Motorcycles, Programming,

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2006 - Present

Chief Technology Officer

Medco Health Solutions
Sep 2005 - Aug 2006

CTO and VP of development

GSI Commerce

Demonstrated a passion for innovation, technical expertise, and vision-driven leadership through high-level promotions for this leading pharmacy benefits management organization.

Aug 1992 - Jan 2005

Enterprise Architect


Mark joined Medco In 1992 as a senior architect and was material in the delivery of Medco’s Enterprise Warehouse analytical tools MedCAP and Experxt, which leveraged a unique specification grammar and interpreter built for high speed parallel processing DBMS platforms such as Teradata.

Jan 1988 - Aug 1992

Enterprise Architect

Chemical Bank

Team architect lead. Lead migration of teller automation and mainframe integration utilizing SSI OLTP EZBRIDGE - predecessor to IBM MQ. 

Jan 1986 - Jan 1988

Lead Architect - systems engineering

Nynex science and technologies

Lead architect for Nynex Yellow Pages telemarketing platform. Implementation program. Dec Vax, PBX integration, realtime programming.

Jan 1983 - Jan 1986

Lead Programmer

St Johns Riverside Hospital

COBOL Batch and Online. IMS/DL1 Microvax II Systems migration lead from IBM time share platform to Vax 8530 running CYBOS (Forth) systems.


Jan 1993 - Jan 1995

Masters of science

Polytechnic University
Jan 1982 - Jan 1986

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)

Manhattan College