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Mark Figerts wealth of experience speaks volumes about his sharp business acumen; leadership abilities; management and operations style; as well as his passion to solve problems plaguing organizations and seeing their status getting elevated and becoming the best.

Mark left Missouri State University with a degree finance and business management and started working manager positions for MCI in Springfield and DOT Foods in Dallas, Texas. He has always had entrepreneurial interests and this has led him to co-found Fidelity Bancorp with two other people. Beginning with a measly budget and limited personnel, the company now has more than thirty employees and was even recognized as one of St. Louis’ “Best Places to Work”.

He helped facilitate the merger of Fidelity Bancorp with the Bank of Sullivan and led Residential Lending operations to achieve production volume, as well as their financial targets. He was deeply involved in Financial Management, Customer Retention, Vendor Relationship and Team Leadership.

He collaborated with managers to look for and create opportunities, which helped generate leads and created awareness for the bank. With the establishment of training and procedural manuals, he hopes to pass important lessons to the bank’s current and future employees.

During his tenure in Fidelity Bancorp, he led all aspects of the Residential Mortgage Business start-up by being involved in the daily day-to-day business operations. He helped increase penetration of the core market and developed various new opportunities to help ensure the company’s competitive advantage.

He also helped create an agile and sustainable business infrastructure with proactive lending processes to ensure the convenience of customers. By providing guidance and training to the team, they were able to hire the right people for the right roles and achieved unprecedented employee retention, which is above 50% of the industry norm.

With his passion for the business, drive and knowledge, changed were made which led to tangible results.