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Mario A. Fernández López

Digital Marketing | SEM | SMM | Affiliate Marketing | Growth Marketing | Project Management


I like to consider myself as a digital strategist. I'm passionate about digital marketing and analytics. With experience creating and implementing online strategies (SEO, SEM, SMM, programmatic buying (DSP and DMP), email marketing, content marketing, affiliation marketing, growth hacking marketing). Mainly focus on performance and user acquisition.

I'm a proactive, results oriented and analytic person. I love the startup's world, mainly for the dynamic and challenging environment.

My personal objective is to collaborate with a company in which I can contribute with my knowledge in order to achieve its objectives and at the same time grew as a marketer and person.

Enjoy the process!

Professional Experience

Mar 2018Currently

Digital Marketing Manager

Levy Holding

Levy Holding is a business group mainly focused in real estate. We believe in empowerment, humanism and meritocracy, so that's the way we work.

My principal responsibilities as Digital Marketing Manager in Levy Holding are lead the digital team and perform strategies in order of user acquisition and brand authority. At the same time, I am part of the founding team of Lateral, the full house marketing agency of the holding, leading the digital efforts with external and internal clients.

At the moment we have achieved the following objetives:

  • Decrees our CPL in more than a 60%.
  • Increase the quality of the potencial clients in more than a 70%.
  • Create and implement a sales funnel.
  • Set and optimize advance strategies in Social Media, Search Engine and Affiliate Media.
  • Establish a sustainable content strategy.

We are ready for change the world, what about you?

Dic 2016Mar 2018



Saumerio is a performance marketing agency in which I had the task of found the Digital Team; my principal activity was to create performance strategies for their different clients in order to achieve their goals, growth. I had also the opportunity to work with the business strategy team as a planner, focus on managing the inside traffic optimizing, at the same time, sources and time.

With the pass of the time, the board members offered me to become a CPO (Chief Performance Officer). My main role was to coordinate the entire agency, optimizing our work flow and assets in order to growth the company.

As CPO my principal responsibilities were:

  • Create digital marketing strategies focus on performance and fitting the personality of each client.
  • Implement digital tactics such as SEM, SEO, SMM, Affiliate Marketing and digital PR, to mention some of them.
  • Coordinate web pages development and optimization with the tech team.
  • Mesure, optimize and report digital campaigns.
  • Create and increase our own digital presence and the one of our clients.
  • Planning, executing and control an ideal flow work of all the agency.
  • Negotiating with traditional and digital suppliers.
  • Being the communication bridge between clients and agency.
  • Design an organizational culture and establish the company’s politics.
  • Lead Saumerio’s team to measure our performance  from the top to the bottom of the funnel. 
Jul 2015Nov 2016

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Kueski is a fintech startup in which I fortunately had the opportunity to found what I would like to do the rest of my life, become a digital marketer. As part of the User Acquisition team (before Marketing) we accomplished the following objectives:

  • Maintain an annual growth of 7X.
  • Create a solid affiliate network, with goals oriented in performance.
  • Get a reduction of the CPA in more than a 60%.
  • Coordinate the jump from the online to the offline advertising.
  • Increase the quality of the traffic in more than the 40%.
  • Negotiate with the big fishes in the digital industry and survive to count it.

It is clear that is one of the biggest and challenger adventures, but also is one of my favorites.



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    Ago 2012Dic 2016

    B.B.A., Marketing and Business Administration

    Universidad Panamericana campus Guadalajara