Mariya Koshechkina

  • New York USA
Mariya Koshechkina

experienced procurement professional


Sep 2003 - Jun 2008

Master of Finance

Kyiv National University of Economics I. Getmana

Financial organization of business entities

Work History

Work History
Apr 2014 - Present

Director of strategic development

Ukrainian Association of Procurement Professionals

Main Responsibilities:

  • Define of key areas of association development
  • Involvement of members and partners
  • Support and organization of association events
  • Support and maintenance of association website
  • Coordination with procurement professional associations of Europe, Asia and USA
  • Support, coordinate and improve of public procurement via association
  • Development and coordination of procurement education programs



  •  Organized, coordinated and supported summer conference for Ukrainian procurement professionals

  • Developed official association website

  • Developed partnership with Georgian colleagues in order to improve Ukrainian public procurement legislation

  • Established partnerships with international associations of procurement professionals

Oct 2013 - Apr 2014

General Procurement Manager, Logistics center

UniCredit Bank

Main Responsibilities:

  • Auditing procurement procedures and techniques: procedures, instruments, working documents, systems for reporting and monitoring, review of contracts
  • Building effective cooperation with suppliers: negotiations, contract development, specifications, fulfillment of contractual obligations, judgment claims
  • Building the effective cooperation with suppliers: negotiations, contracts’ development, specifications, fulfillment of contractual obligations, judgment claims.
  • Forecasting and planning of procurement activities, running tenders on the basis of I Faber electronic system.
  • Market analysis
  • Running and controlling Tender Committee work, arrangement and supervision of tasks issued by Committee members, maintaining accuracy of materials issued by buyers and checking of analytical materials
  • Communication with UniCredit Group (Italy HO) regarding best practices, advice and orders from HQ, I-Faber operation, preparation of group reports




  • Approved Procurement Procedures
  • Developed operational documents for buyers: questionnaires, forms, reports, provisions, evaluation credentials, etc.
  • Tenders (more than 20): printing materials, facility management centralization (maintenance and cleaning), organized UkrsotsBank and Unicredit Bank merger celebration (3500 people), team building, production and distribution of souvenirs, Cisco/Oracle support, acquisition of cassettes for ATM, etc.
  • Prepared monitoring and market analysis structure
Mar 2013 - Jun 2013

General Procurement Specialist Advanced

LG Electronics Ukraine

Main Responsibilities:

  • Auditing the current state of General Procurement system: analysis of internal procedures of subdivisions (GA & GP, marketing, logistics), systems for reporting and monitoring, risk analysis, review of contracts concluded.
  • Analysis of GP expenses for 2012 and 2013 (in terms of IFRS, budget groups/articles, suppliers, dynamics of parameters). Allocation expenses by cost centers.
  • Market analysis and vendor selection in the field of: stands manufacturing for retail product placement, business trips, stationery, taxi and transportation services, IT site support outsourcing, staff outsourcing
  • Cooperation with channel marketing department: development the frame contracts with chief suppliers
  • Development of General procurement procedure
  • Building effective cooperation with suppliers: negotiations, contract development, specifications, fulfillment of contractual obligations, judgment claims
  • Forecasting and planning of procurement activities.



  • Audit reporting

  • Development of general procurement procedures

  • GP expenses for 2012-2013 analysis

  • Risk projects / supplier were identification

  • 4 tenders were conducted (business trip services, stationery, taxi and transportation, fuel). Reached economy: 15-20% of budget.

  • Developed the standard pricing for marketing materials (manufacture, installation and use of equipment for retail product placement

  • Adapted and edited the general contract between the company and the chief provider of marketing services

Sep 2012 - Mar 2013

Policy Officer (Banking & Financial Committees)

American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

Main Responsibilities:


  • Liaison for advocacy and lobbying efforts between Chamber’s Committees and Working
  • Coordination of Chamber Committee and Working Groups daily operations: arranging Committee meetings (coordinating agenda, issuing minutes, inviting speakers, preparing meeting materials, updating on the decisions reached), researching agenda items, etc.
  • Managing people and resources and directing the team activities towards common Chamber’s goals
  • Maintaining contact between state officials and board of finance/banking sector
  • Monitoring and identifying issues to be addressed by the Chamber and informing the Committee about relevant legislation and regulatory developments
  • Fulfillment and management of business operations and implementation of plans and policies



  • Organized 3 Banking & Finance Committee meetings
  • Participated in external meetings (4 ): Committee of VRU on Finance and Banking meeting, FATCA implementation strategy, OECD Eurasia Competiveness Program discussion, World Bank representatives meeting for cooperation mission with the banking sector of Ukraine.
  • Internet publication of the meeting’s agenda and details for discussion.
  • Formed NPL (non-performing loans) working group.
  • Formed Working group with National Commission for State Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine regarding securities tax issue.
  • Issued 2 online editions of the monthly bulletin.
  • Participated in drafting of 9 official letters with Chamber position to state authorities.
Sep 2008 - Oct 2012

Procurement and Budget Controlling Specialist. Head of Budget monitoring Unit

JSC Piraeus Bank ICB

Supply (1 subordinate employee):

  • Marketing research of best vendor in the area of: cash office equipment, stationary, printing and mailing services, mobile operator, etc.
  • Forecasting and planning of procurement activities
  • Commercial offers analysis (prices, quality, services, loyalty and opportunities for collaboration)
  • Tender conduction, development of technical tasks and contract terms, agreement signing. Development of internal control and delegation of day to day duties to responsible manager


Budget control:

  • Preparation of budget control reports (HQ/Outlets, monthly/quarterly/yearly basis, operational/capital, within IFRS budget articles, risk analysis)
  • Administrative and Financial Department payments reconciliation
  • Participation in yearly budget development process


Corporate mobile connection services (1 subordinate employee):

  • Supporting employees with corporate mobile connection services, internet services.
  • Negotiating exclusive corporate tariffs and services
  • Corporate mobile connection Policy development
  • Monthly reporting (expenses for mobiles and internet, compliance with limits established, the effect of economy)


Cash office equipment:

  • Supplement of outlets with cash office equipment: packers, counters (coins, bills), detectors, etc.
  • Negotiation, best vendor selection.
  • Service areas: coordination of maintenance services schedule, repair works.
  • Intermediary work between internal consumers and suppliers of equipment: development of working documentation, operation of applications for maintenance services.


Project management:

  • Adaptation of managerial budgeting controlling to financial accounting system.
  • Planning and forecasting in the process of Budget development.



  • 20% of economy after successfully conducted negotiations for best market price in the field of cash office equipment (with high quality standards maintenance).
  • More than 15 tenders conducted in the field of stationery, mobile connection services, marketing products in the form of printed promotional products, outdoor and indoor advertising, etc.
  • Development of business relationships and cooperation between the parties (to improve the quality of services / products, creating an effective workflow and reporting).
  • Development of the corporate Policies: General Procurement procedure, mobile connection procedure, business trips procedure, development of working documents and reporting forms.
  • Participated in the selection and training of 3 employees.
Sep 2004 - May 2008

Assistant of Accountant

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, telecommunications department

Main Responsibilities:  

  • Handling administrative and organizational duties. Work with document flow.


  • Building of business relationship skills, correspondence etiquette, work with documentation and reporting

  • Combined labor activities with university study.




Ability for result-oriented negotiations

Spend management

Different approaches for cost-structure optimization

Policy analysis

Implementation of business process improvement in procurement

Bidding Process

Using of different approached for sourcing; RFP, RFQ, RFP preparation and analysis

Time Management

Accurate planning of work process, successful solving of different tasks

Market analysis

Profound and detailed analysis of different commodity markets

Business analysis

STEEP-analysis, competitive analysis, benchmarking, capacity management



Margarita Moskvitina, Department Director at Piraeus Bank ICB

Mariya is an excellent professional with strong leadership and creative abilities. I have been Mariya’s immediate supervisor for several years and can highly recommend her as professional candidate. For almost 4 years she had always been demonstrating high professionalism in the field of Budget cost control has provided significant analytical support for decision making in Bank’s procurement field, took responsibility for personal decision making as for purchases. I found her to be consistently pleasant, always smiling and active: equally able to work successfully in a team and independently, constantly learn and improve her professional skills, actively responsible for undertaking new projects and tasks