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I am a creative and motivated individual who thrives to create a pleasant atmosphere for myself and those around me. I earned my degree in Journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, through hours of writing and dedication to my interest in the power of language. My time in college prepared me for a career in writing, editing, proofreading and the fundamentals of Journalism. My internship at The Daily Press gave me insight into news reporting, photography and the importance of deadlines. My work experience has honed my skills in customer service, shipping and handling, human interaction, accuracy through advertising and sales techniques. Through these three crucial stages in my life, I have learned a great deal about the person I am and the drive that I have to absorb any information that may be pertinent to my success as an employee and as a person.

Feel free to view some of my photos here: Mark Anderson's Flickr

Work History

June 2017Present

Digital Marketing Specialist


My position in the Marketing Department at SelectBlinds is mainly geared toward Social Media. Creating a buzz about our brand and creating an interactive community is my top priority. A key part of my directive is managing our social networking (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, etc.). Scheduling for exciting content (contests, scholarships) and quickly adapting to trends are crucial.a I also collaborate with bloggers/designers/decorators to grow our following through their portrayal of our company and product by analyzing and reporting the potential of each negotiation. Lastly, I strive to create a personable feel to our company, to show us as humans and not just an e-commerce entity. 

September 2016June 2017

Customer Service/Chat Agent


The main focus at this company is customer service. Being a call center environment, I utilize the company’s internal networking system to communicate with customers, production facilities and other employees. Problem solving skills and organization, while multitasking are very essential in the workplace. Agents are responsible for following up with existing issues and assuring the customer is satisfied and willing to return to our company. I also assist with the Live Chat for, offering service to multiple customers at a time.

Apart from these typical duties, I also co-star in instructional installation series on the company’s YouTube channel. The videos offer guidance to customers who may have complications or questions about installing their new window coverings. Feel free to view some of that material here:, under the “Rolling Up” series.

Dec 2013August 2016

 Listing Coordinator/Internet Sales

Elk County Ammo & Arms

05/2016-Present-- My role at this company had shifted from the payment/shipping end to the publishing end of this company's sales spectrum. My main duty was the management of multiple websites on which our products and advertising are listed (Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Wordpress, Etc.). During listing, item prices must be checked thoroughly to maintain a standard with other companies, while deciphering what products can achieve a higher profit. At the same time, realizing what products haven't been selling and adjusting accordingly. Listed items must also include the correct information and photos to assure customer satisfaction and positive feedback. Answering customer questions about products and resolving any issues is still a priority in this position. Attention to detail and in depth research was paramount.

12/2013-05/2016--The main focus of this occupation was customer service. Taking orders for products in a quick, comfortable and satisfying manner; along with proper E-mail and phone etiquette for responses to customers. After receipt of payment, duties transfer to the delivery of said merchandise. Following shipping, labeling and packaging protocol for shipments is vital during this process. The handling of these shipments must be precise and approved by an authorized recipient. I also have experience with Hazmat packages and expedited or rerouted shipments. Other minor tasks include receiving shipments, attending to UPS/USPS issues, issuing and completing returns or interceptions and tending to customers in retail sales store.

May 2013Nov 2013

Senior Game Advisor


My promotion was to a key-holder position tasked with opening and closing the store. Other responsibilities included counting tills and safe, filling out employee "Gamebook" to assure correct funds and sales figures, conducting thorough inventory counts and tasks from district manager via e-mail, keeping customers satisfied and up to date on new information, deals, and promotions, performing transactions and shipments with the POS system, preparing and receiving new shipments from store to store or store to company, and testing and receiving traded merchandise from customers. Apart from managing the Game Advisors under my supervision and assuring they comply with the stores ethics/regulations, my main task was to accurately and efficiently keep the store thriving through sales and customer service, while keeping my own numbers up to company averages.

Dec 2012May 2013

Game Advisor


My main tasks were keeping store organized, handling sales and open/closing tasks, calculate inventory and sales figures. We were also giving goals each day as to store memberships and pre-order of products. This is where I first established my customer service background.

May 2011Aug 2011


The Daily Press

At The Daily Press, job duties included reporting, photographing, editing and researching. Here, I learned the importance of deadlines and accuracy, while maintaining audience attention and readability. Cooperation and coordination were two important factors in this internship.An example of my innovation was presenting new article idea titled “Have You Ever Wondered…” which detailed the less-known attributes of the area, such as the color coding on fire hydrants.

Logos & Banners

These logos and banners were created with Photoshop for the bands Facebook page. The video was created with Windows Movie maker and CreativeSuite for an EP teaser. 


-Writing and recording music

-Working with computer software

-Writing poetry, short stories and songs

-Developing new ways to do things

-Photography- Adobe PS

-Digital video recording and editing- Adobe Premier

-Different methods of advertising

-Observing and applying detail to design



AP Style
Microsoft Office
Social Media
Video and Audio Recording


Adobe InDesign
Computer Literacy


Throughout my life, I have always aspired to do the best I can with what I have while improving the skills and attributes that I currently possess. Whether it’s through my career, music, writing, photography or any of the other facets of my existence; I want to be better at what I do. I value organization, accuracy, loyalty, cooperation and the power of positive thinking. I believe with the determined and focused mindset that I have inherited from the great people in my life that I can be a significant addition to any journey on which I embark.