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Accomplished IT Professional with Vision...Courage...Leadership

Experienced, enthusiastic and results-driven IT Professional with over 10 years of proven, hands-on experience in fast-paced environments, such as, US Army, Hewlett-Packard and Allstate Insurance.

Solid record of achievement in managing change, mitigating risk, infusing new ideas, and delivering solid business results to take enterprise system performance and productivity to the next level.

  • Consistently demonstrates practical yet imaginative approaches to service delivery, work-flow management and process improvement.
  • Can leverage business experience, technical expertise and analytical skills to help organizations achieve strategic objectives and articulate a future vision.
  • Persuasive team builder and coach, adept at motivating teams to deliver unparalleled customer service and attain major company objectives.

Skills and Strengths

  • Windows Server and Systems Administration
  • Active Directory management
  • Project management and implementation
  • Microsoft Exchange Server administration and support
  • Outlook messaging support and end-user training
  • Workstation imaging, packaging and deployment
  • Desktop technical support and training
  • Strategic planning and vision
  • Call center operations and management
  • End-user training in all major software products


  • Camping with family and friends
  • Woodworking and Finish Carpentry
  • Home Theater installation and enhancement
  • Leading Mountain Bike trips
  • Teaching PC skills to students of all ages
  • Archery
  • Water-sports
  • Fishing
  • Continually updating my skill-set and staying informed of industry trends
  • Wi-Fi technology and applications

Work experience

Apr 2010Present

IT Manager

Crowley Properties

In charge of Information Technology department for fast-paced real estate investment company. Responsible for all data system management, network administration, telecommunications, power management for corporate, facility and security infrastructures.Design, implementation and maintenance of corporate data-flow. Maintenance of servers, workstations and user accounts for local and remote users. Data backup, disaster recovery plans and maximization of available system resources. Programming and maintaining telecommunications systems for all company properties and mitigation of risk during utility company outages.  Responsible for up-time of all corporate workstations, laptops and mobile devices. Consistently maintains a high standard of excellence in ensuring prompt delivery of newly configured computers and resolving hardware, software and connectivity issues.

Apr 2006Apr 2010

Systems Administrator

Key member of an Information Technology team at a major, consumer-focused web company.  Administrating the Active Directory, telecommunications, power management and workstations for corporate, facility and security infrastructures.Management and monitoring of servers, workstations and user accounts across multiple sites.  Maximize up-time of data center power, telecommunications and operations and mitigation of risk during utility company outages.  Maintain a high standard of excellence in ensuring prompt delivery of newly configured computers and resolving hardware, software and connectivity issues.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Promoted to blended role which combines Systems Administration, Power Management, Facility Operations, and Telecommunications
  • Development and cultivation of relationships between vendors and technicians which continue to maximize discounts on equipment and services
  • Researched, analyzed and implemented network asset tracking and analysis solutions
  • In charge of uptime and health of all HVAC and generator backup systems
  • Overhauled and automated telecommunication operations for company
  • Revamped existing OS images which led to smoother re-deployments, a significant reduction in downtime and more efficient usage of resources.


  • Windows 2008/2003 Server Enterprise Edition
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows Vista, (Business, Ultimate, Home Premium)
  • Exchange 2003 Enterprise
  • Mac OSX
  • Parallels Virtualization Software
  • MS Office 2003/2007
  • MS Project 2003/2007
  • MS Visio 2003/2007
Aug 2004Apr 2006

Digital Training Manager (US Army)

Manager for US Army's Digital Training Facility in Sacramento.Engineered, coordinated and produced global teleconferences between military installations spanning 274 locations in the US, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Korea and Okinawa.  Act as liaison between high-ranking military officers and IBM's IT Department.  Entrusted with duty to “zero-out” base servers in case of hostile action.Key Accomplishments:

  • Spearheaded a marketing campaign combining multimedia, e-mail and word-of-mouth, resulting in establishment of a solid reputation and client retention.
  • Developed and cultivated relationships with military and law enforcement officers, leading to new long-term clients.
  • Jump-started a promotion that connects families with loved ones serving in Iraq via video conferencing at no cost to them.
  • Researched, analyzed and implemented system analysis programs and revamped/boosted existing OS image functionality.  Efforts led to a significant reduction in downtime and more efficient usage of resources.
  • Conducted step-by-step coaching and training for teleconference attendees. 


  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Citrix remote software
  • MS Office 2000
Jun 2005Jan 2006

Systems Administrator (Consultant)

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC

Supervised high-impact Web graphics/coding and content management initiatives within a demanding, rapidly changing editorial publishing environment.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Designed, developed and implemented blogging system, currently the largest one of its kind with almost 24,000 members.
  • Recruited and mentored team of top-quality graphic designers, voice talent and Web programming associates, consistently staying ahead of schedule in seamlessly transitioning systems from development to production.
  • Devised an advertising program based on long-term contracts and real-time automation, empowering sales team to secure orders years in advance.
  • Led process development for the roll-out of company voice-mail, Intranet and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.
  • Researched, analyzed and implemented company's server structure.
  • Supervised hardening of Linux O/S and security administration of firewall.
  • Streamlined administration procedures for easy collaboration between management teams.
  • Improved efficiency by developing effective processes, procedures, policies and real-time reporting mechanisms for product management departments.


  • Windows XP Professional
  • Cisco - WebEx Telecommunications
  • Citrix - GoToMeeting
  • Red Hat Linux
  • cPanel
  • Apache Web Server
Aug 2003Aug 2004

Technology Director

CPD, Inc

Oversaw the installation, deployment and maintenance of all field and remote computers and PDAs.  Trained and mentored a team of 36 customer service associates and service professionals.Key Accomplishments:

  • Championed and led development of Website and Intranet, uniting internal and external team members with client base.
  • Established relationships with land developers, leading to long-term contracts with key clients and a steady stream of additional orders.
  • Successful in bringing internal and external support functions together to work toward common goals.
  • Headed build of new computer systems for main office and remote locations.
  • Turned a project behind schedule and without a project plan into an on-time success, by working with clients, vendors and accounting team to finalize requirements.  Resulted in fulfillment of accounts receivables and re-establishment of a healthy company image.
  • Led group to SWPP and OSHA compliance, some of the most difficult statuses to attain for this category. 
  • Commended by client management team for effective safety and environmental processes.


  • Windows X Professional
  • cPanel
  • RedHat Linux
  • Apache Web Server
Jun 2002Aug 2003

Internet Support Technician

Eyefinity, Inc.

Administered client accounts and provided on-site/phone support for Windows and Mac platforms.  Trained and supported internal staff, as well as acting as corporate IT liaison between departments.Key Accomplishments:

  • Surpassed previous company record in developing client Websites, enhancing advertising revenue and client's market share.
  • More than doubled production quota through innovative methods to increase output of marketing tools for clients.
  • Added numerous long-term clients to the portfolio by building relationships with doctors and administrators.
  • Reduced client support issues and call abandonment rates by training and mentoring support team to enhance efficiency and speed.
  • Promoted to Escalation Manager, overseeing all client support cases.


  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Mac
Jun 1999May 2002

Various IT Admin Contracts

Client: Hewlett-Packard - Windows NT/2000 Administrator

Managed network, servers and users across multiple states.  Maintained a high standard of excellence in ensuring prompt delivery of newly configured computers and resolving hardware/software and connectivity issues.Key Accomplishments:

  • Solved 80% of support calls online without having to dispatch a technician. 
  • Acted as Product Champion for Web development tool.
  • Assistant Webmaster for tech-support Intranet serving the US and Canada.

Client: Hewlett-Packard - Server Hardware Troubleshooter

Researched and implemented troubleshooting strategies with R&D engineers on server team.  Reported bugs and measured performance of finished products before customer release.  Resolved hardware/software and connectivity issues. 

Key Accomplishment:

  • Worked closely with engineers and manufacturing team to streamline production and reduce errors in assembly.

Client: Allstate Insurance Company - Lead Network Deployment Technician

Configured, deployed and managed a 200-user Windows NT 4.0 network.  Functioned as Lead Mobile Technician for Sacramento, Roseville and Stockton.Key Accomplishments:

  • Compiled, analyzed and presented deployment data, facilitating future deployments.


  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows 2000 Server/Professional
  • NT 4.0 Server/Workstation
  • WebEx Telecommunications



MCP-Microsoft Certified Professional



Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Corporation


Guy Nesbitt

"I’ve have had the pleasure of knowing Mark Kessler now for about one and a half years.  Mark would be a valuable asset to any team.  Not only is Mark a hard worker, but he is adaptable to any environment and will do just about anything to help the team.  In addition to his job as a Systems Administrator, I’ve seen Mark debug our alarm system, reprogram the phone system, even clean the walls of graffiti before the boss comes to work, and the list goes on… Many of the tasks I listed were performed by Mark after hours or on the weekend which further displays his commitment to the team.  In addition to managing the company servers, Mark has helped me with numerous issues with my own computer.  On one occasion, Mark noticed I was frustrated with the latency of my computer so he moved me aside kindly and cleaned up several items on my computer that were slowing down my performance.  This sped up my computer greatly and it allowed me to perform my day to day routine more efficiently.  One of the important ingredients to any team is chemistry.  He has a great personality and gets along with everyone.  When Mark walks in the door, his smile brightens the room.  I appreciate his technical competency and his personality.  Mark is a rare gem."

Jennifer Wiehl

“Mark is one of the best Systems Administrators I've ever encountered.  He takes the time to listen to any issues and his response time is phenomenal.  Mark speaks to you in ways you can understand about the issues you are having and works quickly to come to a resolution.  He also has amazing follow up and you know by interacting with him that he genuinely cares about his work.”

Surjit Gish

“Mark is a solid IT guy, to be sure, with a diverse skill-set and deep knowledge in a wide range of topics, but there's much more to him than that. Phrases like "team player" and "positive, can-do attitude" are overused to the point of being meaningless, which is unfortunate, because these perfectly describe Mark. For real. Mark is thoughtful, kind, and engaged in his work... a real joy to be around, in or out of the workplace. He truly brightens the days of those working with him.”

Miguel Pommier

“Mark is a highly motivated individual with outstanding work ethic. He is dedicated individual with an integrity that you do not find very often. I have worked with Mark on several projects and have been constantly impressed by his innovation and creative ways of addressing issues.”

Walter Munoz

"It was a pleasure working with Mark at HP. We were on the same support team and he definitely pulled his own weight and them some. He is motivated about his work and goes the extra mile. He was an excellent person to have on a team and collaborate with.”

Christopher Ballas

"I have had the privilege of working with Mark in his role as Systems Administrator for, a people locating and background check company.  The nature of our work in the background check industry requires that we seek applicants with the highest caliber of integrity, professionalism, and discretion.  Mr.  Kessler exemplifies these traits and was an asset in this position, as I'm sure he will be for you.Mark is an exceptionally gifted, knowledgeable systems administration professional, who worked closely with senior executives to plan and execute many large network and telecom projects across multiple company properties.  Mark was directly responsible for maintaining network connectivity and security, overseeing the setup and maintenance of our several-hundred-Iine phone system, and monitoring and managing all security equipment including alarm systems and video surveillance.  Mark was the first point of contact for any network outage or business interruptions and he coordinated all response and repair situations with service technicians.While it would be easy for me to list a myriad of examples of Mark's technical savvy, I think that some of Mark's other traits are what truly sets him apart.  Of everyone I have known and worked with, Mark stands out as having the most integrity.  He is honest, loyal, humble, and dependable.  He was routinely the first one into the office and the last one out.  Mark worked tirelessly to ensure that his work took place 'behind the scenes' and that no one was impacted by routine, planned network maintenance or other avoidable nuisances.  One of my favorite stories about Mark is of a day I found him painting over graffiti on our building.  He had arrived early that day and found that someone had vandalized our property in the night.  So, rather than have everyone see it, Mark got out a paintbrush and paint and fixed it on the spot!  That's Mark, always doing what needs to be done.Mark Kessler would make a fine addition to your organization.  He is one of the few people that I can recommend unconditionally.  If you have any additional questions, or if I can share anything else about my experience with Mark, please call me directly at 916-266-0633."

Tamara Dumont

“We appreciate Mark's integrity and his ability to get the project done. He assessed the need and implemented the solution without going over budget, as a matter of fact he was able to solve our problems in a superior fashion under budget. Mark was easy to work with, never spoke down to us or spoke in a way we would not understand. I highly recommend Mark.”

Rob Miller

"Mark Kessler is without a doubt the most reliable hard working ethical person I have met in my life.Mark goes way beyond your common everyday employee, he cares about everything he does and this is the kind of person any employer can benefit from.  Mark worked with us for almost 5-years and I know anyone looking for a dedicated hard working professional to work in Facilities/Telecommunication work, Information Technology projects.  If you have any questions please email or call me."

Nathan Taggart

"I can proudly recommend Mark after working with him for years in his position as a Server Administrator for  Mark's oversight over the user accounts and workstations throughout multiple office buildings is personable and timely.  When needed, Mark would organize contractors, vendors, and service personnel; he has a rich list of contacts and always knew who to bring in.  Mark is a charismatic, outgoing professional who readily identifies problems and provides solutions.  He seamlessly handled a wide variety of facility issues as well and works hard to keep the "behind-the-scenes" work of managing the offices invisible to the tenants.  Mark is the kind of guy you can have take care of practically anything: from computer networking, to desktop troubleshooting and coordinating HVAC maintenance...  Mark is my first point of contact."

Deanna Pennock

“Mark is a consummate professional.  He takes seriously his responsibilities - which, in my experience alongside him, ranged far and wide, from sysadmin to facilities management and beyond.  Mark is multi-talented and highly skilled, as evidenced in his background.  It's worth noting that he uses both his intelligence and sense of humor to effectively tackle challenges; I saw this quality positively impact morale on numerous occasions.  Mark is also remarkably motivated to accomplish everything asked of him.  (Of course, most of the time he simply anticipates what is needed and jumps to act.) There are few others who match Mark with respect to depth of character.  His ethical compass is well-rooted and he is trustworthy.  Furthermore, Mark respects his colleagues and is fair in his dealings.  As a colleague and friend, Mark has left an indelible impression, and I would not hesitate to work with him again; indeed, it would be a pleasure.”

Karen Carter

“I have known Mark for 4 years as an IT admin, Mark is very responsive to problems and things that need to be taken care of. Mark is a easy person to work with on projects that need lots of testing and talking to other vendors to see if right resolutions will work in the environment. He has partnered with the Dell relationship resolving these problems. The relationship he has developed with Dell gives him great pricing and service over and beyond what you may get when not having that relationship. Karen Carter”

Angela Arriaga-Simpson

“Mark is by far one of the nicest people I have met.  Working with him is a pleasure as he is always willing to go the extra mile in everything he does.  He is one of the most dedicated employees that I have encountered at a company.  Anyone that gets the chance to work with Mark will be not be disappointed in his work ethic."