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I was born in the town of Haskovo, Bulgaria on 15th of August 1964. I have graduated the English Language School in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 1983 with an excellent diploma - this is my secondary education.

 From 1983 to 1989 i was a student at the Law department of Snt Kliment Ohridky University in Sofia, Bulgaria. After one-year-practice and a theoretical exam at the Ministry of Justice i have recueved my diploma as a master of law - in 1990.

 From march 1991 to march 1992 i was a public prosecutor at the District Court in Plovdiv,Bulgaria.  From november 1992 to february 1999 i was a magistrate at the same court. In the year of 2000 i have started my private career as an associate consultant at a firm - LTD Georgiev and Velchev in Sofia. Though the firm was specialized in commercial law and contracts the members had different interests/ the owner of the firm now is a Main Prosecutor another is at the Ministry of Ecology/ and i was a member of IFUW - International federation of University Women, based in Switzerland with consultative status at the UN. As their member i was actively involved in campaigns for ratifying of CEDAW, the Rome Statute for the ICC and in different activities connected with defending of human and women's rights - so i have gathered experience and deep knowledge of the system of the UN and advocacy skills for women s rights and gender  mainstreaming in projects, programmes and policies. My work experience was most in the sphere of governence amd later on in the political participation of women, gender and public policy.  Except English i know Russian and Bulgarian and i have good communication abilities and the flexibility to cope with any task.

 From january 2006 to february 2006 i have passed a course from TNU - European network in Holland on a theme Gender and Conflict Transformation that combines practice and theory with learning from the experience of people all over the world. During this course i have refreshed my skills in project design, implementation and follow-up in themes related to political participation, governance and gender in the preparation of training materials and methodologies and in the implementation of capacity building processes. My activity as a member of IFUW developed  considerable experience of undertaking evaluations on gender equality issues, deepened my specialised knowledge of gender-mainstreaming, women in development issues and institutional capacity-building. My energy is enough to cope with any situation and any task - i am easy learner and adaptive person, who combines flexibility with creative thinking

 At the same time i am a sensitive and i have thourough knowledge in gender sensitive issues. [email protected]


two diplomas in web skills



Gender and conflict transformation

European University in Holland

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