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Technical Profile

Operating Systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, Ubuntu, Fedora, Centos, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, OpenVMS

Programming Languages: Java, Ruby, Python, C/C++, BASH

System Services/Technologies: PXE, BIND, DHCP, NIS, NFS, NTP, TCP/IP, Active Directory, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL


Outgoing, approachable Infrastructure Engineer, proficient in Linux, Windows XP/Vista, and Windows Server operating systems. Familiar with Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and OpenVMS. Knowledgeable in data center planning and system automation. A quick learner that enjoys tackling challenging problems.

Work experience

May 2002Present

Infrastructure Consultant

Computer Consulting
  • Resolved hardware and software issues on home and small office computers with operating systems including Windows XP/Vista, Windows Server 2000/2003, and Mac OS X.
  • Helped clients plan and implement wired as well as wireless networks as well as trained them in operating said networks.
  • Protected client systems from security threats such as viruses by implementing anti-virus and firewall solutions as well as briefing clients on basic security best practices.
Oct 2007May 2008

Campus Ambassador

Sun Microsystems
  • Taught classes on Sun technologies including Solaris, Netbeans for Ruby/RAILS development, JavaFX, and Sun SPOT (Small Programmable Object Technology).
  • Provided faculty and students with support in the use of Sun products and technologies.
May 2005Aug 2007

Infrastructure Engineer

BEA Systems
  • Administered 600+ servers from vendors such as Dell, HP, SUN, Silicon Graphics, Compaq, IBM, Intel, and Supermicro that ran operating systems including the various distributions of Linux, UNIX, and Windows.
  • Built a network install environment using the PXE boot protocol and the respective automatic installation facilities of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Windows 2000/XP/2003 to help reduce the deployment time of new servers.
  • Researched and developed a virtualization environment using VMware to help consolidate servers and reduce the need for new hardware.
  • Solved network issues involving Cisco switches such as inappropriate VLAN configurations and incorrect duplex settings.
  • Worked with a team in establishing a requirements/planning document for building a new data center including electrical demands, heating and cooling needs, as well as dimensions and layouts for the new location.
  • Created scripts using a combination of BASH and Python for tasks such as auditing open IP address ranges across subnets and verifying valid host name assignments.
  • Resolved trouble tickets from teams in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
Oct 2004Feb 2005

Software Engineer

Guardian Digital, Inc.
  • Built a custom corporate desktop based on Debian Linux to be imaged on all new workstations so that there would be minimal downtime in the setup and configuration of a new computer.
  • Helped with content migration and integration from an old website to a new Content Management System.
  • Researched and integrated security resources into the new CMS.
  • Created software documentation for the new corporate desktop as well as hardware documentation for the IP Telephony system.




New Jersey Institute of Technology