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Work experience

Jul 2014Jul 2014

Activity Manager

Internation Quest

Activity Manager in a summer camp (International Quest) for teenagers (200) aged 9-13. Prepared and organised trips to London and other daily activities such as sports, arts and crafts, evening activities, etc. Managed a team of three Activity Leaders while being an Activity Leader when needed.

Apr 2014Apr 2014

Activity Leader and Assistant

LFIGP and Hayley's Comet

Activity Leader for an educational school trip for children (a group of 106) aged 10-11. Travelled from Dubai to Paris and Normandy in France, the followed with being an Activity Assistant for the company Hayley's Comet in Dubai. Worked with 25  and then 60 children (age3-15) to create a Musical (including creation of the musical, choreography of songs, singing and acting coaching).

Jan 2014Mar 2014


Exeter University

Volunteered for a 40 minutes devising piece for a graduate's Masters degree: Buckets and Brollies

Jun 2010Jun 2010


Festival des Arts du Cirque

2 weeks at the Festival des Arts du Cirque for the Summer solstice at Antony/Châtenay-Malabry with the theatre FirminGemier/ LaPiscine (in France).
Activities during the stage: promotion of the festival (teamwork), setting of the stages and locations, logistics, organisation, helping actors with advertisement.

What I know and what I love

Social Media

Following the trends, the people, the action happening live on social media is something I can do with my eyes closed

Animal Sanctuaries and Animal Rights

I feel very involved in the animal rights movement. I am currently translating a vegan ebook in french, I volunteer at La Pate de l'Espoir (HopeForPaws France) and am part of the University's vegetarian/vegan society. I hope to one day open a farm sanctuary. I actively follow bonobos, elephant and farm sanctuaries, etc.


Writing it, reading it, watching it.

Poetry tells you with words

What your heart tells you with its beat.

Poetry whispers, talks and yells

Compliant, you listen.

I wrote 304 poems and I can say,

That's a lot of words for a soul to bear.

Pack Microsoft

Excellent use of Words, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, intermediate use of Excel. 


I love taking initiative and instigating new approaches, organising nights out, changing people's perspective on certain matters, and marketing my way through a sale.


I am very good at entretaining kids with theatre games, evening games, making friends, creating new skills (drama, singing, choreography, musical theatre) and teaching kids how to be polite, nice to one another and how to embrace life.


Sep 2013Jun 2016

B.A. Drama

Exeter University

This performing arts degree gives me the tools to combine my creative talents (writing, slamming, acting, physical theatre) with the practical aspects of self-promotion and arts management. This mix of disciplines is a good preparation for the working world.


Grade 11-12 (Junior and Senior year)

Lycée Français Internationam George Pompidou

As a Literary  student, I focused on French literature, Philosophy, English, Spanish and History/Geography.


Grade 10

Anderson Collegiate Vocational Institute

This year abroad in a Canadian host family and in a english-speaking country (Whitby, Canada), allowed me to learn English and explore my independence skills and ability to adapt in a completely new environnement. I took courses in Drama, Anthropology, Spanish, Ancient History, Music, Art...