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Victoria Adams

  • Leeds West Yorkshire
  • 07419299002

Work experience


Sep 2012Jun 2014


Leeds West Academy

Media Studies: Grade B

Art and Design: Grade D

Psychology: Grade D

Sep 2012Jun 2014

Btec Level 3

Leeds West Academy

Music Performance and Technology: Grade Distinction* 

Sep 2010Jul 2012


Leeds West Academy

English: Grade C

Maths: Grade C

Biology: Grade B

Chemistry: C

Media Studies: A

Spanish: D

Religious Studies: C

Music: C

Sep 2010Jul 2012

Btec Level 2

Leeds West Academy

Music Performance: Grade Distinction*

Interactive Media: Grade Pass

Travel and Tourism: Grade Distinction*


I am an excellent team worker and project manager. I expressed this during the camping stage of the duke of edinburgh award. During this time me and my team were put under high intensity, team building activities which helped improve these skills as well as become a better leader in a range of situations.

I am compitent with planning, organising and time managment. I have expressed during both my University course and previous part time work. Both of these situations have helped me become better with these skills as they required me working with more than one brief to the same or similar deadline.

Both teamwork and the ability to work as an individual successfully are definitely one of my strong aspects. These have been demonstrated in my university course, in which one of the briefs required me to work as part of a team to create a pitch document for Nikon. This meant that we had to  co-ordinate our work so that the work was to the best of ourt ability. This scenario also helped me improve my comminucation skills as alot of the work needed to create the document needed careful planning and co-ordination of work.

I have had 9 months customer service experience (as of October 2015), which has helped me further deleop the skills stated above. Both my role in Pizza Hut and in the RSPCA helped me apply these skills to real life situations which not only allowed me to practice them, but also develop them.

Use of IT programmes are both one of my key skills and my hobbies. I am very fluent in using all forms of the microsoft office suite aswell as some of the more complex Adobe cs6 suite including Photoshop, Dreamwaver, Indesign and Illustrator. By using this software, I have improved my knowledge of basic computer programmes to a high standard aswell as creative skills through both my university course and the more personal use of the Adobe suite and autodesk suite.