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Interdisciplinary Agent


Entrepreneur creating inspiring, immersive spaces to create, read, write, rest, and rejuvenate. LucyBello is the result of recognizing that we often don't need more words or someone doing something to us to heal, make a decision, or create; we need nurturing silence to listen to the wisdom inside and tone down our stress response to this over-stimulating world. We need the positive intentional disorientation we usually experience through travel or in nature, but in an environment we can more easily visit on an ongoing basis.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, I also have a strong professional background.

Accomplished bilingual communicator with talent for quickly articulating complex ideas, synthesizing and condensing information, formatting and editing.  Very strong listening, observation, and analytical abilities coupled with an insightful, solutions-oriented focus. Rapid prototyping and iterations to quickly refine approach, plan, and/or evaluation. Extensive interviewing and facilitation experience with people of wide range of ages, education levels, and cultures. Passionate about action-oriented research and making information meaningful and useful. Student of design thinking and a fantastic thought partner.

At home in interdisciplinary intersections such as healthcare, business, and community or government, philanthropy, and nonprofit.

I learn from everyone.  I take fun very seriously.

#1 word used to describe me: Inspiring.        #2: Creative.

Favorite Images

Representing my passion for beauty, creativity, and my beautiful home town.

Three Fun Proof Points

Representing something that brings me joy, a book of my photos and a poem I wrote, and how I love to bring things together in new ways.


Clay Holderman

There are people who can "see" beyond the evident, who can feel the current, understand, and translate.  

I first encountered Marissa in her role as Administrative Project Manager for Presbyterian Healthcare System's Central Delivery System.  She had a knack for communications.  She never approached issues as I would have expected.  She understood more than conveying content; she knows how to convey meaning to affect change. Marissa can sense meaning.  She can feel disconnects and sense needs.  She connects dots that I often cannot see.  Her ability to emote and connect is invaluable. I have seen Marissa as a project manager, communicator, Spanish interpreter/translator, and now patient advisory committee architect for our cancer service line.  Her intelligence, connection to purpose and ability to connect are unparallelled.  She is an asset to any values-based organization.

Lauren Cates

(regarding work as CDS Administrative Project Manager) Marissa often exceeded my expectations. She provided consistent, high quality support with a great end result/work product. She has been  very helpful to me and others within the Central Delivery System by assisting us in the development of our organizational structure, work systems, and measurement systems to maintain alignment and accelerate our work. Marissa successfully managed numerous types of communications to a wide variety of audiences. She provided excellent support in the area of organizational change, frequently with highly confidential information. I was always confident Marissa would manage projects well and check in with me when she had questions. I feel honored to have worked with Marissa the last four years. She brought a level of creativity and fun to this role and to our team that did not exist before. I cannot think of a better person to have been in this role with me! I'd like to think that together, we made a difference. I love Marissa's desire to make her mark on this world through many venues, including improving healthcare for New Mexicans.

MaryAnn Shaening, PhD

Marissa has a wonderful combination of creativity and openness to new information, knowledge and skill in managing projects, and enough passion to positively change both systems and people. She is a quick learner, with a strong intellect and open mind. I have always been impressed by Marissa's leadership skills as well as her ability to work with numerous and diverse organizations, groups, and individuals. Marissa is both a good listener and a great communicator, and a joy to work with.

Robin Divine

Marissa is very detail oriented, well organized and an excellent communicator. The thing that I appreciate most about Marissa is her ability to think. She is a great thinker which leads to creative and innovative approaches to problem solving and accelerating performance.

Angie VanArsdale

A shot of optimism for breakfast, persistence for lunch and change for dinner; Marissa’s positive and relentless pursuit of understanding, ideas and meaningful change make her an invaluable member of any team and organization. What I appreciate in my many encounters with Marissa is her ability to ask probing questions then listen, watch and hone in on the essence of a situation much like a Zen master cuts through the noise/chaos of life.  She has a natural instinct to make meaning out of information and an intrinsic wisdom and capacity to encapsulate and articulate issues in an effort to create a safe space for collaborative idea sharing and possibility thinking. Marissa’s focus is always on what’s possible.

Work experience

Apr 2012Oct 2018

Mgr-Community Outreach & Special Initiatives, Cancer Service Line

I was honored to work with an incredible team of professionals in a field that perhaps more than any other brings life into sharper focus, requires a balance of science and faith, and touches the lives of so many. Our Cancer program was recently given a three year accreditation from the Commission on Cancer with all seven possible commendations. On a job description level, this is some of what this role entailed: Served as lead on internal and external communication efforts in conjunction with Marketing/Communications team. Managed community outreach activities to meet regulatory requirement for the Cancer program. Provided leadership in areas of reporting, communication, maximizing marketing efforts, voice of the customer work, and continuous improvement activities. Identified and defined areas of community need for cancer outreach activities; coordinated participation or hosting events and conferences. Developed and lead cancer Patient and Family Advisory Council. Served as Liaison from program on cross-departmental or enterprise-wide efforts that included or affected Cancer program. Worked closely with Foundation and Real Estate on projects affecting Cancer program to optimize environment.

Served as Project Manager for Design Phase of cancer center expansion to Rust Medical Center.

Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Feb 2008Apr 2012

Administrative Project Manager

Provided staff support to Chief Operating Officer, Central Delivery System Operations

Identified, structured, and scoped issues. Provided leadership and facilitation in the resolution of strategic and sensitive issues or projects for multi-functional groups under senior executive. Acted as a thought partner to assist executive in making sound and timely decisions. Researched, drafted and edited special reports to committees, councils and boards. Participated in Process Excellence projects (Six Sigma, Lean, Baldrige). Used analysis, creativity, and information design skills to convey information in the most effective manner to suit purpose and audience.  Involved in numerous intense organizational change efforts. Effectively managed multiple priorities in unpredictable and often time-sensitive situations. Functioned with high autonomy in results-based environment. Lead through influence.



Accountable for day-to-day management, business development and fulfilling deliverables. Contracts included:

  • Contract to research and write impact stories for New Mexico Department of Health on six successful Community Health Councils [2007]
  • Contract to conduct meta-analysis of 18 New Mexico Department of Health Community Health Assessment surveys [2007]
  • Contract to research and write organizational story of Laguna Pueblo Department of Education (Native American Tribe) [2007]
  • Contract to plan meeting, facilitate and outline Bernalillo County Community Health Council Strategic Plan [2007]
  • Subcontract to provide facilitation for Performance Roundtables at PNM Resources [2007]
  • Subcontract via Rutgers University/Utah State to coordinate logistics of statewide evaluation of New Mexico PreK Initiative with over 100 sites [2006-2008]

Regional Network Director

First person hired as coordinator to transition volunteer-based group into formal, statewide organization that still exists. Co-designed organizational structure, lead staffing of projects and Executive Director position, and managed over $600K in grant monies.  Planned and coordinated two statewide conferences.

  • Established Forum identity and branding through innovative marketing/networking strategies
  • Developed and managed all aspects of initial Forum organization, including budget, operations, processes/procedures, sponsored events, and formal network of regional partners
  • Created internal and external communication systems and leveraged technologies
  • Collaborated with state agencies to initiate joint research efforts, acted as Forum liaison in organizing inaugural Lt. Governor's Legislative Institute, co-developed Youth Alliance project

NM Higher Education Department


Program Officer

Coordinated all aspects of implementing statewide, federally funded college preparedness program (GEAR UP) and outreach/community relations for department.

  • Administered large scale data collection and evaluation measures
  • Assessed relevancy of professional development opportunities for educators before funding
  • Developed and managed Tutoring Plus program of subcontracts to community colleges
  • Created communication materials including brochures, flyers, reports, & large displays
  • Distributed and provided oversight for funds to grantees in over 18 New Mexico communities; involved educating and forming positive working relationships with superintendents and principals who were not involved in writing the grant—tailored allocations to needs of each school/district
  • Analyzed legislative bills; compiled data and co-wrote Annual Performance Reports


University of New Mexico

Jan 1998May 2001

Master of Arts

My focus was Intercultural Communication. I had assistantships that included teaching Public Speaking, teaching other TA's in the Teaching Assistant Resource Center, and a research assistantship in the UNM Health Sciences Center. My thesis committee included Dr. William R. Miller, pioneer of Motivational Interviewing and Dr. Karen A. Foss whose work centers exploration of change and communication from feminist perspectives. My thesis explored the use of a narrative-centered approach to diversity training based on the premise of racism as an addictive behavior.


Bachelor of Arts

Students at Colorado College take one course at a time on the Block Plan and professors only teach one class at a time (no teaching assistants or graduate instructors). It allows for immersion and rigor as well as travel.I became accustomed to accomplishing a semester's worth of work in one month.

Spent one semester in Guanajuato, Mexico. It took scholarships, financial aid, and work/study for me to attend this amazing school. I have never taken the experience for granted and I am still revealing the gifts I gained.

Values in Action

  • Served as Corporate Co-Chair for the 2014 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society "Light the Night" Walk, which raised over $230,000. Personally raised almost $5,000.
  • Presentation on Stress in the Workplace at the Association of Surgical Technologists Conference September 2014
  • Co-led workshop "Cultivating Creativity during Survivorship" at May and Sept 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 Family Cancer Retreats
  • Chosen as a 2014 Wellness Ambassador to champion internal PHS wellness initiatives
  • Coaching other employees and physicians on personal well-being and effective communication 2013/2014
  • "Stress Reduction" workshops as part of Employee Health Fairs May 2014
  • "Conversations about our Stressful Thoughts" -- Interactive workshop for Seniors  Aug 2013 and November 2014
  • Assisted in organizing/running special Albuquerque event with author/spiritual teacher Byron Katie in 2012

Professional Development


Commission on Cancer Cancer Program Conference, Chicago, IL: Poster “Patient Councils as a Community Needs Assessment Tool,” September 2017

Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care, Intensive Seminar, Tampa, Florida November 2015

Participated in inaugural Startup Weekend Women’s Edition, March 2015, (Team came in second!)

Studying human potential and the Three Principles with coach Elese Coit out of San Diego, California October 2012-October 2014

Completed Acumen/IDEO "Human Centered Design" Course: April-June 2014 Project centered on providing healthier food options in a corporate environment.

Innomation, LLC: TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving) One Week Workshop with David Conley Jan 2012

University of New Mexico Continuing Education: Graphic Design & Visual Communication February 2011

EDWARD TUFTE: Presenting Data and Information: A One-Day Course New York City, November 2010

Gorilla Tango and Sol Acting Academy: Improv Classes 2005-2010

Presbyterian Healthcare Services: Process Excellence: Completed Six Sigma Green Belt Training and passed exam 2008-2009

Completed 4 ½ day Lean training

Presbyterian Healthcare Services: Clinical Education: Certified Medical Interpreter  August 2008

Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce: Leadership Albuquerque Graduate 2003

Community Service

  • United Way Women in Philanthropy Mentor [2012-2013]
  • Leadership Albuquerque Alumni Association [2003 Graduate & 07-12 Board Member]
  • Alice King Community School Foundation Board Member [2011-2012], President [2012-2013, 2013-2014]
  • Alice King Community School-Governing Council-Audit Committee Member [2011-2012]
  • Board Member, Marketing Chair: Albuquerque Preschool Co-Op [2009-2010]
  • Founding Board Member and Past Chair:  College Success Network  [2002-2006]
  • Past President: South San Pedro Neighborhood Association [2003-2004] 
  • Big Sister Volunteer:  Mentor for disadvantaged young woman  [1995-Present] 

Personal Snapshot

Random Facts:

Good works occur in every sector. Community, economic, and youth development all have much more in common than anyone seems to realize.

I am a MacGyver. Able to identify and connect resources quickly and when startled I do not visibly flinch.

My best leadership experiences have been in situations where I rise up to a leadership position after having had time to observe, contribute, interact, and understand.

I am a bilingual cultural marginal who notices, creates, and evokes beauty.
Carlos Fuentes kissed me on the cheek at a book signing in the 90's and I am still not over it.

Favorite Things:

Clouds, books, roadrunners, fractals, words, Cirque du Soleil, office supplies, family, challenges, helping people realize they are amazing, brainstorming, making stuff, the flowers on Russian Olive trees, being comfortable in silence with someone else, new ideas, simplifying, authenticity, skating, loyalty, the smell of citrus, rearranging, quiet, honest conversations, a nice smile, good manners, quick thinking, social media.


Designed my own interdisciplinary major at the Colorado College...required making a detailed case to the Dean. It was worth it. Basically that set the tone for everything going forward because seeing the interplay between things became second nature. I almost have two Master's, which I can explain some day if you like.


Minding the Gap
Constantly cycling through plans, ideas, new information to make sure key things are not lost. I find being thorough lends credibility to a sometimes uncomfortable or unpredictable process.
Organizational Change
Familiar with managing work in start-up and corporate environments with nearly constant change.
Accustomed to client-facing roles (internal and external clients) where professionalism and engagement are paramount.
Multi-media, beyond PowerPoint. bias.
Summary & Analysis
Very skilled at identifying themes, clusters, connections, and framing information for different audiences.
Interviewing (Individuals/Groups)
Conservatively, I have interviewed close to 1,000 people.