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Nationality: Tunisian      Age: 21     Date of birth: August 7, 1995     Place: Tunis.



native level speaker:

Arabic (Fluent)

Chinese(Shcool -level)

Volunteering,Self Developpement,Sports,Art,science,Yoga,Meditation,Interest in other cultures,creative and innovative thinking,leadership potential,Adaptability,Academic skills,problem solving skills,Initiative and Self motivation

Emailing,Communication,Soft skills,Facilitating Skills,Marketing ,Text editing,Script Writing Articles

Professional Experiences


Yoga instructor 

Carmen cultural and Art space 

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Yoga Alliance International Worldwide.

Goa ,India 

feb. 2016present


Empowers rural woman in developping countries

Translator with empowers rural women in developping countries we provide vital informations that helps them to change their living conditions and i translate those informations in other languages as Frensh and Arabic and i work with others volunteer from around the orld that translate those informations in many other languages as Chinese, Spanich, Italien and others.


Project Coordinator 

Euro-Mediterranean EVE organisation and association for cultural exchanges and volunteering.

coordinate the project that the organisation  is running  and ensure the implementation  of the issues treated  as gender equality, human rights ,women empowerment so it can in alignment with our main goals : empower ,introduce,,promote and develop..


organizing committee vice president Event of the AWKGY project


AWKGY :Installation of libraries within the public transport stations and media follow-up, this project aims to provide passengers with a means of cultural and constructive distraction given the long duration of the period of waiting for means of transport. It can be also a statistic test of the sense of citizenship of Tunisians




Independant volunteer work :teaching (english,art),cooking,cleaning. in schools,monasteries and orphanage .

juin 2016juil. 2016

International volunteer on teaching project

Stichting Indonesie .

Providing Free English classes are at the non-profit Learning Center as a way for underprivileged children from the region of Tabanan in the western part of Bali , Indonesia to learn English and maximize the possibility for future employment in this tourist-rich region of Bali. English is the international language, with this skill the child can communicate with their worldwide sponsors and with visitors from other countries that come to visit Bali, Indonesia. Furthermore, this will give them a step ahead in their future professional careers. Four levels of English while incorporating into the program music, drama, sport, yoga, dance, arts, craft and other activities.

nov. 2012sep.2016

Personal developpement Advisor

Working independently  "Kathmandu".

Personnel development Adviser Founded a support group for troubled teenager using theater as a therapy to boost their confidence and to help them overcome their difficulties and trouble learning how to turn anger and the negative energy into creativity and how to achieve their highest potential for about two years. I founded a support group for children with social difficulties focusing on their self development and skills with combined language curses English and french. Tutoring children with learning difficulties.


Customer experience manager at the incoming global volunteer department


An international non-governmental not-for-profit organisation that provides young people with leadership development. In the IGV department we create an opportunity for  young people from other countries to develop leadership qualities by living a cross-cultural volunteer experience  and volunteering abroad on social impact projects here in Tunisia that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. My job description require me to  make sure of the quality of their experiences by creating tracking tools that ensure a good  and effective follow up of the exchange participants and the NGO's .

juil. 2015août 2015

Apprentice Claims Manager

Frensh insurance compagny (Filliasure) 
Apprentice claims manager for a frensh insurance compagny. Making sure that insurance issues have been settled and claims have been paid out interested parties. Ensuring that the payments which were made were correct and in accordance with company regulations.


Youth pass Mobility of youth workers

Erasmus +

A seed to grow : a training course in Marrakesh Morocco giving youth workers and youth leaders the chance to develop their awareness about gender issues , so they can act as advocate of greater gender equality at their communities using non-formal learning approaches and  supporting the development of youth workers by enabling them to acquire new skills and professional experiences .


Bachelor degree in cultural and social anthropology 

The High Institute of Human Sciences of Tunis
July.2016August 2016

Yoga instructor certificate

Nepal yoga home 

200 hours level training. and proficiency in Pranayama,Meditation,Hatha Yoga Asanas,Communication Skills.

mar. 2015

Certificate in management 

Fourat centre Tunisia,Tunis, La Marsa.
sept. 2013ju.2016

baccalaureate certificate in experimental sciences

Tunis,Tunisia, La Marsa Saada Ali Douaghi
sept. 20132016

Chinese language curse

Tunis,Tunisia, La Marsa Saada Ali Douaghi
mar. 2015juil. 2015

Certificate in general computing

Fourat centre Tunisia,Tunis, La Marsa 
jan. 2000juin 2013

Frensh  language curse

Frensh intitute of Tunisia (Sfax)