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Multi-talented and enthusiastic teaching professional, committed to providing a solid education and instilling music appreciation in students. My priority as an educator is to maintain a motivated and well-disciplined classroom where each pupil feels special, cared for and successful. I strive to help students grow in their enjoyment and performance of music through a variety of planned music experiences which include singing, musical games,and playing instruments.



Elementary Music Teacher

Singapore International School
  • Teach prescribed music syllabus, including musical concepts and performance, composition. 
  • Instruct in the use of a range of instruments: ukulele, recorder, tuned and non-tuned percussion, piano for K-5.
  • Selects appropriate music, books and instructional aids to enhance learning
  • Cooperation with admin and teaching staff in providing musical programs for school assemblies, parent meetings and seasonal programs.

ESL Teacher

VUS Language School, Vienam
  • ESL teacher for young learners and teens
  • Planning, preparing and delivering lessons
  • Organizing and running specialist courses

Electronic Music Production Lecturer

SAE Technology College, Glasgow
  • Lecturing in Electronic Music Production
  • Supervising and supporting students with their recording sessions

English Teacher

Bangkok Christian College
  •  Organizing and teaching at the Intensive English Program
  • Supporting students aged 8-12

Science Teacher

Asian Crown School, Bangkok
  • Teaching science to students aged 12-18



Certificate in Classical Guitar School with Jason Vieaux

  • Basic Classical Guitar
  • Classical Guitar Reference Topics
  • Intermediate Classical Guitar
  • Advanced Classical Guitar

Certificate in Piano For All
  •  Play-By-Ear - Rhythm Style Piano, Blues & Rock ’n’ Roll
  • Chord Magic & Inversions
  • Advanced Chords ,Ballad Style & Improvisation
  • Jazz Piano ,Advanced Blues, Fake Stride & The Entertainer
  • Taming The Classics,Speed Learning
Sep 2014

Certificate in Fundamentals of Music Theory

University of Edinbrough
  • Pitches, scales, modes, and chords
  • Keys and intervals, Rhythm and form
  • Harmony 1: functional harmony
  • Harmony 2: inversions, cadences, and sequences
May 2014

Certificate in Shaping the Way We Teach English

University of Oregon
  •  Authentic materials and realia that really motivate learners

  • Using pair and group work for collaborative learning 

  • Critical and creative thinking 

  •  Learner feedback and assessment

  •  Language in context

Dec 2013

Certificate in Brief History of Humankind

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • The Cognitive Revolution
  •  The Agricultural Revolution
  •  The Unification of Humankind
  •  The Scientific Revolution
Oct 2012

Certificate in Mixdown Techniques 201

SAE Technology College
  • Advanced mixdown techniques for music production.
Dec 2012

Certificate in Modern Music Composition for Film

SAE Technology College
  • Taught by multiple Grammy award David Hentschel

HND Audio Engineering

SAE Technology College in Glasgow, UK
  • Higher National Diploma

Language skills

Thai, Danish Language


  • My contribution towards my students' learning progress.

  • Arden Chillout Youth-Club project that received several awards in the form of a salary and funding to buy musical equipment for the children of Arden, Glasgow

  • Being a class representative during my Degree course at Glasgow Caledonian University

  • Receiving PGCE from the HRH Princess Sirindhorn of Thailand in person.

  • I'm an author of the book Electronic Music Production, an insight to REAPER, synthesis, MIDI, rhythm programming, track sequencing, mixing and FX.

  • Developed numerous software applications aimed at musical production education. (free download upon request)

  • I am the composer behind the theme music for Fox-sports' TV series “Muaythai Warriors”. My music has been broadcast via Fox-sports and ESPN throughout the whole of Asia.