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University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Work experience

Feb 2009Present

Shift Manager


I open and close the store, count cash drawers and make bank deposits as well as train new employees.  Occasionally I help with maintenance as well


Other than programming I love to play my trupmet in the Blugold Marching Band.  I also like to work on cars.  I currently have a 1990 Volkswagen Cabriolet that is hogging up much of my time.


        I am currently taking a class that covers Databases.  We cover all aspects of databases including design, administration, and implementation.  For the most part we use Oracle and mySQL.  We recently completed a project in which we designed a database for an imaginary real estate company, and then built a web site that allowed people to search for houses.  It also had an administration page, guarded with a login, where a realtor could edit, or add a house.  
Web Development
I really enjoy web programming.  I have not had a lot of experiance with it, but I feel I am pretty competent.  The class I took covered many different ways to program for the web, including JSF's, JSP's, HTML, asp.NET, and Struts.  We used Dreamweaver and Visual Studio for some of the design, and Eclipse for the parts where Java would need to be used.
I have been programming in Java since my senior year in high school.  I find it a very easy to use, but powerful language to program in.  We use Eclipse in class, so I am fairly knowledgeable with it.