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Work experience

Jan 2009Present


Mark Ramsey Media LLC

Mark Ramsey Media is a strategy and branding firm which syncs radio and digital media.

Mark Ramsey provides consultation on the effective development, implementation, and execution of digital strategies to broadcasters and related firms throughout North America.

Mark Ramsey Media is one of the best-known research and strategy providers to media companies in America.

MRM President Mark Ramsey has worked with several television and innumerable radio broadcasters over his career, including all the biggest names, from Clear Channel, CBS, Bonneville, Sirius XM, and Greater Media in the US to Corus and Astral Media in Canada.  Clients from outside broadcasting have included EA Sports and Apple.

Recently Ramsey has been in strong demand as broadcasters recognize the critical importance of integrating their strategies with digital opportunities which completely redefine the meaning of “radio.”

Ramsey has authored two radio industry bestsellers, “Making Waves: Radio on the Verge” and “Fresh Air.”  

MRM’s blog is among the most popular in the media industry.

With branding authority Tom Asacker, Ramsey publishes the "Media Unplugged" podcast ( twice per month.

Ramsey is near the center of the re-creation of media and broadcasting.  He’s a Research Fellow with Coburn Ventures, change consultants to some of the world’s largest investment companies.

Feb 2009Present

Director of Marketing

Broadcast Film Critics Association

The Broadcast Film Critics Association is the largest film critics organization in the United States and Canada, representing 199 television, radio and online critics. Our collective membership is the primary source of information for today's entertainment consumers. The very first opinion a moviegoer hears about new releases at the multiplex or the art house usually comes from one of our members.

Founded in 1995, the BFCA presents its Critics' Choice Awards each year to honor the finest achievements in filmmaking.

Jan 2003Dec 2008


Mercury Media Research

Mercury Media Research provided audience research and strategy services to radio and TV broadcasters throughout the US and Canada.

Sep 1984Dec 2002

Research Director

Bolton Research, Inc.

Supervised all research activities for media research company specializing in research for radio broadcasters.




University of Rochester

Research Fellow