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Work experience




  • The Architect's Guide to Computer-aided Design (Wiley, 1988): an introduction and reference for the use of computers in architectural practice. 
  • Contributing editor and monthly columnist for CADalyst magazine, 1987- 1993.
  • Contributor to Architecture, Progressive Architecture, Cadence, Architectural & Engineering Systems, The San Francisco Chronicle, and other publications.

Head of Product

Rewired Health, LLC

Joined early-stage startup mobile application developer to build team and develop/execute product strategy. Brought product successfully to market for iOS and Android.

  • Led cross-functional team from early development through product release.
  • Product strategy, market and customer research, product design, UX, project management, market validation, video production.

Senior Product Manager


·Led cross-functional teams that developed PowerPoint import and animation features.

·Led efforts to update and extend the Prezi Desktop PC-based product.

·Coordinated between the Hungarian-based development teams and US-based management/marketing.

Company grew from 1.5M users to 20M users during this time.


Senior Product Manager

Animation Mentor

Animation Mentor is a web-based school for aspiring professional animators. As Senior Product Manager, I:

  • Guided the development of new programs, including the development of new Master Classes and a major expansion of the school. 
  • Built and led cross-functional teams, using agile methods to develop new curriculum, web services and online support programs. 
  • As a member of the Senior Management Team, reporting to the CEO, I developed company strategy and the product roadmap.

Product Manager

Developed an authoring product for a new business unit in the Manufacturing Solutions Division.

  • Spearheaded development of a new 3D animation product for creating assembly instructions and web-based product documentation, in­tended for use by non-engineers.
  • Defined product vision and requirements by understanding markets and customers outside Autodesk's focus.
  • Coordinated development teams in Atlanta and Shanghai, overseeing spec development and bringing product from conceptual stage to successful public debut.
  • Represented division in companywide user interface initiative, resulting in improved usability and interoperability.

Director of Program Management

Ninth House

Ninth House is a provider of web-based interactive video training.

  • Led project to create online learning management software to replace the legacy content delivery platform.
  • Responsible for design of new course authoring system that streamlined content development.
  • Worked with senior management to focus and redefine business strategy.
  • Initiated new procedures, including customer research, "just-in-time" usability testing and market validation.
  • Designed a media and workflow management system for content production.

Product Manager


  • Designed, specified and managed new releases of three presentation software products, coordinating development with engineering team in India and writing product documentation.
  • Planned and managed QA/testing processes; selected, designed and implemented new bug tracking system; hired, trained and managed testing staff.
  • Negotiated acquisition of two new products and redesigned/rebranded them.


Medium Cool Productions

Operated media consulting service for commercial and nonprofit clients.

  • Produced presentations and videos to enhance client messaging and enhance their company image.
  • Trained presenters in advanced presentation techniques.
  • Produced a documentary for National Multiple Sclorosis Foundation that was used nationally and honored as "a highly effective teaching tool."

Product Planner

Microsoft Corp.

In MS Office Division, served as "voice of the customer;" responsible for providing compelling reasons to upgrade to new Office releases and making existing functionality more usable.

  • Conducted customer research, including interviews, on-site useage studies, surveys, and focus groups. Performed competitive analysis, industry trend studies, and product usability tests. Resulted in new features and new UIs leading to measurable increases in customer satisfaction and high upgrade rate.
  • Provided the vision and strategy for new PowerPoint animation interface/features.
  • Planned Picture Manager and Producer products, used by hundreds of thousands of customers.
  • Received US patent for functionality providing new way of controlling presentations.

Product Manager

Macromedia, Inc.

Responsible for Authorware, the leading interactive courseware development product.

  • Led effort to upgrade legacy product as web authoring tool, extending the life of the product by 5 years. Planned and executed successful product launch.
  • Initiated Flash acquisition, which transformed the company into a dominant web multimedia vendor.

Product Manager

Autodesk, Inc.

Architecture/Engineering/Construction Division and Data Management Division. 

  • Spearheaded project to extend Autodesk's CAD dominance into the technical document management market, resulting in the development and launch of Autodesk WorkCenter.
  • Led acquisition of new design visualization product, leading to Autodesk dominance of the 2D/3D viewing market and Autodesk Design Review.
  • Planned a strategy to bring 3D Studio to the Architecture market and transition from drafting-based products to 3D Building Information Modeling.
  • Introduced usability testing to Autodesk, creating a usability lab for WorkCenter project.

Director of Development

Vertex Design Systems

Co-founded a venture-funded startup company to develop parametric software for construction detailing. As Director of Development and chief product designer, created and market a revolutionary product that made construction design more efficient and accurate; integrated it with material manufacturers' electronic data. The Vertex Detailer was popular and influential; acquired by Autodesk, its parametric design approach is the basis of products such as Revit and Inventor.

  • Conceived and designed the Vertex product line. Defined the business plan and design software function­ality, UI.
  • Hired and managed development staff, including software engineers, architects and quality assurance.
  • Negotiated key alliances with McGraw-Hill, Wiley and Sons, and building material manufacturers.


Bachelor of Arts

Master of Architecture


Experienced, versatile Product Manager with knack for translating customer needs and technical opportunities into great products. Passionate about creating exceptionally usable software and web applications/services. Extensive experience in digital media, design and authoring applications in both startup and global Fortune 500 companies. Adaptability is a key strength - proven ability to move into new areas, master them quickly, and bring products to market.

Key Competencies

Product Planning & Design

  • Customer/market research
  • Market/product requirements definition
  • Persona/scenario creation
  • User experience design & testing

Team Leadership

  • Define & communicate product vision
  • Set priorities & make decisions
  • Lead cross-functional teams
  • Synchronize other teams, executives

Strategy and Marketing

  • Product strategy and roadmap
  • Positioning & messaging
  • Partner relationship development
  • Outstanding writer & presenter


Photographer, videographer, musician, woodworker, writer.


Product Manager Certification

Pragmatic Marketing, Inc.

US Patent Award

United States Patent Office

Licensed Architect

State of California


Peter Halácsy

Mark is a very nice, friendly, curious person. He can work collaboratively and lead teams. He is good in listening to people, understanding their problems. He is patient to explain ideas, teach in a way you don't feel he is teaching.

Patti Vrobel

“Mark has been the Product Manager working with my team over the last 6 months on the development of an innovative new product for an emerging business. Mark joined the team in the middle of a very challenging agile software cycle, and with his collaborative style, he was able to quickly integrate with the team, gain immediate credibility and affect critical design decisions. One attribute that distinguishes Mark from most Product Managers is his technical background in product design and usability. Mark excels at playing the customer advocate. He understands the importance of user experience in defining a solution that will drive customer adoption for a business. He balances requirements that focus on solving immediate customer needs with more forward looking features that are strategic in nature. He has been an ideal partner for the engineering staff because he is well versed and experienced in all aspects of software process and adapts well to the realities of project time constraints. He has a great appreciation for technology challenges and his responsiveness in to the needs of my team has been nothing short of superb.”

Tina Meinig

“I worked with Mark Crosley for the better part of a year at Ninth House where I was VP of Marketing and he was a Director of Program Management. At that time, he was leading an important, strategic project for Ninth House whereby he worked with many people across the organization to research and design a new content delivery platform for our leadership courses. In his role as Program Manager, reporting to the Ninth House VP of Technology, he was part of a team that was focused on defining a company technology vision and strategy to guide product development. Given his prior background in Product Management and knowledge about product planning and marketing, we worked together to define job requirements and recruit a Product Manager for Ninth House, reporting to me, but that would interface directly with Program Management. He provided me with many new ideas and perspectives related to this Product Management role. Overall I found Mark extremely intelligent, diligent and committed to his work and very willing to pay an active role beyond the boundaries of his job role while at Ninth House."

Jeff Small

“Mark is a true customer champion and strives to leave no stone unturned with regard to insuring that the customer will have the best possible experience with whatever technology is developed. Mark is adamant about gathering the right requirements to match product with customer needs and is passionate about usability testing to make sure users are delighted with the experience. Mark’s writing and communication skills are exceptional, so that there is never any confusion about what he proposes. Mark is an asset to any team!”

Debbie Derana

“Mark's experience and expertise in understanding end user needs and issues is absolutely necessary for the success of a company and its products. His ability to define high standards for a product and balance that with utilizing available resources to meet product release deadlines is a winning combination. Mark is intelligent, witty, and an excellent writer. He is a true pleasure to work with.”

Rick Ackerly

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark for fourteen years. Mark is smart, versatile, always fun to be with, and has an uncanny knack of never taking his eye off the ball. When I was a headmaster of a school, he helped me and my school through several architectural and technological challenges.Mark is a natural educator. A very creative thinker, Mark has original ideas on learning strategies, specifically on eLearning and classroom technology, and has been a leader in developing engaging, high-quality on-line learning programs. He is a very practical visionary when it comes to technology and education, and has a sixth sense for other people’s needs. His passionate optimism makes him a great problem solver. Everything is an opportunity for Mark. He knows when to lead and when to follow, he knows how to make conflict creative and can get people to work together thus bringing out the best in them. In the many long conversations we have had over the last 14 years I have been struck by his clarity of thinking about proper use of educational technology and online learning. Mark’s brilliance is revealed in his sense of humor, imagination and creative thinking, which others always find inspiring.

Oana Hogrefe

“Mark is very intelligent, perceptive and an excellent communicator. In his role as a Product Manager he worked closely with engineering in defining the scope and priorities of a brand new product. His written documents are always crisp and accurate, and his oral presentations are clearly articulated and to the point. He backs his proposals with relevant research and customer data, and his focus is on the customer experience, as well as on what approach makes most sense from a marketing competitive advantage perspective. Working with Mark was very enjoyable and he was an essential asset to our team. His calm demeanor and fact-based approach has served to orient the team effort and effect steady progress and timely decision-making.”

Jess Skylar

“I have worked with Mark for nearly four years to build softball in the city of San Francisco and am continually impressed with his balanced approach, creativity and professionalism. He has committed tremendous assets to softball and demonstrated a strong entrepreneurial drive to build things from the ground up and recruiting the "right" people to make things work. Mark focuses on details, thrives on teamwork and keeps his eye on the big picture - a tremendous asset to any team.”

Bobby Beck

“I'm very happy to have worked directly with Mark. Mark brought with him a deep knowledge of Product Management expertise to the company and was a key contributor to bringing a major product to market as well as helping us get another major project off the ground. Mark's enthusiasm for the company was also something that was incredible to witness. He was never shy to jump in where we needed him.