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Never a dull moment where Maria Ojejimi is

Professional party animal and club promoter Maria Ojejimi knows how to turn a drab night into a fab night. Intimately acquainted with the hottest clubs around London, Maria Ojejimi actively promotes premier venues like Apt; a club with a progressive interior that attracts a sophisticated and stylish crowd. With three distinct and trendy areas available for patrons from noon until night, Apt Bar is situated in an accessible area, a short walk from Mansion House tube station in London. Another venue you may run into Maria is the Yager Bar in St Paul's, London. With fantastic specials year round, welcoming staff and a pumping sound system, it is obvious why the club promoter Maria Ojejimi affiliates herself with this haven of enjoyment in the city.

Maria Ojejimi starts off her career in customer services

Always the life of the party and with a talent for putting people at ease, Maria was bound for a career that involved dealing with people on a daily basis. Maria was interested in Integrated Business and started her studies in this line in 2000 in London. After attaining her GNVQ and IBT3 in an Integrated Business Technology course in 2004, Maria Ojejimi started her working career in the client care arena. In her first professional position, Maria Ojejimi worked for the Council in Enfield where she was part of the client care team and dealt daily with a bundle of enquiries about council tax, housing, jobs and a plethora of other areas of enquiry. Often dealing with problems and complaints in relation to areas like streets and parks, noise nuisances and illegal trading in streets, Maria Ojejimi utilised her interpersonal skills to diffuse situations and her logic and sharp mind to take the required corrective actions.

A career shift into IT

Thirsty for further challenges and increased career prospects, Maria Ojejimi accepted a position that would provide her with more of a front-line role in an entirely different field; Information Technology. Maria joined the data centre company Telecity Group in the capacity of Customer Services Advisor. At this technology company, Maria had the opportunity to meet customers in the flesh and provide her distinctive customer care skills personally. She was responsible for meeting and greeting guests to the company and also dealing with customers in relation to contracts and assisting with any queries they may have. Maria enjoyed this role immensely and stayed for a nearly three years.

Maria's personal interests

Self proclaimed super-fan of the football team Arsenal, Maria Ojejimi feels most at home when catching a football game featuring her beloved team on television or where possible at the stadium. Apart from being a huge football fan and follower of the European Champions League, Maria Ojejimi loves to watch game shows and other popular British television on those rare quiet nights in. To keep fit Maria enjoys regular games of tennis and also loves to play netball. Furthermore, Maria takes time out for some shopping to supplement her gorgeous wardrobe; this stylish lady is on trend with fashion and makes a statement wherever she goes.  

Work experience

May 2007Feb 2010

Customer Service Advisor

Telecity Group
Oct 2005Aug 2006

Customer Service Agent

Enfield Council