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Mariana A Carrera M

Bachelor's Degree in Public Accounting


A Professional a solid background in Finance, knowledges in the field of commercial comptrollership andcredit and collection. Focused on continuous improvement, productivity and efficiency.

Academic training


Bachelor's Degree in Public Accounting

University Bicentenaria de Aragua



Accounting Higher University Technician

Antonio Ricaurte University Institute of Technology

Professional experience

Septiembre 2017Mayo 2018

Credit and Collection Leader

C.A. Ron Santa Teresa

- Supervise, control and plan everything related to the work of the Credit and Collection area according to the policies, rules and procedures, guaranteeing the strategies of the company.
- To direct to its personnel, to project and to control the activities required in the accomplishment of the objectives of the department, in function of the objective of the company.
- Manage and direct actions aimed at raising the level of efficiency of collection planning and the necessary mechanisms to stimulate it, to ensure compliance with the commitments of the organization.

Enero 2016Agosto 2017

Credit and Collection Coordinator

C.A. Ron Santa Teresa

- Coordinate, analyze and control the activities inherent of Credit and Collection, guaranteeing compliance with the policies, rules and procedures that the organization has developed for this purpose, custody of the area and the information that affects the making of Decisions of the Area of Credit and Collection, it is accounts receivable the principal asset of CA Ron Santa Teresa and its subsidiaries.
- Build, prepare, process and analyze information related to the area of credit and collection for the decision-making of the Management.
- Manage personnel, plan and control the performance and achievement of team, communicate and report a the goals related departments.
- Mainly carries out the closing of the final operationsof the Area of Credit and Collection
- Optimize altogether the sales team the timely recovery of accounts receivable, strengthen compliance with the credit area policies and procedures and charge for the Central Region and the Capital Region. Where it is developed in the most important main markets of the customer master.
- Construction of management indicators for the communication of information relevant to the area of credit and collection (collection effectiveness, seniority of accounts, status of checks returned to collect and points of interest for decision making).

Octubre 2014Diciembre 2015

Credit and Collection Consultant

C.A. Ron Santa Teresa

National Management

-Management of collection of Commercial Allies (Distributors) at National level.
-Leader in the impulse to recover the income before its expiration.
-Implantation of policies and norms of credit and collection in credit management and collection of the Commercial Allies. (Dealers).

International Management.

-Development of collection management, accounts receivable export.
-Implantation of policies and norms of credit and collection in export management.
-Management of Implantation the CONCUR APP for the review and control of the external expenditure relations, implementation of controls and the new policies-procedures of the Expenditures.
-Management of indicators and reports, daily, weekly and monthly results. Follow-up of credit management and international collection.

Julio 2012Septiembre 2014

Credit and Collection Analyst

C.A. Ron Santa Teresa

Credit and collection analyst, with direct management of payment tracking and sales of orders to direct customers and Allied Distributors nationwide.

The main activities:

-Custody of the receivables of the Allied Distributors at national level and Centralization of direct collection and Safeguarding the support of documents to the collection. (Invoices, credit and debit notes and returned checks).
- Guarantee the fulfillment of the processes and registration of the collection, according to the general accounting and internal policies.
-Control the compliance with the credit and collection policies of the company.
-Coordination of payment schedules of customers from 7 to 30 days of credit, managing to maintain sales areas to 7 days due.
- Monitoring and control in deviations of payment.
-Conciliar bank accounts, transaction log inherent of the area of credit and collection.
-Review in detail all the collection of the company verifying that it is properly supported.
-Control the financial discounts.

Marzo 2011Julio 2012

Credit and Collection Intern University

C.A. Ron Santa Teresa

Special work of Pasantias based on the classification and organization of the physical file of the department for the management and internal control of the custody of the documents to the collection and related.

The main objective is to provide the location of the documents in the various activities: Commercial audits, internal or external, and daily routine of location of records.

General Activities:
- File control,
- Posting of credit notes and receipt of documents to the collection.
- Sending documents to the collection by force of sale.
- Management of documentation in high volumes.
- Relationship and understanding of credit information.
- Attention and Support in the search and identification of information in external and internal audits.

Courses / Certifications / Updates



TYP Training synchronization

Website synchronization of products and price lists for suppliers.



Microsoft Office Excel

Advanced - Intermediate



Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Marzo 2017Junio 2017



Degree thesis



NIC - International Accounting Standards


Entrepreneurs 2.0


Julio 2016Agosto 2016



Leaders Inspiring Lives (Discovering / Breaking Barriers)

Volunteer experience

Mayo de 2012 Noviembre 2017

Fundación Santa Teresa

C.A. Ron Santa Teresa

Participation as a volunteer in logistics and logistics initiatives of the event: Rugby Championship Seven and Carrera 13K "The career that transforms"