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I have a wide variety of interests including golf, hiking, biking, reading, cross-country skiing, and playing with my kids.


Environmental representative responsible for environmental compliance/permitting on a number of large scale natural gas pipeline projects.


Seeking to find a position of environmental manager inside a leadig company where I can utilize my theoretical and practical skills and working knowledge in the area.

Work experience

Jun 2001Present

Sr. Environmental Coordinator


·Environmental representative responsible for compliance/permitting activities on natural gas pipeline construction projects. 

·Regularly interfaced with federal, state, and local environmental and land-managing agencies. 

·Coordinated the preparation of Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans. 

·Conducted multi-media environmental compliance audits of several company facilities in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. 

·Conducted environmental training of company personnel. 

·Managed consultants and coordinated NEPA compliance. 

·Conducted preliminary environmental site assessments/due diligence on numerous sites. 

·Managed the investigation and environmental sampling of a contaminated industrial site. 

·Conducted environmental inspections during and after pipeline construction projects. 

·Provided company with review and dissemination of new and proposed environmental regulations. 

·Assisted with air quality and safety issues.

Oct 1998Jun 2001

Environmental Engineer


·Developed an operations and maintenance manual for all oil water separators at Hill Air Force Base (HillAFB). 

·Audited outside activities at HillAFB to determine compliancy with the Base’s stormwater permit. 

·Conducted environmental compliance, training, auditing, and prepared plans and specifications for stormwater compliance at a military installation. 

·Trained HillAFB personnel with regard to stormwater management.

·Designed a concrete-lined detention pond for truck-wash facility at HillAFB.The project required the preparation of a Groundwater Discharge Permit to operate the facility.

·Investigated sewer/storm drain cross-connections and areas of stormwater non-compliance at HillAFB and suggested methods for problem area correction.

·Prepared Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for HillAFB detailing land use characteristics of the area, activities being conducted, and potential pollutant sources to the stormwater system.

·Prepared stormwater quality handbook for SaltLakeCounty containing Best Management Practices during construction, industrial, and municipal activities.

·Prepared stormwater pollution prevention plans and erosion control plans for large development projects.

·Developed a maintenance plan for the NorthwestOilDrainCanal, a proposed CERCLA site, outlining necessary procedures and associated costs for cleanup.

·Assisted in the preparation of alternate design standards and ordinances for residential roadways in NorthLoganCity.

·Organized data on discharges into the wastewater system for Salt Lake City Public Works.

·Conducted stormwater sampling and provided recommendations to clients regarding methods to improve overall water quality.

·Analyzed data and prepared reports detailing air quality monitoring during pre-demolition activities for Murray Chimney demolition project.

·Identified geographic coordinates and ownership of utilities impacted by the west-east light rail system at the University of Utah corridor.

·Conducted a winter operations study at HillAFB to document current practices relating to de-icing aircraft and airfields as well as alternative methods/materials available.

1997Sep 1998

Graduate Assistant

·Investigated the performance of bioreactor technology for treatment of low concentrations of perchlorate (a contaminant originating from rocket fuel) in drinking water.

·Conducted various experiments using environmental analytical equipment.

·Presented research on perchlorate reduction using a fluidized bed biological reactor at national and local conferences.

·Supervised work on bench scale biological treatment using CSTR/membrane and solids blanket reactors.




Related studies: air quality control and regulations, environmental law, pollution prevention, biological remediation, water/wastewater quality and treatment.




MS Office
Ability to use a wide range of Microsoft Office software such as WORD, Excel, and Powerpoint
Ability to utilize ArcView, ArcGIS and other Global Information System programs to find and map environmental issues.



Professional Engineer


Professional Engineer


Professional Engineer


Professional Engineer