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While honing my skills in Journalism, in hopes of becoming an accurate, precise and ever-evolving wordsmith, I've carved a niche for myself in a realm that blends social media and writing in a way I never thought possible. My goals as an employee are to learn, evaluate and improve. From basic concepts to big picture projects, I always greet new challenges with playful skepticism and anxious excitement. Beginning my work history with customer service positions has allowed me to craft a skill set including the ability to build strong relationships with influencers and customers alike, detect and adapt to changes in social trends and blend my service experience with the tools I've gathered from college into a versatile employee, on and off the clock.

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Work History

September 2016June 2021

Digital Marketing Specialist


My position in the Marketing Department at SelectBlinds was traditionally geared toward Social Media. Creating a buzz about our brand and creating an interactive community is my top priority. A key part of my directive was managing our social networking (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, etc.). The majority of my time, however, was spent working on partnerships with bloggers, designers, decorators and celebrities to grow our following through their portrayal of our company and product by analyzing and reporting the potential of each negotiation. Here are some of my notable accomplishments:

-Managed multiple social calendars for maintaining steady organic engagement

-Focusing on Instagram, I raised our following from 1k to 25k organically

- Using roughly $60,000 in product cost, returned a profit from our influencer program of over $1,000,000

-Utilized Google Analytics to report on Referral and Social traffic and revenue numbers daily

Apart from over 60 influencer collaborations, I've coordinated our product and marketing materials for NASCAR's Daytona 500, Ironman's 70.3 Arizona Triathlon, Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back, just to name a few. Lastly, I wanted to create a personable feel to our company, to show us as humans and not just an e-commerce entity. Over the course of my time here, 

- Worked closely with team at Ironman to ensure all assets, physical and digital were completed on time. Wrote and organized social posting schedule for race

-Maintained a lasting relationship with the 24 Hours to Hell and Back team and Gordon Ramsay's approval of our product on air

-Retrieved video assets from NASCAR driver, David Ragan, for use in our Facebook ads campaign

One last exciting thing about this role, I was able to train and learn paid Facebook ads. I was able to grasp an understanding of building new campaigns, targeting audiences, crafting a solid message and reporting on the success and failure of those campaigns. This training really allowed me to understand how important social media has become, in both the paid and organic realms. That being said, my passion still resides on the more creative side of marketing, working with influencers and expanding the brand through visual examples and recommendations.

Here are the social sites that I managed for SelectBlinds:


Customer Service/Chat Agent


After relocating to Arizona from Pennsylvania, I was lucky enough to quickly find a position as a Customer Service agent for a website called Daily duties included providing the best possible customer service available to anyone looking for new blinds, helping with old blinds or general window treatment questions. Being a call center environment, I utilized the company’s in-house communication system to communicate with customers, production facilities and other employees. Problem solving skills and organization, while multitasking are very essential in the workplace. Agents are responsible for following up with existing issues and assuring the customer is satisfied and willing to return to our company. I also assisted with the Live Chat, helping up to 6 customers at a time with order questions and status updates.

December 2013August 2016

Listing Coordinator

Elk County Ammo & Arms

 My role at ECAA had shifted from the payment/shipping end to the publishing end of their sales spectrum. My main duty was the management of multiple websites on which our products were listed (Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Wordpress, Etc.). During listing, item prices must be checked thoroughly to maintain a standard with other companies, while deciphering what products can achieve a higher profit. At the same time, realizing what products haven't been selling and adjusting accordingly. Listed items must also include the correct information and photos to assure customer satisfaction and positive feedback. Answering customer questions about products and resolving any issues is still a priority in this position. Attention to detail and in depth research was paramount, as I would photograph all of the items and list them with their designated SKU's online.

Internet Sales Agent

Elk County Ammo & Arms

At Ammo & Arms, the backend of the retail store was reserved for the online sales team. The bulk of our day was spent taking orders over the phone and via email.  After helping a customer with their purchase, we would assist them with finding a licensed recipient to ensure that their merchandise was legally transferred. Then, we would take shifts to prepare the orders for shipping and delivery. It was our responsibility to following shipping, labeling and packaging protocol for shipments is vital during this process. Following the package's journey from beginning to end was essential for every order. Through working here, I've gained some experience with Hazmat packages and expedited or rerouted shipments, as well.