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Over the years, Mark Klinedinst has maintained tried to maintain a balance between his teaching, research, and philanthropic commitments, contributing to academic and charitable organizations on a local and international basis. As Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Southern Mississippi, Klinedinst has spent more than three decades immersed in academia, serving as Departmental Chair, earning several research grants, and publishing articles in various scholarly journals. Before graduate school he was a carpenter and was a member of the union of carpenters in Oakland California. Active in the community as well, Mark Klinedinst maintains affiliation with the Indian Springs Farmers Association, a vegetable marketing cooperative that benefits African American-owned family farms in Mississippi and the Hattiesburg Farmers' Market. Other organizations that Klinedinst serves include the International Association for the Economics of Participation, the National Cooperative Business Association, the Association for Evolutionary Economics, World Food Day, and Environmental Action.  With a broad range of interests in the field of economics, Mark Klinedinst has cultivated specializations in transition economies, economic participation, and cooperative organizations in the United States. Published in a variety of academic journals, Klinedinst’s most recent articles have appeared in the Journal of Money, Investment and Banking; the International Research Journal of Finance and Economics; the Chinese Business Review; and Comparative Economic Studies. In addition, Mark Klinedinst served as a reviewer for the Journal of Insurance Issues and Practices, the Journal of Economics and Finances, Economic Analysis, Economic Development Quarterly, the Journal of Comparative Economics, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, and additional publications. The Hattiesburg, Mississippi resident holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in Economics from Cornell University, along with a B.A. in Government from Clark University.

Work experience

Emeritus Professor of Economics

University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg, MS, US

Mark Klinedinst


Aug 1979Aug 1987

Phd, MA

Cornell University
Sep 1973May 1976


Clark University