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Mark Williams

QA TECHNICIANS                                    PRODUCTION-PROCESS OPERATOR INDUSTRIAL CLEANER                                    GRP LAMINATOR (composites) 


An ambitious, friendly and outgoing person, self-motivated and willing to learn new skills. good communication skills and the ability to get on well with all types of people. Good practical skills with full experience, several NVQ PASSes to EMTA level in warehouse and factory work. he is seeking a career, which will allow him to use his existing experience to be trained to a higher level and gain success.


  • :- CSCS / CCNSG card + petroleum safety cert
  • :- confined space trained / Stand-by Rescue
  • :- BA (breathing apparatious) trained 
  • :- High - low pressure jet washers cert (by SPEEDY)
  • :- Needle gun work (oil tankers and airbus work)
  • :- IPAF cert (cherry picker - mobile boom 3b MEWP
  • :- HFA acid work (good knowledge of all 3 A,B,C Class control  suits)
  • :- GRP Laminator - Areospace (all aspects + clean room)
  • :- H-Vac bagging - debag and crack-off
  • :- Autoclave trained
  • :- Keen eye for detail 
  • :- Understanding of drawings 
  • :- Full U.K driving licence (issued 1993) 
  • :- U.K passport 
  • :- 5;s ------- 4 whats trained 
  • :- First aider - health and safety trained 
  • :- Friendly, approachable manner and a positive attitude, 
  • :- Good confident, reliable worker in a team or own his own 
  • :- Fit and active, with good practical skills and experience
  •      within the industry 
  • :- Adaptable and self motivated, using initiative and common
  •      sense to complete tasks 
  • :- Good attendance and timekeeping,
  • :- Always willing to learn and learn others
  • :- Ambitious, dependable and with the ability to motivate
  •     others.

Work experience

Mar 2015Jul 2015


GREENS SOLUTIONS "GROW HOW"  (Old Kameria)                   Elton-Cheshire

:- Collecting correct PPE and work duties for the shift.ummary
:- Health and Safety check of the  work area(s) for hazards and other workers.                                  

:-Barrier of the work area and inform team leaders/supervisors of the  work                                                     procedure  
:- Preparing work areas - dismantling, clearing, degreasing, preasure jetting.
:- Adding fire blankets and surround sheeting for welders if and when needed.
:- Use of radio contact for urgent jobs and while on the rescue team.
:- Picking and sorting through used/scrap materials and dispencing in correct                                                  recycle containers. 
:- Confined Space/Stand-by Rescue team while contractors entered flammable                                                   tanks/under ground tunnels.

Apr 2010Jan 2015


ESSAR  (SHELL U.K)                                                                 Ellesmere Port

Responsibilities Main duties:--Sign on to your allowcated unit on site for H&S issues and additinal information.-Collect the correct P. P.E for jobs for the day-Collect the correct tools, materials, chemicals for your allowcated unit-inform unit of your arrival.(hand in relivent cards, certificates etc.-Check/put on correct P. P.E-Fill-in site booklet for;-Assessing area damage, chemicals leaked, blocked dangereous exit routes. sign- tape off the area, inform unit manager, supervisors, fire and ambulance.-when cleared and made safe, fire, ambulance, supervisors, managers are re-informed unit is safe or told of remaining issues.-Sign out of unit, Sign out job(finished etc) at main office and on to the next job. Two of us became main jet washing ind cleaners for the site for are effecincey, allways quick, safe, relible, correct PPE, signed clearances, good communication skills, adhearing to processes, excellent COSSCH skills, Excellent house keeping, obeying all site rules Skills Used Confined space-plus stand by man cert IPAF-Scissor lift with boom licence HFA acid knowledge plus correct full suits to be worn for the different acid Petrolium saftey cert Breathing Apparatus and oxeygen trailer cert high and low presure jet washing.



SIMS RECYCLING SOULUTIONS LTD-                                                 Ellesmere Port

  Ellesmere Port

:- Seperating T.V's and Computers into:-
:- Plastics, Wires, Glass, Circuit Boards, Cooper and Metal's.
:- Starting 5 lines in order of sequence.
:- Working to HEALTH & SAFTEY REQULATIONS including area of work and P.P.E



ROYAL MAIL (FUJITSU)                                                                  WARRINGTON           

:- Operating post mail-sorting machine
:- Keeping a constant flow of mail and repairing any breakdowns
:- Working to deadlines
:- Having a keen eye for :- None stamped mail
:- None sealed envelopes (reported)
:- Crushed, ripped or torn envelopes
:- mail for abroad, mail which slips in undetected countered for and re-prosessed for the night flights.



VAUXHALL MOTORS                                                                          Ellesmere Port

Working in a fast paced production line-Working in a fast paced warehouse-Tugger driver-onn and off loading of HGVs-Working to deadlines-Work as a team or on own-Report Quality and fault issues-Health and saftey aware-5' s area house keeping on every break-Team leader coverman QUALITY TECHNICHAN(daily SOP tasks)-Problem solving-leaising with customers, contractors, suppliers daily(inc europe)-Introduction of new parts and models-Finding and removing faults on the production line-Monitoring each stage of the production process-Being on call via phone, c. b radio, pager for urgent quality faults-Inspecting materials and products for damage if and when requested-Reporting to managers, supervisors, teamleaders on a daily basis i.e, line breakdowns, faults, wrong sequencing of parts, new introduction of parts.- 



C.M.L  (Airbus Contractor)                                                                     Chester / Birkenhead                                      

:- Working on the Airbus A320 and A330 and RATHYON corperate jets

:- Making all wing, fusealarge, full tail cone parts. fuel covers to landing lights
:- Work produced using steel, plastic moulds
:- Repairing moulds and jigs
:- Producing wax moulds for laminating
:- All H-VAC, AUTOCLAVE, WATER X-RAY SCAN. (fully trained)
:- Excellent knowledge and understanding of a CLEANROOM
:- Can read drawings to above level
:- Parts trimed to the nearest 'mm' (using a vernea) then weighed
:- Paint preped and driled ready for the main fitter
:- jobs scaned and timed to meet deadlines for craft
:- Reporting any faults i.e missing parts, broken moulds, no materials to
:- Carrying out quality checks and paperwork, handwritten or computer
:- OTHER - Fully trained using KEVLAR, CARBON, HONEYCOMBE, POLYMER, PDVF, PRE-PREG, WET                  LAY UP, MEK and all EPOXY RESINS



ITEC Collage                                                        - ELLESMERE PORT

BTEC National - Computer Studies


WHITBY HIGH SCHOOL                                    -  ELLESMERE PORT

11 GCSE's

Interests + Hobbies

I enjoy golf at the weekends -only been playing for a year. keeping my  "OLD SCHOOL" BMW 328i Convertible alive, not a full restore vechicle but needs alot of TLC. TV is up there with my favorites being  - TOP GEAR - WHEELER DEALERS - HOLLYOAKS - THE BIG BANG THEROY.

References / Other

References  are availble upon request :-

mobile :- 07454306623

email     :- [email protected]