of Inorganic Chemistry
Chemical-technical Assistant Since 1988 Formation of a company Development of scientific technical software applications. Sales of hardware and software. Customer specific services(like packaging of computers, system administration). Planning and realisation of customer specific software solutions. The business is closed since 2002.




Technischen Fachhochschule Berlin


Lette-Verein Berlin