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  • C#, .NET 2.0-4.5
  • Xaml, WPF
  • Html, CSS, JS
  • SQL


  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Online (for software life cycle management)
  • Xamarin
  • Photoshop Suite
  • Balsamiq Mockups
  • git & TFS


  • Microsoft Certification #1
  • Microsoft Certification #2


May 2012May 2014

M.A. in Theology

Holy Apostles College and Seminary
Aug 2009May 2012

B.S Biology

Angelo State University

Professional Experience

March 2015Present

Lead UI/UX Developer


(March 2015– Present) Lead UI/UX Developer

Core Responsibilities:

  • Interviewed users  to gather business requirements for the purposes of informing a design process 
  • Composed documentation for the design layout and user's experience
  • created wireframes to illustrate layout and flow of the application using Balsamiq 
  • Helped develop use cases and recorded them in Visual Studio Online to aide in maintaining a software development life-cycle .
  • Worked with back-end developers to make sure UIs are communicating effectively with the back-end structure
  • Used appropriate language to code the frontend for each application (winforms, xaml, axml, etc)


Cal 4.0

Team Size: 6

Cal 4.0 was developed on Windows Compact Framework 3.5 with an MVVM architecture. .It runs on 3 specific industrial devices (Archer 1, Archer 2, and LDARtool's Spanbox) so I had to ensure the views were dynamic and flexible

Core Responsibilities:

  • Used Winforms, 3rd party Resco Controls, and C# to code the entire frontend



Team Size: 7

Freedom was developed in Xamarin, using C# for the backend and Xamarin.Forms (xaml based) for the frontend. It was required to run on android and UWP, which meant customization for phone and tablet/desktop views. The app followed a MVVM architecture and relied on dependency injection to create views and viewmodels

Core Responsibilities:

  • Used Xamarin to create a cross-platform app. 
  • Used Xamarin.Forms in conjunction with native code per device to develop the entire front end



Team Size: 16

Chateau is a desktop WPF application designed to be a comprehensive database for components that require action by regulations in the Leak Repair and Detection (LDAR) industry.  It uses an MVVM architecture and constructor dependency injection to communicate through the different plugins. 

Core Responsibilities:

  • Explained business knowledge to remote developers so they can could code backend; developed documentation and project milestones for the application's development
  • Used Telerik controls and customized them to fit our UX needs

Website Maintenance

Team Size: 1

I inherited a portion of the website to maintain. The website was originally developed in VB with a front end in ASP.NET. When bugs arose in the existing code, I debugged, fixed, and republished the website. I also used html, css, and javascript to make the website more usuable.


Nov 2013Jan 2015

Software Engineer

OpenLink Financial

(November 2013 – September 2014) Technical Conusultant Intern

(September 2014 – Present) Technical Consultant


Olf Automated GUI Testing Software

Team Size: 2

The Automated GUI Testing Software is WPF application which utilizes an MVVM architecture along with a combination of several third party libraries and some custom dlls which work together to automate our GUI testing with both Endur and our Winform/WPF applications.  It uses SpecFlow, TestStack.White, NUnit, and proprietary dlls to simulate mouseclicks, keyboard strokes, find bitmap images on the screen, and other common actions performed by QA testers.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Designed the layout and style for the application
  • Developed the entire front end of the solution
  • Created application behaviors to enhance user experience


Olf License Tool

Team Size: 3

The License Tool is a WPF application which utilizes an MVVM architecture to create and store license keys for OLF solutions.  The repository of license keys is maintained by project managers and allows the sales team to know when clients are due for an upgrade. 

Core Responsibilities:

  • Designed the screens in XAML
  • Developed the entire front end of the solution
  • Created a metro theme for the application


Formula Editor

Team Size: 3

The Formula Editor is a custom solution built for one of our clients.  It allows a user to create formulas based on variables and data within our Endur system.  I worked with the front-end XAML code on client enhancements when the scope was extended in order to accommodate new business requirements. I increased usability and created a more intuitive design for users by ergonomically reorganizing the screen

Core Responsibilities:

  • Designed the screens in XAML
  • Analyzed screens for design and layout enhancements
  • Made style and layout enhancements to already existing front end code

User Interface Design Portfolio