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My Latest and Most recent project is Running and tending to

In addition to my own website

both websites created and monitored by myself.

+Increased organic traffic to by 50+% by coordinating photoshoots & interviews with Instagram icons (Influencers) via cross channel promotion and creating unique content with them.

+Coordinated Product Placements with artists to boost organic traffic and social followings for 9five. (Unique Content Creation)

+Created Ads &  banners using Photoshop & Canva for viral posts for social media pages with insane engagement.

+Created and optimized Facebook direct response campaigns and blog link clicks campaigns for high CTR (10+%) with low CPC (2-5 cents) using retargeting and lookalike audiences.

+Used FB Power Editor to create quality engagement posts, increase page likes, and drive high converting users (retargeted) to landing page.

+Leveraged paid traffic from native traffic for arbitrage and generated revenue from publisher networks. Example: OkCeleb

+Used Brax to build Ad variations by the hundreds to find the bread winner. (A|B testing)

Work experience

Notary Public/LegaL Secretary

rudolph baker & associates
march 2017current
  • Answering switchlines, taking payments, and booking appointments
  • Created website for Criminal side of the Law Firm.
  • Run Ads through facebook and monitor SEO Criminal Law Website
  • Help with immigration cases, as well as criminal cases.
  • Does in office and Mobile Notarizations per request.

Social Media content management /key holder

June 20162017
  • Directed Photo shoots/video interviews/product placements for unique content for the company's blog and social postings.
  • Unique content I coordinated increased organic traffic & social channel reach.
  • Personally styled the shoots by acquiring outfits from different vendors to create a unique visual to represent our company's vision.
  • Manager to the main retail store.
  • Prepared, coordinate, and shipped out bulk orders for big vendors.

Creative Director

May 2015march 2017
  • Coordinated Photo shoots, artist interviews, product placements on influencers and used it for unique content for the website to increase organic traffic.
  • I personally styled and chose the aesthetics for the product shoots on influencers (models).
  • My projects became center content pieces for our blog and pixeled all the users to retarget them with Facebook.
  • My unique content blog posts increased organic traffic by 50%.
  • Chose the perfect Influencer to represent and build our brand vision.
  • Acquired many models with millions of Instagram followers for product placement and kept in close touch for future projects.

Paid Intern for Ad Trafficking

Solutions Wide
Aug 2015Dec 2015
    • Optimized Outbrain, Revcontent, Content.AD campaigns with proper CPC floor bids.
    • Analyzed trends in budget spends and CTR to scale up the campaign with spendings,
    • Using Brax to create 50-100 ad variations with unique headlines and images.
    • Revamped ad images with Canva & Photoshop to achieve high ctr (which I was known for)
    • Outbrain/Revcontent, I usually got 1-2% CTR on my ads. Mobile had 2 cents cpc : Desktop had 4 cents cpc. (Very optimal)
    • I created FB ads and optimized them for clicks to website campaigns. (oCPM route)
    • (10-20% CTR: Mobile 1-2 cents cpc, Desktop 3-4cents CPC) *USA Only
    • Search and Destroy: Find winning campaign : Dump Ad Spend : Scale : 200+ROI : Rinse and Repeat

Social Media Coordinator/PR

Novum Collection Co.
Oct 2014Jun 2015
    • Handled logistics on shipping and ordering for products.
    • Engaged with our social followers by scheduling unique recurring posts through Facebook and Instagram.
    • Grew our social followers by 50% 
    • Used 3rd Party Tool, Instagress, to grow our social base and engagement indirectly in super sonic speed. (its like paid advertising, but now its frowned upon)
    • Increase brand awareness by doing collaborative modeling with another competitive company, Last Kings Co. (Guerrilla marketing at its best)
    • Featured as a model myself.
    • I still had to coordinate the two teams together which included creative director, photographers, marketing team, and celebrity reps.

Portfolio for PR & Ad Trafficking

ACHIEVEMENTS IN Creative Directing

  •  Increased organic traffic by 60+% by coordinating photo shoots/interviews with influential figures on Instagram (million + followers)

  • Coordinated product placements & interviews for unique blog content to boost organic traffic and social followings for 9five.

  • Directed product shoots with Emily Sears & Tianna Gregory.
  • Featured in Several Digital Magazines for Styling/Directing shoots such as; Toksick Magazine, Nakid Magazine, Married to the Mob, and The Snobette.

  • Conducted interviews with Kali Uchis, Joey Bada$$.

  • These were pushed on instagram & FB, and we actually saw increase in organic traffic after the content was posted on our website for 9Five.

achievements in Inbound Marketing

  • Created & optimized Facebook & Native campaigns for high CTR, 10+% w/ low CPC, 2-5 cents
  • Leveraged FB Power Editor to create viral engagement posts to increase page likes/reach,
  • Created custom audiences with FB pixel by category or url level for retargeting
  • Used the secret sauce to collect engaging/ converting FB custom audience using a non traditional re-targeting approach. (Funnel Marketing)
  • Leveraged Photoshop & Canva for viral post creatives for insane engagement.
  • Used Brax to build 100+ Ad variations by the hundreds to find the bread winner. (A|B testing)

Find winning campaigns : Dump Ad Spend : Scale : 200%+ROI : Rinse and Repeat!

Tactical Skillsets

My arsenal of growth hacking weapons that the NSA has been tracking me for.


Certified Notary Public/SIGNING AGENT

National notary association