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Work experience

Jul 2014Present


Only me

- I learned how to prepare food for the kids

- I learned how to manage the kids homework and my homework at the same time

- I learned how to take care of two kids by my own

- I learned how to behave with kids

- I learned how play a song for both of the little kids so they could fall sleep



- I speak English, Arabic and Chaldean. - I'm looking forward to learn a fourth language. - Learning three languages helps me communicate and help people around me , who may speak one language only.
- I took two years of beginning dance class. - Dancing helps me expose my feelings. - Dancing gives me the power to do what I love. - Dancing makes me communicate with people visually.

Dancing in the dark

Dancing is my favorite habit especially when theres no body around thats watching me.


Wisam bestfriend

He said "Your the best dancer."