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About Mark Hamilton Neothink

A respected economist, political activist, and author Mark Hamilton has published numerous works, including the Neothink Manuscripts and Trilogy. The son of eminent scientist and philosopher Dr. Frank R. Wallace, he grew up exposed to his father’s emerging Neo-Tech framework. Mark Hamilton completed undergraduate studies in economics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Prior to developing the Neothink concept, he coauthored his first book, Neocheating: The Rising Menace to Poker, Blackjack, Bridge and Gin in the late 1970s. 

In the mid-1980s, he developed an innovative time-management program and authored Neo-Tech Control: Rapid Power and Wealth Through Iron-Grip Control Over Everything That Moves. This program was further detailed in Neo-Tech Cosmic Business Control. Mr. Hamilton subsequently authored the political manifesto A Future of Wealth Belongs To You, which laid the groundwork for a potential presidential candidacy. His emphasis was on the idea of introducing market-businesspersons as political leaders rather than career politicians. When this approach found support with Ross Perot, he ended his candidacy to avoid unproductive competition. 

Mr. Hamilton established the Twelve Visions Party in 2007 and authored his second, more detailed, political manifesto, The Life You Were Meant to Have.

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