My goals are to go to a community college for two years to take general education then transfer to San Diego State University for 2 years because it is close to my family. In that time period I want to major in either chemistry or biology. I am want to become an ophthalmologist because it's a perfect combination of surgery and clinical work. The eye also is extremely interesting to me. Hopefully these goals become a realistic future.


Sep 2014 - Jun 2015

Valhalla High School

Grade Point Average: 3.0  

 Class Rank:  231 of 474

12th Grade:           AP Literature
                                   AP Government


                                   Photo 1

                                   Pre Calculus

11th Grade:           AP Language and Composition

                                  AP U.S. History


                                  Spanish 3/4 (1 Semester)

                                  Spanish 3/4 Aid (1 Semester)

                                  Algebra II

                                  Physical Education

10th Grade:          AP Psychology

                                  Honors Chemistry

                                  Honors English

                                  Honors Geometry

                                  World History

                                  Band (1 Semester)

                                  Spanish 3/4

9th Grade:             Honors Algebra I

                                  Honors Biology



                                  Spanish 1/2 

                                  Physical Education



Extra curriculars

  • Basketball 2 years (Varsity)
  • Work assistant for my father (Running errands, making appointments, cleaning)- 2 hours after school for the one year
  • Red Cross Club one year
  • Marching Band one year

Contact me:

Interests and Community Service

  • Soup Kitchen ( 5 times)
  • Beach Cleanup (2 times)
  • Bible study since I was in fourth grade at Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • Traveling around Europe, the Middle East,  and America