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Sales and Business Development Executive with Focus on Solution Selling, Document Management Technology, and Expert Imaging … develop solution-selling logistics from the ground-floor and build multimillion-dollar entities. Leverage development-to-delivery stages of products and services, corporate image and branding strategies, multi-tier marketing programs, and sales team development.

Exemplary performance applying client-based solutions, account management, market penetration and expansion, multi-channel sales/product distribution, and new product launches. Intricately skilled with research, development, promotional strategies, and overall restructuring of new and existing marketing/business plans, stepping up the rungs necessary to secure continued revenue and market share growth. Utilize persuasive selling and marketing strategies, coaching colleagues and subordinates to generate top performance as well. Hold an impressive record of securing short- and long-term sales while applying customer relationship management (CRM) techniques.

Work experience


Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager

AMI Imaging

* Research, initiate, and build new sales and account growth throughout the Mid-Atlantic territory. Developed complete market-entry and growth strategies, focusing on negotiating prime contracts and sales alliances. Currently negotiating $5MM in contracts with prime contacts, such as the State of Maryland.

* Design and implement document solutions — specifically content management, conversion, professional services, and hardware — to clients primarily within the Virginia, Maryland, and District of Columbia areas. Focus on commercial client accounts, as well as, government entities and contractors.

* Established and nurtured relationships with key business solutions partners, including Oracle, Canon, Unisys, Hyland, Kodak, Bell & Howell, and Kofax. Provide collaborative solutions to clients, customizing services to fit each client’s short- and long-term needs.

* Monitor and control departmental P&L and budgeting indices, tracking costs associated with project management, corporate communications, field visits, and other overhead expenditures. Currently laying the groundwork to incorporate a team of sales/account management talent to expand territorial growth.

* Introduce enterprise-wide systems, heading the complete sales process lifecycle — starting with initial contact and scheduling of appointments. Address requests for information from prospects/clients and present in-depth presentations to executive-level decisionmakers and department heads.

* Utilize Unisys solutions for financial and banking departments, incorporating Check 21 (check processing) functionality using scanners and verification systems.


Chief Marketing Officer

Global Mortgage

* Maintain internal communications with Branch Manager and Branch Operations Manager to continually review and analyze marketing efforts, materials, and opportunities that encourage consistent business development. Developed and integrated a network designed to penetrate new demographics and industries.

* Manage, train, and coach mortgage professionals overseeing underwriting, credit analysis, and financial administration. Ensure each employee conducts extensive due diligence and reviews property transfer documents as part of the loan closing process.

* Direct teams charged with residential loans used for financing main homes, vacation residences, subdivision development, and those business clients requiring retail, office, industrial and condo financing.

* Oversee customer service, sales, and business development facets, as well as, participate in and consult on market research, mortgage underwriting, and property valuation.



QualityFirst Imaging

* Consulted with managers and corporate stakeholders relevant to a multimillion-dollar operation. Advised on contract management, profit & loss, and budgeting responsibilities, as well as, financial and strategic planning for developing clients within finance and insurance industries.

* Offered expert advice on high-functioning, aggressive, and concurrent business agendas and revenue-building efforts. Led key business processes, and counseled/assisted with manpower and staffing, resource alignment, and outsourced functions to handle growing resource planning/CRM needs.

* Developed and integrated solutions to automate and streamline RFPs and RFIs. Secured major clients; Food & Drug Administration, Booz Allen Hamilton, World Bank, Zurich Insurance, Provident Bank, E-Trade Bank; resulted in yearly sales of $2MM within 3-4 years.

* Managed a team of 50, many of the key managers were recruited from Lit-Tech Solutions, which subsequently attracted clients and tools for immediate business benefits.

* Headed contract negotiations for capital improvement projects and other business expansion for the purpose of establishing alliances, customers, and advanced market-entry strategies. Formed relationships with hardware/software companies, such as Promark Technologies, Optika and OCRFF.

* Participated in and passed an extensive background check by the Food & Drug Association to handle incoming medical device applications.


National Director of Sales

Core Commerce

* Researched new markets and positioned the sales and marketing department for this Dot Com start-up to target and penetrate national B2B clients using $32MM in seed money. Attended trade shows and networked with corporate contacts, establishing relationships with high-level execs at IBM, HP, and Sun Micro Systems.

* Travelled nationally and conducted field visits with prospects. Culminated an initial needs assessment before developing an in-depth sales presentation that satisfied the customer’s needs with the company’s Java-based software solution.

* Served as point-of-contact between key departments, including executives, financial and tech support. Utilized technical knowledge of software-based solutions for B2B clients. Managed complete prospect and customer relationship management.

* Encouraged sales growth by coaching the sales team to optimal performance and placing a high bar for personal sales. Tapped existing clients while aggressively pursuing prospects and leads within under-performing industries.

* Grew sales force three-fold (5 to 15) in 24 months to fulfill the company’s overall goals. Recruited and hired exceptionally talented sales performers to generate an immediate interest in wares. Coached team and laid the foundation to generate optimal long-term sales.

* Start-up financed by DIS-Research, the second largest Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of HP products in the US and a BlueBird system, producing $100MM in annual revenue.



Lit-Tech Solutions, LLC

* Built start-up providing litigation support services to the top legal firms in the nation, with a focus on document scanning, document coding, and database development. Developed all internal processes and oversaw project management under the direction of the management team.

* Introduced complete corporate image and start-up initiatives, developing a multi-pronged business plan. Continuously restructured internal processes and procedures to speed up operations and administrative functions so more time was spent on overall growth.

* Directed weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual P&L indices, departmental budgeting (emphasis on sales and marketing), and revenue/overhead forecasting. Conducted comparative analyses that highlighted areas of prominent sales generation versus areas needing aggressive follow-up and concentration.

* Landed high-profile accounts, including law firms and District of Columbia. Generated prime leads, secured sales appointments, delivered presentations, negotiated contracts and closed sales accordingly. Directed the entire process — initial point-of-contact and question phase to relationship building and account management.

* Investigated the market and identified need for services, ensuring solutions would provide high customer satisfaction along with a high return-on-investment (ROI). Secured $2MM from capital investors.

* Monitored 110 employees under the direction of 20 direct-report managers. Directed the team charged with business development, technical, customer support, and financials, while heading human resources functions; i.e. talent recruitment, hiring, coaching, and delegation of tasks.

* Created, executed, and analyzed a strategic marketing plan, including market research and the development of company logo and marketing materials.

* Networked with industry contacts, building a complete database of new contacts and referrals. Captured strategic partnerships with Balmar Legal (totaled $1.5M), Optika (purchased previously by Stellent; currently owned by Oracle) who subsequently purchased several VARs.


Vice President of Sales and Marketing

ZyLab International, Inc.

* Directed sales, marketing, and account development aspects for the company, including the direction of Tool Kit, VARs, and Direct/Conversion Services sales.

* Headed marketing efforts for each new product launch, including the development or alteration of existing corporate communications materials. Monitored each phase of product development to strategize on market introduction steps that would generate the best return-on-investment (ROI).

* Analyzed and reported on revenue forecasts, commission plans, and investor relations. Reviewed current sales volumes, identifying areas for improvement and realigning sales efforts accordingly. Set business development and growth goals to obtainable, yet aggressive levels to motivate the sales team.

* Increased sales 100% by redesigning VAR standards matched with a value-added proposition. Developed and implemented winning sales strategies combined with an in-depth training program that resulted in a new breed of high-volume resellers.

* Added $2MM in sales the first year with the inception and launching of a new profit center offering litigation support services, including negotiating and managing subcontracts with service bureaus. Profit center is in existence today. Received a “Strong Positive” by Gartner’s “MarketScope for E-Discovery and Litigation Support Vendors” in 2007.

* Pursued and captured federal government accounts, growing the business by 200%, as a result of the development of a Government Services Agency (GSA) program. Provided government agencies with bundled hardware and software solutions that gave ZyLab the competitive edge over the competition.

* Recruited, hired, and managed 20 members of a new team of top-producing sales and technical personnel (possessed 300+VARs). Shifted manpower and departmental processes to accommodate on-going business growth, developing new programs and marketing projects that streamlined sales and marketing efforts.



Business Administration



Relationship Building
Start-up Growth
Sales Presentations
Client Development/Account Management
Market Reach & Expansion
Business Development


Food and Drug Administration