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Work experience


Architect, MLS Technology

  • Managed business unit responsible for aggregation of 500+ MLS feeds for, and other prominent industry websites
  • Created software infrastructure to support this business unit including Windows desktop support tools and aggregation framework deployed to ten servers (C# .NET)
  • Added 500+ feeds to infrastructure over the course of 3+ years
  • Created Open House, Virtual Tour aggregation software
  • Fine tuned 96 per day data feeds
  • Helped with CDN selection and management for millions of property photos
  • Created Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps mashups to showcase efficiency of business unit for presentations made to Lehman Brothers during M&A talks
  • Maintained legacy Visual Basic .NET applications after company was acquired and key positions were eliminated
  • Oversaw integration of aggregation platform into many cousin portfolio companies
  • Maintained highest data quality standards with customized reporting and TrackIT!
  • Responsible for technical interaction with 500+ MLS's
  • Position was eliminated for economic reasons but business unit and software remain in place to this date

Manager of Product Software

Metrolist, Inc.
  • Managed development staff including VMS (legacy), Windows, and Web programmers as well as testing team
  • Oversaw re-development of FTP IDX project that serves thousands of Real Estate vendors
  • Oversaw development of Virtual Tour upload program which transitioned manual fax process to web services, reducing costs and increasing revenue
  • Assisted in planning and execution of Co-Location migration
  • Public face for Metrolist Users Group interfacing with tens of thousands of Real Estate Professionals
  • Implemented one of first VOW programs in the nation, using specialized RETS payloads
  • Worked with Pikes Peak Association of Realtors and IRES (two adjacent MLS's) to form one of the first listing sharing services in the nation--CCM (Colorado Cooperative MLS)
  • Oversaw technical side of the acquisition of another MLS (Evergreen)
  • Speaker at CMLS, TechFest and RETS conferences
  • Active member of RETS workgroup

Manager of Software Development

  • Analyzed and coded solutions to requirements documents for e-commerce site selling wireless phones and rate plans over the internet using Cold Fusion and a SQL server database
  • Hired 7 developers and continually improved software engineering life cycle while managing projects.Evolved from nothing in place to using Visual Source Safe to StarTeam and a 21 step process integrating requirements gathering, solution analysis, code review and QA cycles.
  • Managed project to interface with Sprint Communication’s electronic ordering system as defined in a DRS document.Designed system using Cold Fusion web interface, database, xml data storage, automatic email notification and secure FTP.
  • Managed project to enhance use of Cybercash on e-commerce site and enable Discover card transactions.
  • Designed PARTYY system, an n-tier development architecture integrating cold fusion markup language, JAVA, and Transact-SQL to enable rapid development of critical business application code-named Red Bar.Managed team of software engineers and completed project ahead of schedule and budget despite trimming of resources.Helped manage budget of project in excess of $400,000.
  • Initiated the Reason Developer’s Book Club, an informal gathering of software engineers with the purpose of reading Software Engineering related materials and discussing their application to our workplace.
  • Managed salaries and bonuses of software engineers.
  • Headed first internal Reason project on the Blue Martini platform, Help Desk 1.2 release.Project received upper management commendation for timeliness and effectiveness.
  • Customized Blue Martini business actions by writing JSP-interfacing Java code in Jbuilder 4.
  • Tutored software engineers on best practices of software engineering.
  • Worked with PMO on Scrum and paired programming efforts
  • Designed and implemented reporting system for internal and external use, utilizing Crystal Reports with Oracle, set up automated report generation, views and stored procedures to enable the web based tool which delivered web page and Excel spreadsheet reports.
  • Recipient of Letter of Appreciation from Director of IT, 4/20/2001 expressing level of effort and success of work.

Contract Programmer

Lockheed Martin
  • Created new and debugged old, database interacting, active server pages for corporate intranet.
  • Maintained content for several sites.
  • Debugged SQL code for Oracle databases.
  • Created Access and SQL Server tables for use with web based applications.

Sole Proprietor

Digital Construction
  • Marketed and worked as primary consultant for company started in a dormitory room, that grew to profitable company with 3 years of consecutive doubled profits.
  • Utilized network of independent contractors to complete work for variety of corporate and small business clients.
  • In 1996 and 1997 did programming work for First Bank of Chicago and National Bank of Detroit that after then-secret merger completed, was installed and deployed to users in thousands of super market locations in the Chicago and Detroit areas.
  • In 1997 created a networked Java server system to run a web based online meeting place for executives of international union. Managed one other developer during the process. Created GUI using the abstract windowing toolkit. Created multithreaded server on UNIX platform for NT deployment and it ran non-stop for over 6 months. Created secure areas for online discussion, conference management tools and logging mechanism for the application. 
  • In 1998 developed the e-commerce site, which has been advertised in the New York Times and produced revenues in the tens of thousands of dollars annually. Architected and wrote the back end system in PERL and developed the web interface for consumers to view and order online catalog of wares, as well as web interface for the shop to maintain their inventory and track sales online.
  • In 1997 and 1998 worked as consultant for online provider of sports fantasy games, in particular which was cited by Yahoo! Life Magazine as one of the web's best baseball fantasy games. Debugged and documented a back end system developed in Visual Basic for Red Hat Linux. Created modules for site at direction of CEO in java-script and HTML.
  • In 1998 developed content areas of web site, then attended the 1998 pageant in Atlantic City, NJ and helped with live webcast of the event. Acted as consultant the week of the event to ABC and the Miss America Organization. 
  • In 1998 attended corporate board meeting of Premier Concepts Inc., a publicly traded company, to discuss possible internet strategies with CEO, CFO and other board members, wrote a twenty page report on findings to questions posed by board members and outlining an aquisition strategy. CEO Sissel Greenberg commented that the report was excellent.
  • In 1999 taught upper level programming courses at Pikes Peak Community College. Received dean's commendation for excellence in teaching.


Sep 1993May 1997


The Johns Hopkins University

Vice-President of the Pre-Medical Honor Society, AIDS research at the CDC.  Java teaching assistant and Internet instructor.  Member of sketch comedy troupe.


Bradford Shultz

Brad worked at another portfolio company of our corporate parent after we sold eNeighborhoods to Dominion. We were on a cross-company project together that I helped organize.

I met Mark at the very first business meeting I ever attended in my professional life. Among the crowd attending, Mark was truly unique. Didnt reek of sales nor IT. He went on to present his truly brilliant and entirely unique- to my knowledge -(at the scale it is/was at) system for aggregation of IDX data. Anyone who’s aggregated one or more boards can appreciate the intelligence and experience that contributed to truly cost-effective ETL of IDX data with a focus on integrity and accuracy. I didnt work with Mark a great deal, and spent most of my time giving him excuses as to my delays in regards to our company-wide project, but every dealing I had with him found him to have the utmost integrity. One of the reasons I stayed on with the company for this long (I’m canned on the 31st, fyi) was my desire to work for Mark directly. Mark is a brilliant systems designer, the type of person I’d take pay cuts to work with. Always reliable- a follow-upper (rare in the corporate environment).

Sandeep Reddy

" ... Mark is very detail oriented and very good at following up on tasks."

Tom Murphy

"You have a lot of reputational capital with myself and I think everyone here who knows you at eNeighborhoods. My personal favorite things about you are the fact that you know your trade 150%, respond quickly when needed (which was quite often) and also you were open to idea/changes in your department.

Just as recently as this past Friday night I got an e-mail from one of our customers which needed to be answered by Saturday. You responded immediately and solved the issue even though we do not work on the weekends. It saved everyone a lot of hassle and the customer was happy."

Dan Abdullah

"...he demonstrated strong communication skills with his subordinates, other employees outside his department, and supervisors. Mark really enjoyed his work, and this was demonstrated by his willingness to work long hours even on weekends ... attentive listening and great enthusiasm helped him to form strong relationships with his employees and other employees within the company ... also demonstrated excellent technical and analytical skills. He developed several programs, which improved the productivity of the department."


MLS Technology Expert

Disciplined programmer and business manager with great communication skills and a proven history of successful implementations seeks his next technical challenge as part of a team environment. 

  • Managed team of developers for 3+ years at Denver MLS
  • Ran business unit for 3+ years at MLS Technology Vendor, and created vast Real Estate data aggregation framework as Software Architect
  • Active RETS workgroup participant for 7+ years
  • Industry presenter at CMLS, TechFest and RE/MAX conferences
  • Agile programming familiarity
  • C#, SQL and web technology expert



Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, IronMan 70.3 Triathlons, Marathons


PSIA Level 1 (Snowboard)

Professional Snowsports Instructors Association

Sun Certified Java Programmer

Sun Microsystems