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Project Management & IT ConsultingFluent English, Portuguese and Spanish and customer facing presentation skills, ability to communicate (both written and verbally) exceptionally well. Ability to work in high-workload and delivery demanding environment, and also experience with customer facing activities.High ability to collaborate with a variety of functional areas such as management, sales, professional services, and operations to develop and provide a successful product. R&D background (hardware, software and system oriented). Proven technical skills and self learning ability, capable of thoroughly understanding the functional and technical aspects of a complex system. A Team player with ability to work independently.


- Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Tools, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Vision, Linux, OS;

- SQL, MySQL, PHP, Java, Delphi, C, C++, .Net, Cobol, Clipper and HTML;

- LANs and WANs hardware (cabling, switches, firewalls and routers);

- Methodology Scrum, PMBOK and Test;

- ISO 9000 and 1400, Kaizen, Kanban, PDCA, JIT, 6 Sigma, 5s Housekeeping, Lean, BPM and BSC, FMEA, SPC;

Work experience

Mar 2009Aug 2009

IT Project Manager

Bio Ritmo

·Management of Project and Schedule

·Coordenate meeting and doing the meeting register

·Seeking for information to update the schedule

·Analyze and Test of new system before set up the system

·Interface between developer and client

·Resolve importants issues into the project

Jul 2007Jun 2008

Au Pair

Cultural Care Au Pair

·International Exchange in US as Au Pair Program.

·I also had of the opportunity to improve my grammar English with the course ESOL in the Scarlet Great Oaks Institute.

Jun 2006Jun 2007


Engenharia G&S

·Designing the network and network administration

·Setting up the LANs and WANs hardware (cabling, switches, firewalls and routers)

·Responsible for the direction of IT and helpdesk environment with Microsoft 2000/2003 and MS applications

·Support to the PCs, Printers, Scanners, Blackberries and Laptops

·Managing a technical team of the Telecom professional

·Responsible to organize technical team schedule to the customers

·Responsible to inspect and follow the intallation of the System of Satellite Vsat

Jun 2005Dec 2005



·Managing Windows NT Sever, and database for SQL and MySQL System.

·Helpdesk environment with Microsoft 2000/2003 and MS applications

·Support to the PCs, Printers, Scanners, Blackberries and Laptops

·Development of the layout of modem board of the Telcom project and to followed all those stage pilot project.

·Driving continuous improvement activities of QA, and quality planning of projects through the application of quality tools, procedures for the performance of Quality Assurance.

·Followed inspection points to facilitate detection, correction, and prevention of nonconformance, responsible to investigated and obtained resolution to the customer complaints

Jan 2002Jan 2005

Initiation Scientific & Development & Assistant of Professor of Physics I


·Development and research on the Information Technology Lab at FACENS using the develop tools C# in the Platform .Net to improve the system of student terminal.

·Research about possible attack scenery, invasion and finally proposed a measure of prevention and correction that guarantee the maintenance of the activity proposal to critical mission of a company. Was employe the methodology proposal for the CERT (Institute from Carnegie Mellon University): the method SNA, used in analizy of relevant aspect and the EASEL tools of simulation.

·Worked in research to develop the computing aspect, in the language C, is based in a logic formal treatment given to categorical grammar, used the means available of the necessary logicfor this end.

·Assistant of Professor in the Physics I Lab., help the student in physics project, helping student in homework and been a professor assistant at class when students have question on this subject.