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By my nature I am a creative generalist that has a passion for learning new things and solving difficult problems. I have a strong interest to accept the variety of unknowns an issue may present, analyze it and express the details of the issue, needs, challenges and then creating effective solutions. Because of my budget and policy background I try to create solutions with a limited budget in mind at all times. With my background working with nonprofits I have often been placed into a position which required learning a needed skill to accomplish and important goal, consequently I became a producer rather then just 'discussing' what needed to be completed. The downside of being a generalist is reflected in trying to communicate to others who I am professionally. It becomes a challenge to answer accurately the questions, "What do you do? What do you want to do?" I believe a better question that suits me is, "What do you want done." An interest of mine is to solve problems that need solutions instead of just talking about what needs done. 


I enjoy serving others and helping them find their strengths to turn their visions and goals into reality. I thrive off working with teams and building people. I am totally committed to focusing on a positive, supportive team building environment. I believe it is crucial to allow others to excel in their strength areas and to collaborate, supplement eachothers weaknesses.



Problem Solving

Change Management

Strategic Planning


Public Speaking





Supporting Documents


Strategic Thinking
Input - I have the desire and craving to know more, I like to collect and archive all kinds of information. I derive pleasure from conversations that force me to ponder matters that exist only in the realm of though, not in reality. I characteristically read books, periodicals, documents, correspondence and internet sites. I am mentally stimulated by though-provoking ideas, information, data, predictions, insights, characters or plots. I enjoy reading as long as I can savor each sentence and consider each idea. My goal is to comprehend everything I read. By nature I am an avid reader. Collecting information, insights and facts is my forte and strong point. 
Relationship Building
Adaptability - I prefer to "go with the flow." I tend to be a "now" person who takes things as they come and discover the future with a realization that it can change quickly. I am aware of life's fleeting nature, and I work to discover something admirable in common objects, ordinary people and everyday experiences.
I lead by influencing to help the team reach a much broader audience. I sell the teams ideas inside and outside the organization. I have the ability to take charge, speak up and make sure the group is heard.
Responsibility- I take psychological ownership of what I saw and do; I am committed to stable values such as honestly and loyalty. Arranger- I can organize but have flexibility to complement this talent. I enjoy putting all the pieces together and working to arrange resources for maximum productivity. Restorative - I am talented in adapted to dealing with problems, I am confident in my ability to figure out what is wrong and resolve it. 

Work experience

May 2012Present

Project Manager


Project Manager for two annual symposiums, student internships, annual board reception, marketing, membership expansion, and monthly board meetings. Created a platform that was used for the Associations marketing activities. Responsibilities included organization, university, corporation and government integration, social media and leading a coordinated team.

  • Developed a social media platform to help market and grow outreach across a geographically dispersed member database
  • Coordinated a unified team of 25 Board Members to address the many required components needed for a successful association
  • Communicated our mission and goals to potential sponsors and was able to receive required financial funding for AABPA events
  • Created a marketing platform and standard operating procedure handbook used daily within AABPA
Aug 2012May 2013

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering, West Virginia University

Under the Supervision of Dr. Robin Hensel, Dean for Freshman Engineering Experience instructed Engineering 199: Orientation to Engineering, online portion, My Student Success Lab. Developed weekly webinar lessons, instructions and tests to 1200+ students

  • Provided 1000+ students with study tools, time management & organization strategies, & discipline skills needed to become a successful Engineering student – Introduced basic engineering requirements, expectations of both the program & the professional field
  • Served as an Academic advisor to 50+ students – Guided 48+ high risk students to increase retention rates with academic success
Dec 2009Dec 2012

Manager (Certified Tax Preparer

Liberty Tax Service

Lead Manager for Five Liberty Tax Service locations. Worked directly with the Franchise owner to create business marketing strategy, job descriptions and daily oversight. Team lead for weekly conference calls, update trainings and yearly tax accreditations through the IRS.

  • Directly responsible for recruiting and introducing new staff to the policy and procedure of Liberty Tax Service
  • Achieved top 25 status among 4000 Liberty Tax Services in first three years
  • Combined ability to work as an individual while incorporating a team agenda with the staff
  • Managed a team of 20+, five different locations, on preparation of confidential tax returns, IRS communication, policy & procedures
Dec 2011May 2012

Graduate Researcher (Network Analysis)

Public Administration Department, West Virginia University

Graduate Research Assistant under the supervision of Dr. Adam Henry, Assistant Professor, Division of Public Administration, WVU. Supervised and coordinated fellow research students under the National Science Foundation Grant. Collected, recoded and analyzed over 3,000 data points. Controlled the flow of information, protected the interest, information and progress of the research and the participants.

  • Principal staff officer and primary manager over designated activities for the research tasks
  • Collected, organized, input, recoded, and analyzed data in STATA and SPSS
  • Acted as lead communicator within the network analysis project including weekly updates to senior staff
  • Developed advanced survey’s, specifically incorporating my quantitative and empirical research skills 
Aug 2011Dec 2011

Graduate Program Manager

Center for Civic Engagement, West Virginia University

  • Communicated daily with 200 non-profit agencies
  • Developed 2,000 WVU students volunteer profiles
  • Verified over 20,000 volunteer hours
  • Analyzed daily reports, percentages, and a running log of the program’s success
Feb 2010Oct 2010

Customer Service Representative (Vault Teller)

Huntington National Bank
  • Assisted customers with financial questions and transactions
  • Managed large deposits and vault transactions weekly
  • Met daily sales and referral goals
  • Trained new employees on policy and procedures
Aug 2006Oct 2010

Owner - Ms Mariana's House

State of West Virginia - DHHR - Childcare Resource Center

  • Developed and followed state regulated daily curriculum
  • Educated and supervised 12 children
  • Promoted to lead teacher September 2008
  • Organized in-home private childcare January 2009- Ms. Mariana’s House
  • CPR/First Aid Certified, 3 years


Aug 2011May 2013

Master of Public Administration and Healthcare Administration

West Virginia University

Relevant Coursework Grant and Proposal Writing & Management: reviewed state & federal application forms including SF424; developed & presented a funding proposal to preserve the historical works  in West Virginia of architect Andrew C. Lyons and artist/photographer Raymond Stoker Focus: Legal/Political Foundations, Public Financial Budgeting and Program Analysis, Applied Research Methods & Human Systems Specialty in: Healthcare Organization Operation, Law & Ethics, Human Resources, Planning & Marketing, and Finance Management 

Aug 2006May 2011

Bachelor of Science

West Virginia University

Areas of Emphasis Business Communications, Early Childhood Development & Family Studies, History

Achieved Presidential and Dean’s Academic List and received Presidential Community Service Award 500+ total hours


Aug 2006Present

President's Volunteer Service Award

Corporation for National and Community Service
Jan 20122012

Certificate of Appreciation



Michael Shoukry

Dr. Maja Holmes

Dr. Karen Kunz

Ron Nixon

Meghan Martz

Jon Stehle