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  • Computers / Software / Peripheral's
  • Reading
  • Martial Arts - Judo / Kung-Fu / Aikido
  • Surfing
  • Traveling
  • Advanced Scuba Diving Certification (Nitrox)
  • St John's ambulance first aid certificate
  • Fire fighting reservist
  • Hakea cutting volunteer
  • Captain snake catching club.

Core Competencies

General Management: Strategic Planning & Implementation, People Development and Motivation, Cross Functional Team Leadership, P/L Responsibility, Contract Negotiations.

Business Development: New Business Development, Key Account Management, Skilled Negotiator with a Technical flair, Change Management, Project management.

Finance Management: Financial and Management reporting, Budgeting and Cost Control, ERP System implementation, Accounts Receivable Management, Internal Audit.

Operations Management: Freight Management, Workshop Management, Quality Assurance and Control, Performance Improvement, Production reporting.

Additional Courses

Advanced Driving Course

Arrive alive Foundation, Philips SA 1998

Finance for Non Financial Managers

In-house training, Philips SA 1997

Customer Satisfaction Skills Training

In-house training, Philips SA 1998

MBA Service module

MTN Executive Leadership training, Wits Business school.

Strategic Leadership Development

MTN Executive Leadership training.


A confident self-starter who is motivated and results-driven with a strong desire to be successful. Polished, articulate & trustworthy personality with a professional attitude. Experienced communicator with clients, suppliers and staff. Knowledgeable in all aspects of Telecommunications with proven success across various industries.


An accomplished General manager with the ability to work collaboratively across departments, with well developed Leadership, Management & Organization with excellent cross functional business skills and a consistent track record of delivering results.

Broad Experience:

More than 12 years of Management experience, encompassing Telecommunications, Industrial Electronics, Test and measuring, Surveillance and Security Industries. Strong background in Operational, Financial and Reporting management with excellent Time management, Presentation and Sales skills.


General Manager, Sales Manager, Product or Procurement Specialist position preferably in the Telecommunications field. National or International i am prepared to re-locate if required.

Work experience

Aug 2011Mar 2013

Senior Sales Manager, Southern Africa

Alcatel One Touch (Pty) Ltd
Senior Sales Manager and Key Account Manager 

Key account manager for all Network operators and Distributors in the SADC region.

This entails the full supply chain process of presenting product line-up to operators and distributors, distributor agreements, managing forecasts, purchase orders, handset personalization, importation, accounts receivable, marketing campaigns and sellout activities.


  • 72% market share in Mcel Mozambique

  • Key account manager for all Network Operators and Distributors in SADC region (6 countries)

  • Met targets for each Country and successfully migrated from ULCH to Smartphone range.

  • Crafted bulk deals for 20k - 100k ULCH offers.
  • Developed additional distribution channels.

  • Managed forecast, demand planning and supply chain direct on Factory.

  • Ran marketing campaigns and sell-out initiatives (Bill board, Radio & Print).

  • Managed Import, Customs, Inspection, POD’s and regulatory requirements on all shipments.

  • Appointed and Managed In Country distributors and After-Sales service.

Skills Set,

  • Relationship management at executive management level with operators.

  • Contract management across multiple countries and multiple operators.

  • Knowledgeable and Experienced in Financial, Procurement and Admin reporting.
  • Appoint and managed In-country distributors.
  • Experienced in setting & reviewing contracts and Service Level Agreements

  • Collections from African Operators on time with no losses.

  • Supply Chain & Demand forecasting management

  • Developing new distribution channels.

  • Country price calculations, Import, Duties, Vat, Mark-ups and Margins.

  • In-Country marketing plan and execution.

Sep 2010Jul 2011

Sales Director

Lets Trade Mobile (PTY) Ltd

Exclusive distributor of the JCB Toughphone into Sub Sahara Africa


  • Launched a New Brand of Cellphone into the Sub Sahara Africa.

  • Signed up Massbuild as an exclusive distributor.
  • Launched handset sales into Builders Warehouse.
  • Signed up exclusive distributors into Tanzania, Mauritius & Botswana.

Skills Set

  • Self motivated and administrative driven.

  • Sales and Marketing skills.
  • Managing Suppliers, Freight forwarding and shipping.
  • Managed suppliers payments, and collections .

Sep 2007Mar 2010

Sales Director and Key Account Manager

XP-FZE (Dubai Based)

I developed key distribution channels, for Motorola handsets, into group operators in Africa and the Middle East, and developed sub-distribution channels into these territories.This entails the full supply chain process of presenting product line-up to operators and distributors, defining frame-work agreements with group operators, distributor agreements, managing forecasts, purchase orders, handset personalization, importation, accounts receivable, marketing campaigns and sellout activities. I was also responsible for trading slow moving stock with international traders when required.


  • Price and Product negotiation for all Group operators in Middle East and Africa, namely (Zain, MTN, Vodacom, Tigo, Etisalat & Orange).

  • Key account manager for MTN (15 Countries) ZAIN (22 Countries) & TIGO (8 countries)

  • Sold 400,000 handsets at a value of $13 Million, 95% of these are on 30 day accounts with a 0% bad debt record.

  • I sold 250,000 entry level, personalized handsets into Zain Zambia.
  • Developed additional distribution channels into 8 countries.

  • Managed forecast, demand planning and supply chain direct on Motorola.

  • Ran marketing campaigns and sell-out initiatives (Bill board, Radio & Print).

  • Managed Import, Customs, Inspection, POD’s and regulatory requirements on all shipments.

  • Managed and planned optimal freight and logistics route to get stock in country quickly and cost efficiently.

  • Appointed and Managed In Country distributors and After-Sales service.

  • Trading handsets on International trade desks globally.

Skills Set,

  • Relationship management at executive management level with operators.

  • Contract management across multiple countries and multiple operators.

  • Knowledgeable and Experienced in Financial, Procurement and Admin reporting.
  • Setup Framework agreements and managed Forecasts.
  • Appoint and managed In-country distributors.
  • Experienced in setting & reviewing contracts and Service Level Agreements

  • International Foreign Exchange management.

  • Collections from African Operators on time with no losses.

  • Supply Chain & Demand forecasting management

  • Developing new distribution channels.

  • Country price calculations, Import, Duties, Vat, Mark-ups and Margins.

  • In-Country marketing plan and execution.

  • Bond store management via freight forwarders

  • Cost control management of freight charges.

Jan 2007Aug 2007

Managing Director

Alpont Trading

Import - Export company trading in Mobile phones in Africa and the Middle East. I successfully sold 150, 000 handsets with the value of $5,6 Million.


  • Set-up and managed a Mobile phone trading business.

  • Sold 100,000 entry level handsets to Vodacom Tanzania.
  • Traded 50,000 handsets into the International trader market.
  • Signed agency agreements with 3 suppliers.

Skills Set

  • Self motivated and administrative driven.

  • Sales and Marketing skills.
  • Managing Freight forwarding and shipping.
  • Managed payments via Letter of Credit.

Reason for Leaving: I decided to contract my services to my Largest Supplier.

May 2004Dec 2006

Sales Manager (Export)

Samsung Electronics

Export of Samsung Mobile phones into Sub-Sahara Africa and Nigeria, developed distribution channels into Network operator’s and local distributors. I consistently exceeded quarterly targets.


  • I developed distribution channels into Namibia, Mauritius, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, DRC, Cameroon and Angola.

  • I developed multiple distribution channels into Nigeria and was successful in selling directly to Network operators.
  • Sold 150,000 CDMA units into Angola in conjunction with a massive marketing campaign incorporating TV, Print, Billboard and prize trip for 8 people to London.

  • Managed forecasting, supply chain, network locking and personalization on all stock into my territories, including upfront collections of all USD payments prior to shipment.

  • Key account manager for Virgin South Africa, managed all forecasting, deliveries, marketing campaigns and Network launch.

  • Set up South African distributors.

Skills Set

  • Key Account manager for International Network operators.

  • Proven track record in Events, Exhibitions and Promotional Marketing.

  • Planning and executing Marketing campaigns in foreign countries in foreign language.

  • Managing customer forecasting, stock in channel, demand forecasting.

  • Developing marketing campaigns to sell out slow moving stock.

  • Product selection for different segments and countries.

  • Sales and product presentations to Network operators.

  • Negotiation, Selling and Marketing skills.

  • International trading experience in fast moving Mobile phones.

  • Vast knowledge of international trade, freight, country importation and regulator environment.

Reason for Leaving: I left to start a Import / Export company

Jun 2003Mar 2004

Procurement & Warehouse Manager

Cellular Service Logistics

Responsible for managing a Warehouse and Supply Chain of R18 Million worth of Mobile phones, Accessories, Spares and Test Equipment with Min Inventory waste and Obsolescence through effective planning. I managed the procurement from 6 OEM Manufacturers, the distribution and reverse logistics to 20 local branches and 14 branches in Africa, with a stock variance of 0.25%. I also managed 15 staff members.


  • Re-engineered the security and operational Policy, Process & Procedures for all stock transactions, including scanning, storage and retrieval of all POD’s and import and export documentation.

  • Implemented Accpac Enterprise ERP management system, including serial tracking, reporting and an audit trail to sub-ledger.

  • Managed 3rd party distribution, Insurance and rates for different distribution models.
  • Sold out and wrote off R6 Million obsolete spares and slow moving products.

  • Finalized an unqualified, year end audit of R18 Million worth of Spares and Mobile Phones.

  • Evaluated 8 local couriers and freight forwarders for service levels, pricing, insurance.

  • Integrated a track and trace system into the workshop management systems.

  • Managed various freight forwarders, export inspection process, reserve bank requirements, Bond store and provisional Vat and Duty payments on reverse logistics goods.

  • Managed forecasting, procurement, Import & Export, warehousing, distribution and reverse logistics of repaired stock back into South Africa.

  • Set-up systems to manage a refurbished handset process, importing faulty handsets, purchasing spares, boxing and crating and warehousing fixed stock, managing sales orders and exporting final refurbished product.

Skills Set

  • Full knowledge of Accpac Enterprise systems.

  • Bond store management.

  • Import & Export requirements, including inspections and reserve bank requirements.

  • Knowledge of Warehouse a Workshop management systems

  • Policy, Process and Procedure re-engineering and Change management.

  • Courier and Freight forwarder management.

  • Experienced Forecasting and demand management.

  • Logistics and supply chain management.

  • Knowledge of  labour and retrenchment Law .

Reason for Leaving: Company ran into financial difficulties and retrenched all staff and liquidated.

May 2002May 2003

Senior Manager Special projects

MTN South Africa

My function was to trouble shoot and rectify areas of weakness in the organization. I was successful in this position as I had an excellent knowledge of of the warehousing environment and the ability to work collaborative across departmental boundaries. I managed various projects to completion


  • Collected R35 Million of outstanding Letters of Credit from MTN Nigeria.

  • Setup Policy, Process and Procedure for all future USD letters of credit that MTN SA would initiate in future transactions for 15 African Operations.

  • Wrote Board paper for write off approval of R25 Million worth of obsolete and slow moving stock.

  • I managed and executed the tender auction and payment process.
  • Managed the process of securing an additional 60 Million serial and pin codes for MTN Nigeria and implemented the Letter of Credit that secured the sale to MTN Nigeria.

  • Managed the Commercial Agreement changes for all MTN SA Retail and Distributor agreements to ensure that they were compliant with the new “Interception Act”.

  • Managed the implementation of new “Labelling requirements” of all products sold by MTN SA, as brought about by changes in the Act by ICASA.

  • Participated in a study group that was initiated to centralise all of MTN African Networks procurement requirements into one “Global Procurement Strategy”

  • Set-up and implemented new processes to manage stock returns and DOA’s and ensured that they fit into the manufacturer credit process.

  • Re-Negotiated all Supplier and Technical service agreements and incorporated them into one agreement for 8 OEM Manufacturers.

  • Generated a Tender document for the supply of accessories on a “Sale or Return” for all MTN sales outlets.

Skills Set

  • Negotiating and writing agreements and contracts with OEM & other Suppliers.

  • Expert on Import and Export  processes and interaction with reserve bank.

  • Knowledge of Letters of Credit, Bank guarantee, Bill of exchange and Financial securities.

  • Managed and Initiated Tenders.

  • Project management across departments within deadlines and with attention to detail.

  • Implementing new Policy, process & procedures across departments.

  • Expert Risk & Change management expert.

Reason for Leaving: I wanted to get more experience in the Importing and Exporting and reverse logistics process into Africa.

Apr 2001Apr 2002

Procurement & Technical Manager Nigeria

MTN Nigeria

My Primary function was to Procure, import and initiate Framework agreements for Mobile Phones, Accessories, Sim Cards and Airtime Scratch Cards for the launch of MTN Nigeria. Additionally I was also required to set up a Technical repair strategy for Nigeria. Initially my function was to ensure that these products were in country and working properly, my focus was then to employ and train local staff to take over these functions.


  • I successfully specified and procured 1 Million Mobile handsets, 4 Million Sim Cards and 30 Million physical Scratch cards in the first year of operation.
  • Employed and trained 6 local staff members, transferred skills and handed over with fully operational written Standard Operating Procedures by the end of my contract.

  • In conjunction with the Sales and Network team i set the Forecast and Product Mix.

  • Managed the Type approval and BAP testing process on Sim cards and Mobile Phones and back end integration into the Network Operational systems.

  • Managed import process for all stock into Nigeria from board approval, to Import clearance, Cash flow management, regulator type approval, warehousing, activation of pins, along with Customs clearance, Duties and Vat payments.

  • Managed financial terms, bank guaranties and Letters of Credit of $10 Million of stock monthly.

  • Set-up supply chain process, negotiated with OEM Supplier contracts with regards to Forecasting, handset pricing, importation, after-sales service and Co-op marketing.

  • Set-up and evaluated security features and artwork on Sim and Recharge cards, managed 30 Million virtual airtime pins securely between supplier and Network.

  • Managed the secure transfer of Recharge Pins and Serial numbers for production, Virtual distribution and loading on pre-paid database.

  • Managed allocation and deactivation of dormant Sim and MSISDN number range for all Sim card number ranges, MSISDN number ranges and IMEI database management in conjunction with Network HLR management.

  • Set handsets sales price and communicated profit margin to sales team.

  • Defined and set-up after sales repair process for service centres in 4 major regions of Nigeria.

  • Managed sell-out and re-order process and lead time of all Handsets, Sim cards and Airtime recharge vouchers.

  • Managed the personalization and specification of Sim card programming and Artwork.

  • Defined the strategy for production of Sim cards and scratch cards in Nigeria as opposed to importation, financial study on cost savings versus importation.

  • Maintained the security encryption formats and algorithms as required by Network group and in conjunction with Suppliers, Banks and other stakeholders.

Skills Set

  • Broad based knowledge of GSM Technology and Policy, process & procedures.

  • Ability to work in an unstructured environment and adapt quickly to change.
  • Experienced in working with diverse & multiple stakeholders.
  • Very experienced in Commercial transactions.
  • Very good interpersonal skills & liaisons with staff, Snr Manager, Directors & Board members.

  • Interviewed and employed almost 50 staff members in various operational positions.

  • Wrote Policy, Processes and Procedures for all job functions in my area of responsibility.

  • Trained , Developed and Motivated new local staff and mentored into new positions.

  • Managed $10 Million worth of stock monthly.

  • Managed secure transfer of highly sensitive activation pins for all Sim cards and Airtime.

  • Managed full import process of all products into Nigeria and the successfully secured foreign currency from the reserve bank to ensure payments.

  • Successfully contested local litigation, that froze stock in our warehouses over Christmas.

  • Managed supply chain and sell out of stock.

  • Negotiated property rental agreements for service centers.

  • Set-up long term strategy for procurement, in-country production and after sales services.

Reason for Leaving: I had completed my Expatriate contract after it had been extended 3 times.

Jan 1998Mar 2001

Senior Manager Technical Services

MTN South Africa

I successfully developed 7 Regional repair centers to handle 300,000 faulty handsets a year and to be able to manage the repair of 60% (180,000)  and manage the reverse logistics of 40% (120,000). I established and managed mutual beneficial relationships with 8 OEM Manufacturers. I had input into the strategy development and execution of the following areas

  • National technical Services (Direct Responsibility)
  • Inbound / Outbound Call centre (Indirect, all Technical issues)
  • Billing and Collections (Indirect, Technical billing)
  • After Sales Services (Direct Responsibility, for Walk-In customers)
  • Reverse logistics (Direct Responsibility, Spares, Customer handsets and Swap Stock)
  • Product procurement (Direct Responsibility, Test Equipment, Spares & Accessories)


  • Directly managed 4 direct reports and 21 staff members at head office and 7 regional supervisors and set policy processes and procedures for over 100 technical services staff members nationally.

  • Managed a Opex Budget of R10 Million and a Capex Budget of R8 Million and managed between 15,000 – 20,000 faulty handsets per month.

  • Managed the service agreements with 8 OEM manufacturers and the procurement of swap stock, test equipments and spares with a Capex value of R25 Million.

  • Successfully development and implemented an in-house, Web based, National Technical repair system that tracked all faulty handsets, repairs, spares, swap stock and billing with a centralized reporting function to mange the 300,000 faulty handsets we were receiving every year.
  • Successfully managed the reverse logistics and outsourcing of 120,000 handset to bulk repair facilities with a 7 day turn around.

  • Developed and presented Board papers and Budget to justify Technical services Opex and Capex budgets for growth strategies.

  • Managed 30 outsourced Installation car-kit  installation centers.

Skills Set

  • Communication, Leadership and Motivational skills

  • Budgeting and cost control.

  • Evaluation and Remuneration processes

  • Leadership and motivational skills

  • Multi- tasking and priority setting

  • 7 Years management experience in GSM Mobile phones repairs.
  • Set policy for all MTN repair interfaces.

  • Managed Capex and Opex budgets & reverse logistics for 7 National repair centers.

  • Managed 25 staff members

  • Set and managed National Policy Process & Procedure for 100 indirect staff.

  • Prepared and presented Board papers to justify Budgets and growth strategies.

  • Successfully negotiated with Unions and Work place forums.

  • Service Contract Negotiation with OEM handset manufacturers.

  • Procurement and Logistics skills.

  • Warehousing and Distribution skills.

  • Planning, Execution, Reporting and Evaluation

Reason for Leaving: I was offered an Expatriate position in MTN Nigeria start-up.

Dec 1995Dec 1997

Technical Services Supervisor

MTN South Africa

I was responsible for managing all the after sales service functions for Mobile handsets repairs in the Cape Region, this encompassed Walk-in, Dealer and Distributor & Corporate repairs and Car kit installations

I developed a level 3 Technical repair center, that carried out + 3,000 repairs per month on 6 Mobile phone manufacturers, from ordering and procuring spares, setting up test equipment and policies and procedures for 4 technicians.


  • Setup & managed an advanced level 3 Technical repair facility that could manage +3,000 repairs a month across 6 Manufacturers.

  • Managed 6 technicians and 4 administration staff.
  • Managed technical budget of R800,000 and Inventory of R3 Million.
  • Set-up and managed an in-house Mobile Phone car kit installation bay and call out Truck installation service.

  • Implemented a Car Kit Installation Voucher system that could be sold via MTN retail channels and tripled our present business.

  • I replicated the processes and procedures in 6 other regions for MTN National technical services.

Skills Set

  • Service presentations and value adds to corporate clients.

  • Managed walk-in and bulk repairs.

  • Installation and maintenance of high level repair equipment.

  • Designed a job-card system to track repairs, work done, spares used and collections.

  • Customer fronting skills and inbound call center management.

  • Spares, Swap and Inventory management and cost control.

  • Managed 10 staff members.

  • Setting and implementation of policy, process and procedures.

  • Project management of Technical equipment and staff procedures.

Reason for Leaving: I was promoted to Senior Manager, transferred to Johannesburg and took responsibility for the National function and 7 repair centers.

Aug 1984Nov 1995

Service Technician – Industrial & Electro Acoustic Division

Philips South Africa

Managed Sales and Service of "Turn-key" solutions across the full range of Philips Professional Surveillance, Audio, Security,  and Access control, Conferencing, Industrial Weighing, Medical Equipment, products. This included the following functions; Selling, Planning, Costing, Procurement, Subcontracting, Project management, Consultant management, Site management, Commissioning, Handover, Training, Support Service agreement and Board level repairs to the below systems.


  • Professional CCTV systems; Camera's, Monitors, splitters, sequential switchers, motion detectors, slow scan and remote control pan, tilt and zoom camera systems for major Banks. (ABSA Head Office, Volkas)

  • Medical Equipment; Magnetic Resonance Imaging and X-Ray equipment. (Groote Schuur Hospital and Hillbrow Medical Clinic)
  • Access control systems; Integrated computer controlled Access control and asset management, including baggage X-Ray (SA Reserve Bank, Shell petroleum and various Government buildings)
  • Industrial Instrumentation;  Assize of Load Cells in Weigh bridges, Batch weighing equipment, Silos and Hoppers. As well as PLC, Temperature Control, PH and Level control, Flow control and repairs to various Test equipment, like Fluke Multi-meters. (PPC Cement, Cape Town Water)
  • Laboratory Test Equipment; Repairs and calibration of Scientific and Analytical test equipment, including Ultra Violet and Infra red Spectrophotometer's and Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. (University of Cape Town)
  • Conference Equipment; Voting, conference and 12 language Translation systems with Mimic panels, remote switching, redundancy and "Hansard" recording. (Houses of Assembly)
  • Electronic security and surveillance systems; Yael 5 security fencing, Electric fencing with Zone Monitoring, Motion detection, Mimic panels, integrated CCTV systems. (SA Police HQ Silverton)
  • Professional Audio; Large scale Sound masking, Noise suppression, evacuation and Public Address systems. Repairs and installation of +400 watt amplifiers as well as Professional Mixing boards, delay generators and equalizers, built up into 10,000 watt systems (Sanlam and Liberty)
  • Intercom Controllers; Large scale Intercom controllers with Duplex switching, Group call.I Installed 4 controllers connected in a Token ring that can manage 8,000 intercom stations. (Groote Schuur Hospital)
  • Paging systems; In House 5 Watt VHF paging systems (Bleep, Speech, Display & Talk Back) used in Fire stations and Emergency services. Repairs to VHF & UHF 2 way radios and Transmitters.
  • Voice Logging; The first inbound call center digital voice recording solution in SA, recording and storage of 64 ch inbound telephonic conversations onto specialized compact cassettes as well as direct storage to hard drives. (Auto and General)

Skills Set

  • Sales presentations and proposals.
  • Planning, Budgeting and Cost analysis.
  • Research and Design of Turn Key projects.
  • Integration of various systems builds.
  • Project Management and budgeting.
  • Maintenance contract cost management and design

  • Component and equipment sourcing and procurement.
  • Customer Service skills.

  • Diagnostic and fault finding, listening and evaluating.

  • Planning, snag rectification and commissioning.
  • Management of Outsourced installers.

  • Management of Technician service calls.

  • Collections and Management of Accounts payable.

  • Proficient in MS Office and JD Edwards ERP system.

  • Proficient in Turbo CAD, Tango and other PC Board design software

      I transferred from Johannesburg to Cape Town in August 1990

Reason for Leaving: I wanted to get involved in the Growth of a new "GSM Technology"

Jan 1982Jul 1984

Bursary Student & Trainee Service Technician

Philips South Africa

I was selected as one of 3 full bursary students with SA Philips after a comprehensive evaluation and interview process. This included a 3 year National Diploma in Electrical Engineering at Cape Town & Witwatersrand Tecknikon, followed by another 1 year National Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering, this consisted of theory and occupational training in various divisions within SA Philips, before becoming a service engineer in the Industrial & Electro Acoustics division of SA Philips.

Skills Set

  • Customer Service skills.

  • Systems integration.
  • Board level design and repair skills.
  • Diagnostic and fault finding.

  • Systems and parameter programming.

  • Billing and Job card maintenance and administration.



T4 Diploma

Technikon Witwatersrand

National Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Light Current


T3 Diploma

Technikon Witwatersrand

National Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Light Current