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Key Awards

  • Top Achiever, December 2015: For achieving the top mark in MSYS458-15B
  • Top Achiever, December 2015: For achieving the top mark in HRMG342-15B
  • Recipient of 5 Years of Service Award, February 2015: For 5 years of service to Progressive Enterprises: Countdown Fraser Cove
  • Best Marketing and Promotional Strategy, May 2014: For best marketing and promotional strategy for the University of Waikato's 50th Anniversary (MCOM239-14A)
  • Awarded the Bishops Cup, December 2012: For excellence in Religious Education at an outstanding level, for leadership and example of the Special Character of the college
  • 1st Place in Countdown Fraser Cove's Operator of the Year, August 2012: For outstanding customer service
  • Special Character Honours, March 2012: Awarded Special Character Honours for service in the wider community and within Aquinas College


Feb 2013Present

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours

Majors: Human Resource Management and Electronic Business

University of Waikato

Feb 2013Dec 2012

Secondary School Education

Aquinas College
  • NCEA Level 1: Achieved with a Merit Endorsement                                                                               
  • National Certificate in Mathematics: Level 1
  • National Certificate in Science: Level 1
  • NCEA Level 2: Achieved with a Merit Endorsement
  • National Certificate in Mathematics: Level 2
  • NCEA Level 3: Achieved with a Merit Endorsement
  • New Zealand University Entrance 

Work experience

March 2016July 2016


Kiwi Innovation Network (KiwiNet)
Oct 2013Oct 2015

Checkout Supervisor

Progressive Enterprises: Countdown Fraser Cove
Feb 2010Present

Checkout Operator

Progressive Enterprises: Countdown Fraser Cove

Key Skills

    Throughout my years of study and experience in the workplace, I have gained many invaluable skills. These include:

    • Teamwork: Worked in committees during high school, groups throughout university and with the team of checkout operators at Countdown. Enjoys sharing knowledge and encouraging development of others to achieve specific team goals.
    • Communication and Customer Service: Award winning customer service skills. Deals with internal and external customers at all levels via telephone and face-to-face enquires. Working with various groups during my years at university, I have learnt how to effectively communicate and work along side different types of people, and in different situations.
    • Leadership: As a check out supervisor, I have been in many situations which require me to guide operators, talk to disgruntled customers and the point of call for any alcohol or tobacco purchases. This is a great responsibility to have as I must respect customers, but enforce store policies surrounding any suspicious purchases. As head of my committee, I was in charge of bringing the team together, planning, promoting & executing events, and handling money.
    • Literacy and Numeracy Skills: Completed the writing competency module, and achieved NCEA Level 1,2 and 3 in English and Maths.  
    • Problem Solving: I competed in Case Competitions within STMG391 as well as representing the University of Waikato which requires teams to find appropriate resolutions to the businesses needs. As an intern for KiwiNet, my portfolio was focused on discovering and solving inefficiencies within their CRM system and their Social Media accounts. Via my recommendations, KiwiNet now have more options on how to move forward.
    • Computer and Technological Confidence: Completed a computer competency module, a Google Analytics course and SAP course. My internship with KiwiNet also focused on improving Social Media Management using Social Media Marketing and CRM systems.

    Extra Curricular activities

    Service Record

    • 2016- Course Representative for MSYS555-16A
    • 2013- Course Representative for MSYS111-13A
    • 2012- Member of Aquinas College Chanel Shield Team
    • 2012- Member of the Fiji Service Trip Group
    • 2011- Volunteer Coach for Junior Netball
    • 2011-2012- Completed 40 hours of volunteer service for the Aquinas Service Project
    • 2010-2012- Member of Aquinas College Liturgy Group

    Sports/Cultural Record

    • 2016- Planned and executed an event for KiwiNet ( The Annual KiwiNet Awards)
    • 2015- Represented the University of Waikato at the National Case Competition (Round 3 held at University of Canterbury)
    • 2014- Planned and executed an event for the 50th Anniversary of the University of Waikato
    • 2012- Member of Aquinas College Student Executive
    • 2012- Head of Aquinas College Concert Band
    • 2012- Head of Aquinas College Liturgy Group
    • 2012- Head of Special Character Committee
    • 2011-2012 Head of Alto Section for Aquinas College Female Choir
    • 2012- New Zealand Institute of Charted Accounting (NZICA) Student Affiliate 
    • 2011- Lead in Aquinas College production "Cinderella"
    • 2011- 2012- Represented Aquinas College in Rhapsody in Rotorua's Honour's Choir
    • 2011- 2012- Member of Aquinas College Irish Band
    • 2010- Represented Aquinas College at the NZCF Secondary School Choral Festival
    • 2010- Member of Aquinas College Quartet
    • 2009- Member of the orchestra in the Aquinas College production "Pirates of Penzance"
    • 2008-2012- Member of Aquinas College Female Choir
    • 2008-2010- Member of Aquinas College Mixed Choir
    • 2007-2012- Member of Aquinas College Concert Band

    Other Awards

    • Recipient of College Hall Residential Assistant Award, October 2013: For contribution to the overall life of D4
    • NCEA Level 3 Subject Endorsement, December 2012: Merit endorsement in Religious Education, English and History
    • Excellence Award, December 2012: For outstanding excellence in Religious Education
    • Attitude and Effort, December 2012: For outstanding attitude and effort in English, History and Religious Education
    • Service to Tutor Class, December 2012: For outstanding service to HGY tutor class
    • 2nd equal in Countdown Bay of Plenty's regional Operator of the Year, September 2012: For outstanding customer service
    • Student Executive Committee, January 2012
    • Volunteers Award, May 2012: For outstanding service to Chanel Shield, Student Executive, Head of Special Character, Head of Concert Band, Fiji Service Trip and Liturgy Music Group
    • Volunteers Award, May 2011: For outstanding service in Liturgy Music Group and Netball coaching 8 Green
    • 3rd Place in Countdown Fraser Cove's Operator of the Year, August 2011: For outstanding customer service
    • Service to Tutor Class, December 2011: For outstanding service to HMW tutor class
    • NCEA Level 2 Subject Endorsement, December 2011: Merit endorsement in History, Accounting and English
    • Volunteers award, May 2010: For outstanding service to Liturgy Music Group
    • Attitude and Effort, December 2010: For excellent attitude and effort in Accounting
    • NCEA Level 1 with Excellence Endorsement, December 2010


                                                                   Character References

          Ray Scott
          Principal of Aquinas College
          Office: 07 543 2400

          Angela McManaway
          Dean of Year 13 2012
          Office: 07 543 2400
          Email: [email protected]

          Academic Referee                                                             Work Referee

          Marlise Greyling
          Accounting Teacher
          Office: 07 543 2400
          Email: [email protected] 
          Kavita Parasher
          Checkout Manager at
          Countdown Fraser Cove

          Office: 07 571 0500