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Work experience

Unit Coordinator

Swinburne Online

Teaching students in sociology, international business and services marketing using Gilly Salmon's five stage eLearning model.


CAPA International Education

Lecturing the academic component of an internship program.

International Student Recruitment Manager

Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Responsible for developing the new international division of this niche educator. With extensive travel, strategic planning, and collaboration with agents, this role requires me to build and grow sources of international students.

Conference Founder and Director

Future Entrepreneurs of the World Summit

I developed the concept paper, secured the necessary funding, and managed a team of 25 to run events which impacted young people from 21 countries. This role was extremely challenging but immensely rewarding and led to some exceptional results (see the full event report).

Marketing Officer then Sessional Academic

Macquarie University

Marketing and research work at Macquarie University was conducted in two departments: the entrepreneurship institute and the international office. As a research assistant to Professor Craig Mudge,  academic research was undertaken into new business models and technological innovation in wireless devices (specifically wireless sensor networks and mobile commerce).  Working with the international office to help attract 8,900 international students to the University involved advertising, student engagement, electronic direct marketing, event management and viral marketing.

In 2011 I became a tutor at Macquarie University taking up to 10 classes each semester.  

Jun 2010Dec 2011

Sessional Academic

Australian National University

Tutor in entrepreneurship, international business, international marketing and strategic marketing.

Jul 2008Dec 2009

Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager

Recruitment Systems

This role involves the planning and implementation of marketing and promotional plans to rapidly grow this recruitment software vendor. This challenging role requires the creation of a lean marketing communications strategy and direction of pricing, global distribution and product development.


Student Exchange

Lancaster University

  • Senior Advisor, Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)
  • Founder and Team Leader –Financial Literacy Program
  • Work experience with the Institute for Entrepreneurship
  • Completed Basic First Aid Course
  • Participated in the International Youth Leadership Conference held in Prague, Czech Republic

International Business Management

Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Completed intensive summer course in Global Enterprise Management
  • Worked effectively in multicultural teams
  • Interviewed managers at a biotechnology facility and a social enterprise in a comparative study of management techniques in Australia and Hong Kong
Mar 2008Present

Master of Commerce

On average, I have achieved distinction grades in the fields of marketing, social entrepreneurship, and intellectual property management. The master degree is being completed via online learning management systems. As well as academic commitments, I also advise several student societies through weekly teleconferencing and quarterly face-to-face meetings.

Feb 2008Present

Certificate IV

Australian Online Training

Completing this vocational training to be nationally qualified to train and assess workers in the fields of communications, information technology, small business management and marketing.

Feb 2004Dec 2007

Bachelor of International Business

GPA: 3.48 out of 4

  • 2006 President of Head Hunters Corporate Careers Society
  • 2005 President – Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)
  • 2005 Department of Business Academic Excellence Award
  • Founder and Chief Organiser- Innovative Youth Challenge
  • Facilitator for Selling Skills 101
  • 9th Place at a National Social Enterprise Competition
  • Retreat Leader for the Global Leadership Program
  • Permitted to study a postgraduate subject while an undergraduate


Ainsley Gilkes

“Mark has a great ability to engage others in pursuing his vision. As Director of FEWS he impressed me with his commitment to both the conceptual and practical objectives of the project. Mark is able to balance the role of 'leader' and 'do-er' - he works incredibly hard and in doing so inspires others to get onboard. I sincerely hope he continues his interests in entrepreneurship, education & marketing - he has some great assets to contribute to all three!”

February 20, 2009

Jennifer Shedden

“Mark is a true innovator who injects passion and creativity into all of his projects. He is incredibly media-savvy and has his finger on the pulse when it comes to online communication and marketing strategy. He has a very mature business sense at a young age. Personally he is a refreshingly honest and warm person. He is fun to work with and is compassionate. He is engaged with the world around him and has a strong social conscience. Mark is very adaptable and would be an asset to any organisation.”

September 22, 2008

Neil Bolton

“I had been looking for Mark for about four years. I knew exactly what the resume should look like, and when I saw his I sold him on the vision of Recruitment Systems - and he bought it, and I am very happy he did. He has been one of the key appointments for Recruitment Systems, with leverage to take us global."

November 9, 2008

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  • Travelling and learning from different cultures
  • Walking, swimming and generally enjoying nature
  • Reading books on business, spirituality and biographies
  • Campaigning for equal rights and civil liberties
  • Teaching others about innovation and corporate social responsibility
  • Running educational events for disadvantaged young people
  • Volunteer work adapting business practice to the not-for-profit sector

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Through self-reflection and the self-directed search interpretive report, I have found that:

  • I like being around other people, am interested in how people get along, and like to help other people with their problems.
  • I enjoy creating original work and have a good imagination.
  • I like job responsibilities and occupations that involve persuasion, promotions, and group or personal contact.
  • I am spontaneous, talkative, personal, enthusiastic, convincing, risk-taking, and competitive, and usually thrive in a team-oriented, adventurous, informal, innovative, big picture-oriented, varied environment.
  • I am convincing, cooperative, friendly, generous, helpful, idealistic, kind, responsible, social, sympathetic, tactful, understanding, and warm.
  • I have leadership and public speaking abilities, am interested in money and politics, and like to influence people.
  • I am also enterprising in that I am acquisitive, adventurous, ambitious, attention-getting, domineering, energetic, extroverted, impulsive, optimistic, pleasure-seeking, self-confident, and sociable.

Pro-Bono Publico

Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society (ASES) Australia

September 2006 – Present, Co-Founder

Identifying an opportunity to start an entrepreneurs club in Australia, I worked in a team to start a prominent international society in Australia. This required a colleague and I to present at Stanford University –where the society is based.

Lancaster University Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

October – December 2005, Intern

This brief role was completed while on a student exchange to Lancaster in England. Working in the Social Entrepreneurship team I helped five student groups obtain ₤25,000 in Millennium Development grants. I also interviewed twelve entrepreneurship academics in order to prepare posters which captured the spirit of the institute.

Global Leadership Program

March 2005 – Present, Active Member and Retreat Facilitator

This program significantly complemented my degree by offering a range of activities designed to improve leadership skills. These included keynote speeches, colloquia and seminars, a symposium in Canberra and a week-long leadership conference in the Czech Republic. I was also chosen ahead of 1200 program participants to meet Condoleezza Rice and to help run a leadership retreat.

Head Hunters Career Advancement Society

September 2004 – Present, Founding Partner, President then Advisor

Working to improve the employability of students, I helped found this society. I then became president and now hold an advisory role on the board. This role taught effective team leadership and small business management. I planned and implemented several teaching workshops and competitions. I am proud that my succession planning proved successful.

Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) Australia and SIFE United Kingdom

August 2004 - July 2005, President

With the previous executives all graduating I managed to form a new team and start 21 new teaching projects created economic opportunities others. These included a conference on entrepreneurship for high school students and fundraising for the disadvantaged. These efforts were presented to a panel of distinguished judges at the national competition.

October – December 2005 – Project Leader, Lancaster University

While many students treat exchange as a holiday I enjoyed remaining an active student. Through the SIFE Chapter at my host university I started the Cash Kids financial literacy website after securing a ₤5000 ‘Big Boost’ grant. This involved recruiting a team of five volunteers executing the entire project in less than three months. I also storyboarded a business education film and helped started this project by writing a successful proposal for US$1000 funding from HSBC.

February 2006 – Present – Senior Advisor

By committing more than just my year as President I guided executives through the process of rerunning projects I created. I still offer new ideas for projects, edit proposals, and help measure social outcomes. This measurement is aided by my postgraduate training in Social Entrepreneurship.


You have reached a site that allows you to learn more about Mark Tayar.Mark Tayar is a young professional based in Sydney, Australia with key professional interests in:

  • Educating and training people in international business, marketing and entrepreneurship
  • Designing interactive and engaging eLearning modules
  • Publishing academic research in international business, entrepreneurship and international education 
  • Improving efficiency in the social sector and developing new social investment models
  • New venture creation involving software and education

Please explore Mark's details and feel free to contact him.

Key Achievements

  • Received full marks on major research projects in sociology and international business strategy
  • Recruited by Macquarie University due to successful event and project management for a social venture
  • Devised and implemented a project plan and led a team of 25 to run a global student conference with a $100,000 budget
  • Completion of the Global Leadership Program with the highest number of leadership experience points ever achieved in the program's history
  • Awarded four separate travel scholarships worth $7,500 and travelled to 27 countries
  • Became one of the youngest supervisors to ever work for Liquorland
  • Founded the Australian subsidiary of the Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society (ASES) from Stanford University
  • Completed a postgraduate social entrepreneurship subject with a distinction grade while still an undergraduate student