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Hollywood, NYC, Brinnon, WA

Work experience

Jun 2007Present


Influence Consulting Group Inc.

Influence Consulting Group (ICG) was created to offer select clients integrated public relations programs that embrace Internet-based strategies for greater reach and penetration. Services include media relations, digital PR strategies, editorial services, and strategic planning. We understand that today's environment requires engaging your audience in a two way conversation that builds trust, goodwill, and positive brand recognition. It is not a short-term fix. It is a lasting dialogue. We also partner with larger PR agencies, web-based content developers and consultants in the U.S. and overseas.

Dec 2000May 2007


CommTech Inc.

CommTech was a new kind of public relations firm - integrating 'PR 2.0 new media' strategies with traditional public relations tactics. Services included web development, editorial services, media relations, internal communications

Jul 1999Nov 2000



Co-founded start-up that produced educational materials for college students to be delivered through the Internet. Wrote business plan, raised capital, hired staff, managed web development company, advertising firm, negotiated partnerships. Materials produced by InstantKnowedge were sold to ProQuest.

Jan 1998Jul 1999

Senior Vice President

Edelman Worldwide

Full scale public relations programs, strategy, and media relations. Managed account teams and programs for publicly traded companies. Edelman is the largest independent public relations firm in the world.



Internet Communication Strategies
Develop creative Internet-based PR strategies that further a dialogue with targeted constituents and brand a company, service or product for the long-term.
Media Relations
We identify, develop and promote story ideas that appeal to influential media.
Editorial Services
Experienced and accomplished writer and blogger.

Writing & Learning

My writing has appeared in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and other media. I am an occasional blogger on important and trivial issues facing the public relations industry and the world of communication at PRBlogNews. I was a guest lecturer at New York University on "PR and New Media: The Principles and Practices of Communications Online." I contributed to Ketchum Online "Perspectives" Communications Quarterly (see News & Views, left column). I am a member of New York Video 2.0, a great Meetup that brings together the best and brightest of the emerging web video world. I love the world of New York theatre for enjoyment and because it's important to constantly learn what makes drama.

News & Views - My sporadically updated blog on challenges and triumphs of communication in the digital age. 

Some memorable posts, stories, and press:

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Burson digs itself deeper - Burson’s refusal to take responsibility for its actions or engage the public threatens to overshadow some of its good work. By Mark Rose, 10/07/07

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NYT Gaga Over Rupert's Yogurt at Boldface Business Confab - So how does the media cover the media when the media is excluded? By Mark Rose 07/15/07

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Why we should all feel bad about Rubenstein's cyber mugging  Bottom feeders on the Huffington Post accomplish nothing with their drive-by nastiness. By Mark Rose, 07/11/07

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Edelman Revolution at the Crossroads  "I still find some bloggers unwilling to acknowledge the positive role played by PR people; we are sometimes demonized as floggers or worse," Richard Edelman says in the following interview with Mark Rose, Editor, PRBlogNews. 04/07/07 

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Los Angeles TimesNow on exhibit, the blogger’s view 7/30/06

“Control is an inevitable part of institutional blogging,” says Mark Rose, who works in public relations and on the side publishes the site PR Blog News, devoted to the intersection of the two. “Organizations have policies about what employees can and can’t say in public, and those rules translate to the online world.”

Museums face an additional online challenge because their audience tends to skew cultured and sophisticated.

“They can see through the PR bull easily,” says Rose. “The best promotion for a museum is to be nonpromotional.”

Achieving that equilibrium while working within institutional limits can be a sign of a truly creative blog team.

See discussion of story in - ideas+media

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Ketchum Online Communications Quarterly2006, Volume I

In 2006, the communicator will become the media. Audio and visual online interviews will become commonplace, like that with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. When you see and hear Ballmer (through your Windows media player, of course) in an informal setting, being playful, serious, personal, and all business, it is hard to demonize him as the Darth Vader of software.

See more of Mark Rose’s comments on digital media trends in 2006

See Ketchum Online Communications Quarterly, 2006, Vol I

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Blogs and public relations firms – challenges, resistance, opportunities

September 23rd, 2005

By Mark Rose | PR Blog News

EDITORS’ CHOICE | PR Agencies & New Media

Q&A with Richard Edelman, Rob Key, and Jim Horton

Blogs Force Change In PR Agency Practices

Not only are blogs now established as an important information generator, intelligence gatherer, reputation builder, crisis tool, networker, and free digital press, blogs are the delivery method of choice for a “smart mob” of global PR agency watchdogs who are demanding a new, transparent, and highly credible method of delivering PR services …

Read entire Q & A at Global PR Blog Week 2.0


The Internet has changed communication so dramatically that traditional public relations tactics alone are no longer adequate. Shrinking newsrooms, declining ad sales at newspapers, and consolidation into digital media are examples of a radical shift in the media landscape. How we develop public relations strategy, craft messages and approach media must account for this new media landscape, especially in 2008 the year of the ‘visual web.’ 

I am a Partner with Influence Consulting in New York. We don't just think different, we are different, a PR firm built from the ground up for the world of digital communications. Influence Consulting services include Internet Communications Strategies, Editorial Services, Media Relations and Strategic Planning.  We represent clients in a varitey of industries, including financial services, technology, and education.

My 12 year career with New York City public relations firms includes Senior Vice President, Edelman Worldwide in New York and Los Angeles, and positions with Middleberg Communications, Makovsky + Co., Howard J. Rubenstein Associates, and Marston Communications.

My specialty these days revolves around Internet-based PR strategies, along with media relations and editorial services.  If you love the PR business then this is a great time to explore the wealth and opportunity the Internet affords communicators.  I occasionally update my blog PRBlogNews and maintain a community site for our home on the Olympic Peninsula at BrinnonInfo.