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Who I am...

Good morning,

my name is Mario Melillo, I have just turned 30 and I would love to work for your company. Why? Because I am a curious person, who appreciates teamwork, who sacrifices himself in order to achieve its objectives. I think this is what you are looking for one of your future collaborator in order to improve your business, and I am going to support you loyally in this design.

In my life path, despite forced to deal with some unexpected twist of fate, I have continued to engage: I worked and continued studying to the best I could in order to achieve in the best way the opportunities offered me from life.

My main professional skills concern the field of marketing and communication, whether for business as well the institutions. I was involved in the management of press offices, journalism, institutional relations and political marketing.

My second major professional passion regard the ecosystem of innovative startups and business administration overall. In this period of my life I want to build my career by strengthening my competences and skills in the field of business management, from an economic point of view instead of the corporate communication.

Moreover, as I said, for years I have been working so that my passion for technological innovation and the startup world might become part of my professional activities. I greatly appreciate the work of LVenture and Luiss Enlabs, for this reason, work for you would be for me a “daily gym of experiences”, as well as a pleasure and honor.

My Skills

News editing

news, interviews and Italian translation of news from English-language newspapers or magazines

Press Office

 Italian law 150/2000, media relations, press releases, newsletter

Ghostwriting /Speechwriting

articles, speeches, public image building, and content promotional strategies

Website management

management of platforms like wordpress and blogger

Social Media Management

communication strategy, community management, buzz marketing

Web Marketing

SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), email marketing, digital advertising.

Business planning
graphic design

Adobe InDesign software, brand design, corporate identity management,

Where I worked before...

Feb 2015Present

Marketing, Communication and Business Planning Consultant

Freelance Consultant

Support the development and implementation of new marketing and financial planning strategies to help the development of SMEs. I also deal with the Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management, on-line marketing strategy development, Press Office Management, web content editing, ghostwriting, and something more... both for companies and for institutions.

Feb 2016Feb 2016

Consultant for management of crisis communication

Municipality of Ladispoli

Management of “crisis communication”, support and coordination of media relations and institutional relations, reporting directly to the Mayor of Ladispoli, Dr. Crescenzo Paliotta. Also, ghostwriting and writing press releases.

Jul 2015Nov 2015

Independent Consultant for marketing, communication and business planning

Global Lens s.r.l.

Support to a company specialized in the processing and sale of ophthalmic lenses. Supporting the development of financial strategy, the development of the business model and the strategy of promotion of its services and products.

Feb 2014Jan 2015

Staff Member

Mayor - Delegate to the relations with the "Consorzio Marina di San Nicola"

Management of communication activities to the Delegate of the Mayor of Ladispoli to the relations with the "M. Consorzio di San Nicola", Engineer Giovanni Bellofiore. TASKS: Responsible for public communication and management of relations with the press in order to promote joint initiatives and the relationship between the municipality and the consortium communities. This included the ghostwriting activity, speechwriting, editing of content either in the form of press releases or structured content to be allocated to public communications Delegate.

Nov 2014Dec 2014

Head of Communications and Institutional Relations

Association "Determinati per l'Italia"

Support the Association "Determinati per l'Italia" handling its communication, mainly to the institutions, supporting the parliamentary initiative for the inclusion of an amendment ("Social Act") within the Job Act. An amendment aimed at enhancing , as a guiding standard, the synergy with the third sector and education providers. Among the promoters and co-signatories of the proposal were: Italian Caritas, Demos, the Focolare Movement, the Sant'Egidio Community and ACLI.

May 2014Dec 2014

Social Media Manager and Online content editor

Officina Culturale della Regione Lazio "I Porti della Teverina

Initial external consulting service undergoing drawing up of the communication project and promotion compatible with the Region of the notice funding conditions. Subsequently, the collaboration has been officially included in the project approved by the Region in the Province of Viterbo for the biennium 2014-2015. TASKS: among the primary functions there was the creation of social media strategy, the social media platforms management and the content development in order to emprove the number of interactions with the official web site by using an integrated communications strategy.

Apr 2012Jun 2014

News Editor, interviewer, portal manager

Tech Economy

Author of news, interviews and in-depth focus. Also, during the first year, the online portal manager, and each task was performed under the direct authority of the Chief Editor Professor Stefano Epifani.

Jan 2014Apr 2014


“Westminster s.r.l. – Osservatorio specializzato delleistituzioni”

Company specializes in offering advice to major companies and organizations, including the nationally important trade associations, multinational companies, with particular reference to the sectors: insurance, public services, telecommunications, procurement and public works. ACTIVITIES 'mainly the analysis and synthesis of parliamentary proceedings aimed at monitoring of institutional activities, relating directly to the organizational meeting, the Dr. Francesconi, and taking care of the construction and placement of content in the archive of the enterprise portal.

Jun 2008Jul 2008

Head of Press and Communications team for the election campaign

Election Committee of On. Nunzia De Girolamo

Head of Press and Communications, ghostwriting and speechwriting, relationships with local newspapers, drafting of interventions and press releases

What I studied...

Nov 2011Jan 2015

Master's degree in Organization and Marketing for Business Communication

University of Rome "La Sapienza"

dissertation in Business Administration, Budget and Business plan, dissertation on "Creating a performance analysis model of public policies for innovative startups: comparison between Italians and the Spanish ones incentives" (degree grade 100/110)

Apr 2014May 2014

University research scholarship  for the preparation of the dissertation abroad

University of Rome "La Sapienza"

research bimester for the drafting of the degree thesis in Madrid, with the support of "ENISA - Empresa Nacional de Innovación SA" sector research

Jan 2013Dec 2013

Einaudi Foundation of Rome - School of Liberalism

Einaudi Foundation of Rome

fellowship winner with a dissertation entitled "Freedom and the market at the turn of the millennium"

Sep 2005Nov 2011

Bachelor's degree in political science

Luiss Guido Carli

dissertation in Epistemology of Social Sciences, dissertation on "Theory of human action and theory of economic rationality in the thought of Ludwig von Mises" (degree grade 90/110)