Mark Mikel Rijnties

Freelance Translator Dutch・English・Japanese


Native Dutch freelance translator based in the Netherlands. Currently studying International Studies at Leiden University whilst engaging in a variety of translation jobs. I have a perfect command of the Dutch, English, and Japanese languages. I have experience translating these languages within the context of a variety of fields. 

In my free time I enjoy going out, reading books, listening to music, and traveling. I love going to foreign places and meeting new people, something which my language studies has enriched immensely. 

Work History

Work History

Begiragons Translations: Japanese -> English

Jun 2015 - Present

This job involves writing subtitles for YouTube videos for the channel Begiragons. My job is to do both timings and translations for videos which are usually somewhere in between 5 min ~ 15 min in length. 

Translation/Research: English -> Japanese

Feb 2016 - Feb 2016
Nagano System Development Co. Ltd.

My job was to research the recent implementation of Programming lessons in primary school curricula in various countries across Europe and beyond. I researched and translated the primary school curricula of the United Kingdom, Estonia, Finland, and Israel. All from English to Japanese. I also translated the contents of the individual programming lessons, what children were taught at what specific age, and how programming was implemented in the daily curricula.

Translation Smartphone Game: Japanese -> English

Feb 2015 - Feb 2015

A small translation from Japanese to English of the menu and contents of a smartphone game called TAP. 

Conyac Crowdsourced Translations: English - Japanese - Dutch

Aug 2012 - Aug 2014
anydoor Inc.

For a period of two years I sporadically did translations on a website called Conyac. People in need of translations would pay a small amount of money to have other people translate documents to a language of their choice. 

Translation for Nagano prefectural offices: Japanese -> English

Sep 2013 - Sep 2013
Nagano Prefecture, JCI Komagane subdivision

This translation job involved translating a variety of documents, PowerPoint slides, and research data from Japanese to English. The contents were as follows:

A: Research data and speculations on how to improve tourism in Nagano prefecture in Japan. The data compromised graphs and tables of the number of foreign visitors, the distribution of these visitors (based on age, location, gender, etc.), and also descriptions of areas with high touristic potential. 

B: A translation of a large number of documents and PowerPoint slides by the Nagano prefecture Industrial Technology Institute. A Malaysian delegation of the JCI visited Nagano prefecture in Japan for a technical training. The documents I translated were mainly introductions to the R&D within the prefecture. Topics such as agriculture, renewable technologies, and so on were covered.

Language Certifications



Aug 2014 - Present
Japan Foundation & Japan Educational Exchanges and Services

The JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is the officially administered test to determine the linguistic level of Japanese speakers. N5 being the lowest and N1 being the highest level.

TOEFL iBT 114/120 

Feb 2014 - Feb 2016
ETS, Educational Testing Service

The Test of English as a Foreign Language. The certifications have an expiration date of two years, but I trust that in the last two months my English hasn't deteriorated to the point that these results are now inaccurate.



International Studies

Sep 2014 - Present
Leiden University

In my studies I focus on the politics, economy, culture, and languages of East Asia. 

VWO High School diploma

Sep 2006 - Jun 2012
Rembrandt College