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Pro Bono therapy to a variety of patients, as well running in various charitable races, and making donations to the Red Cross and other charity organizations. Sports, music, and travelling


As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Mark Cartwright possesses a wide range of expertise in diagnosing and treating adults and children with developmental disabilities and mental conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia, anxiety disorder, and depression. At Carewright Clinical Services, where Dr. Mark Cartwright has worked since 2008, he utilizes a number of behavioral checklists when evaluating the mental and emotional state of his clients.Much of Dr. Mark Cartwright’s experience in psychology focuses on treating children who are diagnosed with autism. He currently provides school-based assessments for students in public and private schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Some of the childhood assessment services offered by Dr. Cartwright include observation in the school setting and intellectual, academic, memory, neuropsychological, and supplemental testing. These evaluations give him insight into the unique environment that affects a child’s development.Dr. Mark Cartwright’s commitment to providing psychological therapies and counseling for children of all ages and backgrounds started in 2000, when he worked for Franklin County Children Services. Some of Dr. Cartwright’s responsibilities included the development of individualized education programs for children with learning disabilities and other neuro-developmental issues. Dr. Mark Cartwright previously volunteered his time at the Ohio State University Psychiatric Unit, a role in which he observed and participated in the psychiatric treatment of clinically diagnosed patients and patients with head trauma who required occupational and physical therapies. Dr. Cartwright volunteered more than 100 hours at this unit, and he currently offers his services pro bono to select clients.


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