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Most recently, I was provided the opportunity to be a part of the Elementary Child Study Team as the School Psychologist, a possibly temporary sick leave position. In this capacity, my responsibility was to the four elementary schools in the Ridgefield Park School District. Specific responsibilities included providing diagnostic services in the area of intelligence, personality, sensory motor,  achievement, and adaptive behavior to students with suspected exceptional educational needs, to provide alternative intervention strategies and/or assessments to students with non-exceptional educational needs, and also consult with parents of students, who have been formally evaluated, about educational interventions and/or management strategies that can be utilized at home and at school at assist the child to reach his/her full potential. Additional responsibilities included, reporting test data and observations for students who have been referred, to assist the IEP team in identifying various disabilities along with helping to determine the need for special education, and coordinate IEP team meetings by serving as a chairperson.  This responsibility also involved scheduling the meetings with the teachers, specialists and parents, facilitating the communication at the meetings, completing the mandated procedures and filing the final report. After students are determined eligible for service, responsibilities include providing direct individual and group counseling services to those students who are experiencing academic, social, emotional or behavioral adjustment problems, and then collaborate/consult with individual teachers regarding learning or behavioral concerns about these students.  In this role, duties also include assisting the teacher in establishing behavioral management programs and/or classroom modifications to accommodate the learning needs of their students and teaching parents specific strategies or techniques to assist in the successful management of their child. Furthermore, my responsibilities included serving as a consultant to our I and RS committee to provide pre-referral intervention alternatives and finally, coordinate School, Community, County, State & Federal resources and agencies to assist students with special needs.


As a Psychology Teacher at the high school level, my responsibilities include  Advanced Placement Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, and Child Development courses. I am responsible for having written and implemented the Child Development curriculum which began September 2011. Additional responsibilities include curriculum alignment in 2010-2011 re: Advanced Psychology, Intro Psychology, and Child Development. Most recently in this position, responsibilities were that of adjunct professor in the Dual Enrollment Program through Bergen Community College  for both Child Development and Introduction to Psychology.


While functioning in these roles, I also had the responsibility of Antibullying Specialist for the junior/senior high school. In this role, my responsibilities include District Trainer of new personnel regarding the Anti-bullying Bill of Rights, as well as disseminating any new information as it arises. Additionally, the ABS is Co-Chair of the School Safety Team, lead investigator of reported HIB incidents in coordination with the principal, and the primary school official responsible for preventing, identifying and addressing incidents of HIB in the school. This role also includes, assisting the principal in determining responses to be implemented that have been established by the Board of Education and to provide input to the BOE on annual re-evaluation, reassessment and review of the HIB policy, while providing recommendations for discipline or services and any programs instituted to reduce these incidents. In this light, I am the liaison for Princeton University's Roots Program, for which Teaching Tolerance Magazine has recognized as award worthy.


In conjunction with the ABS position, I currently co-coordinate our Peer Mediation group, which facilitates deliberation that helps students in conflict resolve their disputes and create their own solutions. In order to accomplish this, they use shared problem-solving within our school setting. We train and hand select via an in depth interview and recommendation process peer mediators, and they serve as neutral third parties to help participants reach an agreement that is both mutually fair and reasonable.

Work experience

Sep 20012016


Ridgefield Park Junior/Senior High School

Initially, I was hired as a Middle School English and Language Arts Teacher. I later became a Psychology Teacher, teaching Introduction Psychology, Child Development, and Advanced Placement.


Mar 2013Feb 2016

Doctorate of Philosophy

Capella University

Educational Psychology

Feb 2002Aug 2004

Master of Arts

New York University

Counseling Psychology

Sep 1994May 1998

Bachelor of Arts

Monmouth University

Fine Art and Education

Sep 2004May 2006

Professional Diploma

Montclair State University

School Psychology