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Leadership Assessments

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

ENTP – Planner of change, inventive, analytical, resourceful, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, project oriented.

  • Find creative ways to improve quality, expand markets, and achieve goals
  • Skilled at troubleshooting and overcoming serious problems

DiSC Profile

Developer; High D/C Pattern – Decisive, sets high standards, results oriented, takes responsibility, enjoys solving tough problems, getting things done.

  • Energized by fast-paced, challenging environments and new opportunities

Matchpoint Profile

Artistic-Social – Change oriented. Deals with people on a personal, intimate basis.

  • Likes work situations where one can contribute to others’ welfare
  • Enjoys working in organizations that provide services to people

Extended Learning

Inbound marketing certification program (Hubspot Marketing’s Inbound Marketing University)

SEO and social networking (Direct Marketing Association)

Business management, leadership and staff development (Seminars and workshops through the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce, Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne, St. Francis College Fort Wayne)

Electronic communication for e-commerce strategies (ExactTarget E-Mail Marketing)

Creative thinking processes (Seminars and workshops through GoInnovate!, International Association of Business Communicators San Diego, and the Ad Club of Fort Wayne)

Creative Marketing (Certification workshop/coursework through the California State University, San Marcos)

Communication and New Media Seminars (International Association of Business Communicators Fort Wayne and San Diego Chapters)

The Art of Feature Writing (A Ragan Communications hands-on workshop)

Advanced Writing and Editing (A Ragan Communications hands-on workshop)

Writing for the New Business Market (Public Relations Society of America hands-on workshop)


Proprietary nature of materials prohibits public display on personal CV or website.


Employee of the Month Recognitions

Accredited Home Lenders

Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce

City of Pinellas Park

Communications Excellence

International Association of Business Communicators, Suncoast Chapter

Video Production Professional Excellence

Sony Corporation

Selected Career Accomplishments

  • Designed strategies that, on average, increased consumer inquiries by 10% within 30 days of implementation. Grew inbound traffic to more than 30% within four months.
  • Generated within 60 days a 50% increase in new inbound traffic to struggling start-up finance company, allowing business to recover and move into next phase of  business development.
  • Initiated 60% participation in bottom-up / top-down open dialogue using streaming media and alternative presentation for workplace improvement and idea sharing at public company.
  • Turned around failing leads generation and marketing campaign to bank and credit union C-suite audience for multinational, matrixed, 11th largest U.S. lender. Achieved within 14 days post-launch four potential multimillion dollar long-term contracts and six A-list prospects.
  • Co-designed successful high-level evangelism campaign for a new multi-level insurance services program struggling for recognition; sales garnered 4 major contracts within 16 weeks.
  • Recruited by venture capitalist to co-found and co-manage a Web-based publishing company dedicated to serving the midrange computing industry. Achieved sustainability by building subscriber base of approximately 10,000 in first weeks post-launch.
  • Generated 10% annual increase in fund contributions for civic organization. Increased by 15% business leader participation in and improved by 5% media coverage of annual events.
  • Grew by 10% annually civic group’s membership and increased by 15% annually financial contributions to support specialty outreach initiatives in small metro area (pop. 456,300+).
  • Developed award-winning, multi-phased education / outreach campaign for municipality (19,000 homes); surpassed initial program adoption rate of 10,000 homes by 5% in first year.

Nine Professional Recommendations

1.  “I have worked with Marianne on many projects since late 2001. Whenever I needed a creative mind and someone I could count on to meet deadlines, Marianne was there. She worked endless hours on my projects to ensure the best outcome, and I never had to worry about the quality of her work. Marianne is very detail oriented and she will make sure she understands your end goals before she engages in a project. Any organization will benefit tremendously with Marianne on their team.” December 29, 2009Joe Rutter, Director, Accredited Home Lendersworked with Marianne at Accredited Home Lenders------------------------------

2.  “Marianne is a top notch professional and all around classy lady. She is an expert communicator and a master at the written word she developed successful marketing campaigns that set our company apart from the competition, and increased revenue as a direct result of Marianne's work. In addition, Marianne is extraordinarily helpful in many other management capacities and is a true team player. She is dedicated to expand her wealth of knowledge to position and catapult any company into the future and is dedicated to providing nothing but first in class service to everyone around her. Marianne does not believe in mediocre work as she puts her heart and soul into her projects and gets results and does all this with a smile to brighten everyone's day. In addition she reliable has integrity, and will be an asset to any company that will accept nothing but first class results. Marianne is a highly respected professional and It was utmost pleasure to work with someone as professional, dedicated and personable as Marianne and I sincerely hope for another opportunity to work with her again!

Thank you Marianne you are a First Class Professional!!” December 16, 2009Anna Cuevas, Account Executive, Accredited Home Lendersworked with Marianne at Accredited Home Lenders------------------------------

3.  “Working with Marianne was refreshing! Marianne always had a smile and genuine interest when we exchanged greetings such as “good morning, how are you”. That same enthusiasm and charismatic efficiency was evident in her productivity. Marianne’s creativity often pushed the limits of the resources available to her – certainly not one to just watch the world go by. Marianne clearly wanted to produce the best possible results, regardless of schedule constraints. It has been great working with you Marianne!” July 9, 2009Toby Anderson, Systems Engineer, Accredited Home Lendersworked with Marianne at Accredited Home Lenders------------------------------

4.  “In April, 2004, we decided to create a program for our brokers (our business customers) called Use Your Noodle. Basically, I would deliver these presentations, but the preparation was the real key to its success. This came from Marianne Barrett in our marketing department, who really took the lead role on this project. I really look at Marianne for two roles which she happens to be very good at:

(1.) Marianne is highly creative. She created a life sized billboard [of Jim Nudelman] to attract attention at the event. She made extremely creative fliers designed to get maximum attendance. She contacted every broker in a market where we were going to put these functions together. She made a Use Your Noodle Top 10 Tips sheet.

(2.) Marianne is extremely detail oriented. She is like the clown juggling many balls in the air at the same time. Her efforts led to 170 brokers attending the function in Phoenix and 105 in Denver...our goal was 70 at each [event]. The attendance led to an increase in business and more revenue and profit for the company.

Marianne is a brainstormer of great ideas. I would recommend Marianne to any company looking to enhance its marketing efforts. Her creative ideas, draws attention, leading to phone calls, leading to increased revenues.” October 5, 2007Jim Nudelman, National Sales Training Manager, Accredited Home Lendersworked with Marianne indirectly at Accredited Home Lenders


5.  "I'm really impressed with the editing you and your staff did [to my MNE ColdFusion article (May 2001)] to make the finished product better than the original. It has a nice 'feel' to it." May 25, 2001Eric W. Bowers, Malecki Music, Inc. Midrange Computing technical writer------------------------------

6.    "I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Marianne Barrett, who served as Communications Manager at the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce for approximately four years.Marianne is a committed, highly competent, focused individual who always works until the job is completed. She is definitely not a clock watcher, and uses her job description as a guideline rather than as an absolute entity. In other words, she is committed to whatever tasks need to be completed in and out of her job description.She is very creative and intuitive. Her ability to design and create printed media, organize copy, proof copy, layout copy is excellent. Her position at the Chamber required her to work with five vice presidents of divisions and their staff, the CEO/President of the Chamber as well as two directors. She did so with distinction, and was well respected and liked by everyone.Her responsibilities also required her to work with local businesses, handle all publications for the Chamber, direct Internet matters and chair various committees that had business representatives as well as community volunteers as members.She handled grand openings for a variety of businesses in the city and the region, creating press releases for those companies, designing ad copies, etc. She had sole responsibility for the publication of the Emphasis magazine, the major publication of the Chamber, as well as all departmental brochures and other marketing pieces.She was able to handle extremely large volumes of work in an accurate and timely manner. She was very pleasant and easy to work with, always willing to encourage and assist her fellow workers.Any company that is fortunate enough to have her as an employee will be a lucky company. She is the consummate employee and manager." November 1997Bettye J Poignard, Vice President - Workforce Development DivisionGreater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce


7.  "Just a little note to commend you on the 'new' look of the Emphasis. The [redesign] changes were definite improvements. Keep up the good work!" May 31, 1996Penny Lyn Buck, Director of Sales, Sumner Suites Member, Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce


8.  "I am writing on behalf of Marianne Barrett, who was employed by the City of Pinellas Park on July 30, 1990 as a temporary employee to assist with the promotion of the city's new recycling program.Her temporary employment extended into a permanent part-time position, assisting all city departments, upon request, with any and all types of publications and artwork. This included design, verbiage (copy writing), photography, layout, pricing and supervision of printing of the final product. These products have included the city newsletter, the annual city calendar, designs for the annual financial report (the annual budget), recycling brochures, as well as the print advertising for the city's annual Country in the Park celebration (she designed the logo, which has been used over the last three years), and various other documents.Marianne is self-motivated and manages her hours wisely. She completes projects within the necessary time frame. She deals with people in a professional and cheerful manner.She has been an asset to the City of Pinellas Park, and we are sorry that her husband's job relocation is making it necessary for her to leave our employment. We would recommend her to any prospective employer, and we would be very happy to re-employ her if the opportunity should present itself."  April 22, 1993Ronald P Forbes, City Manager, City of Pinellas Park------------------------------9.    "I congratulate you on the fine job you have done in producing an outstandingly attractive and informative newsletter for our citizens. The graphics, layout and content are excellent. The library staff, Tom and I really appreciate the chance to be included in this fine effort. Marianne, you should be proud. Thanks again; you help make our city look even better." August 13, 1992Barbara Ponce, Library Director, City of Pinellas Park

Expertise, Keywords

Writing, Editing, Proofreading

Style Guides

White Papers, Newsletters, Marketing Collateral Materials

Fundraising and Cause Marketing

Social Media 

e-Marketing (Inbound Marketing)

Community Affairs and Representation

Change and Crisis Management

Mergers and Acquisitions Communications

Office Management

Internal and Employee Communications

Employee Engagement

Corporate and External Communications

Executive and Marketing Presentations

Web / Intranet Content Development for Search / SEO

Advertising and Media Buys

Vendor Relationship Management

On-camera Public Spokesperson

Creative / Graphic Design and Direction

C-Suite Interaction

Continuous Improvement Methodology

Knowledge Management

Communications and Marketing Plans

Business Case Studies and Reviews

Professional Presentation Narration

HTML, Microsoft, Adobe


A Consummate Professional

Persuasive communicator

Intuitive, creative marketer and brand manager with eye for detail

Astute public relations manager

Accountable, collaborative and passionate team mentor

Moves deliverables across the finish line on time, on target, within budget

Communication and Marketing Platforms

Publications, Communication and Marketing Materials, including Brochures, Case Studies, Newsletters, Advertising, Press Released, PSAs, Mass Mail / Direct Mail Marketing, Annual Reports, Analytics and Reports

Scriptwriting and Speechwriting



Exhibition Management

Trade Shows and Expos

Presentations, PowerPoint, Videos and Podcasts for Executive, Corporate and Community Outreach

Wikis and Blogs

All Employee / All Hands Meetings

Value Added

Highly accomplished, awarding-winning professional with more than 15 years experience in marketing communications, creative services, and public relations, which includes lead roles in U.S. and Canada managed markets with responsibilities for development and approval of more than 70 product and service promotional programs.

Focus on quality, time management, cross-functional teamwork, attention to detail, and advanced grammatical and proofreading skills are just a few strengths I bring to a position with a success-oriented company.

Value Proposition

Intuitive, accomplished, analytical communications lead – extensive experience in effective communications planning and execution within established and matrixed environments.

Accountable project manager, cause champion, solutioneer – strategic thinker with knack for solving thorny problems.

Influential, enthusiastic, confident motivator – loves leading teams to innovate, create great work.

Skilled researcher, knowledge manager, communicator – the go-to source for reliable, accurate information.

Meritorious decision-maker, hands-on professional – knows how to get things done.

Respected adviser, true team player – easily understands cultural differences; interfaces with diverse companies and people; communicates with, liaises at all levels, front line to CEO to Boards.

Work experience

January 2008 to Present

Marianne Barrett Communications, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, CaliforniaDirector/Consultant specializing in communication, marketing, public relations, and knowledge management for small business, nonprofits, foundations, and public projects throughout Southern California. Partial client list:

  • Humanability Communications
  • The Yolo Foundation (under development)
  • IABC San Diego and Orange County Chapters
  • Drucker Society of Orange County
  • Water4Life
  • EHM Real Estate
  • My Prestamo
  • Allred Dental
  • Accessories 2000
  • Children's Sanctuary Inc.

September 2001 to September 2007

Accredited Home Lenders, Inc., San Diego CAVenture-backed private non-prime mortgage lender turned publicly traded financial institution; 11th largest in the U.S. with matrixed operations in three countriesManager - Marketing Communications and Creative Services

  • Primary, senior manager of creative services and marketing communications group (an internal agency) and associated processes and project workflows within a matrixed environment, managing internal team and external agencies, vendors and aggressive project timelines and multiple priorities for the development of marketing materials for sales meetings and programs, field sales, executive presentations.
  • Primary liaison between marketing, communications and legal, ensuring accuracy and consistency of marketing and communication content and brand standards.
  • Managed marketing budgets and communication process development for multinational business.
  • Produced executive programs, after hour and special events, videos and stage presentations.
  • Provided copy writing, editing, proofreading, design, design augmentation and creative direction of materials and content on communication and marketing programs.
  • Trusted counsel and advisor to C-suite on sensitive communication matters and on-camera etiquette.
  • Collaborative communicator and marketer during major business transitions, including move from privately held to public company and business downturn during industry turmoil.
  • Direct report to marketing director with dotted line reporting to president and CEO.
  • Promoted to manage and oversee creative services along with communications in 2003.

August 2001 to December 2002

IT Jungle (Midrange Server), New York NYPublisher of online technical journals and newsletters serving the midrange (OS/400) computing industrySenior Managing Editor - Technology and Web Content

  • Recruited to co-found, co-direct venture-backed startup.
  • Collaborative founder, web content management, advertising and creative direction.
  • Web content management, technical writing and editing requiring knowledge of OS/400 Control Language and adherence to in-house, Chicago, and AP style guides.
  • Collaborated on internal editing style guide development and refinement.

June 2000 to July 2001

Midrange Computing, Carlsbad CAPublisher of online and printed technical journals and newsletters serving the midrange (OS/400) computing industryManaging Technical Editor - Technology and Web Content

  • Web content management, technical writing and editing requiring knowledge of OS/400 Control Language and adherence to in-house, Chicago, and AP style guides.
  • Collaborated on internal editing style guide development and refinement.

September 1993 to December 1997Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce, Fort Wayne INMembership-supported civic association promoting regional business creation and expansion, workforce development and matrixed education initiativesManager - Marketing and Membership Communications, Creative Services

  • Primary manager for procurement, retention, administration and outreach to public and private businesses in multiple business sectors.
  • Managed internal and external public affairs, marketing, media relations and member communications, including associated budgets.
  • Co-produced special programs, after-hours and special events.
  • Collaborated with state governors, city mayors and leading educators on development of executive white paper series designed to further enhance awareness of chamber and its programs and services to its far-flung community.
  • Direct report to membership VP and Chamber CEO, with dotted line to division VPs.

July 1990 to April 1993City of Pinellas Park, City Manager’s Office, Pinellas Park FLGovernment agency supporting and promoting local business, civic, and residential interests and initiativesSpecialist - Communications, Marketing, and Community Affairs

  • Managed internal and external communications, publications, events, and outreach programs. Direct report to city manager with dotted line reporting to city council.
  • Developed award-winning comprehensive consumer outreach and education strategy for curbside recycling program, including marketing collateral materials and trade show booth; resulted in exceeding community outreach and participation goals.


Bachelor of Arts

University of South Florida

Additional studies at:

Florida State University, Tallahassee FL

Mercer County Community College, West Windsor NJ

Areas of Study: Advertising/Visual Communication; Photography


California State University, Northridge

Areas of study: Knowledge Management

Capstone emphasis: Social Media's Impact on Stakeholder and Employee Engagement

  • How companies are using social media internally to encourage fierce conversations that lead to effective collaboration, knowledge creation and retention, innovation, and a healthier, more effective workforce. 

A masters in knowledge management is the global economy's alternative to a traditional MBA.

The 21st century degree for innovative managers and leaders. Knowledge management is about creating value by building and leveraging what your organization knows. It is the process through which an organization maximizes value from its intellectual capital and knowledge-based assets--people, processes and technologies.