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Work experience

Sep 2006Jan 2011

receiving associate

walmart distribution center

Unloading trailers for correct destination, distribution to conveyor belt for proper transport, operation of three different types of forklifts, Recieved award for over 4 years of no medical accidents, and multiple accomadtion awards.

Apr 2004Jan 2006

E-4 Specialist

S.C Army National Guard

Provided security to military and civilian convoys as military police while deployed to Iraq, maintanence and operation of m4,m9,m249,mk19,mk2 as well as military vehicles, driver and gunner for convoys for over a year, contributed to accomplishing 4,683 missions,traveling more than 5 million miles and escorting 132,310 vehicles into iraq with my unit.

Jun 2004Jan 2006

Correctional Officer

S.C Tyger River Correctional Facility

Training and expierence in chemical munitions,self defense, tactical driving,searches of inmates,vehicles and cells.  As well as detainment and training at the Dept. of corrections academy in Columbia, S.C. Responsible for supervision of inmates, providing correctional assistance, maintaing perimeter of facility, giving,receiving, and following orders,Responsible for  the welfare of inmates.  And qualified  at range to transport inmates.

Feb 2000Feb 2004

E-4 Aviation Machinist Mate

U.S Navy

Responsible for watche's of the barracks,hangar, gates,flightline and aircraft. Repairing F-18 jet engines,conducting inspections, servicing and preparing jets for flight, repairing and troubleshooting malfunctions on aircraft.  Repairing and maintaing fuel systems.  As well as being responsible for certain supervision.  And was responsible for the signing out and care of specialty tools.


Apr 2011Present


Ashford University

Recently enrolled in correspondance as well as local college for a Bachelor of Arts(Criminal Justice) with an emphasis on homeland security and emergency management.

Sep 1995May 1999


Eastern Technical High School


military/law enforcement
I have had training and multiple expeirences with the military with over 2 years deployment.  Which gives me the ability to adapt to different situations in different locations.  I have been through the S.C Dept of Corrections academy and was a correctional officer prior to my deployment to Iraq.  I can be trained in multiple task and I have had multiple firearms training with the miltary, dept of corrections and civilian with a concealed carry permit.


I am a military veteran with 6 years’ experience determined to be employed as armed security with a security company that has positions overseas.  I have helped contributed to 4,683 missions,traveling more than 5 million miles and escorting 132,310 vehicles into Iraq.

I have been searching for a well-established company with a good reputation for employment and that will give me the opportunity to enter the private security sector overseas. I have also been employed by the S.C Dept. of Corrections as a Correctional Officer before my deployment to Iraq as MP’s providing Convoy Security to civilian and military convoys as a driver and gunner. I have been in the U.S Army and Navy with multiple watch standing responsibilities. I have been trained on the M9, M4/M16, 240B, .50 cal, M249, .38, shotgun and Mark 19. I have had civilian and military training in law enforcement as well as a very practical experience in Iraq.

I am ready to begin work as soon as possible, especially for duty in a foreign country. I am willing and ready to do and learn any type of training that you feel is necessary. I have had multiple experiences with deployment and feel I would be a valuable asset to your company.

I would appreciate it greatly if you would give me a chance to meet with you in person so I can discuss my qualifications and skills. You can contact me through mail, e-mail or my phone number to set up an interview. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for any consideration for employment.


Mark J Conte Jr


 I am a hunter and a fisherman and I love to be outdoors.  I like training with firearms and shooting as well.