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Work experience

Feb 2011Present

Editor of main School Website

Wylie East Website Production Crew

In this class, I try to link in important information to place down on the new web page, with school fusion.


Nov 2010Present

Current Student

Wylie East High School


Enhancing and Editing new Website
During the past few months, I have learned to use the new program to enhance our new school website. i have manage to get everything into my head so I can be able to help the teacher out in any assingment she may need my help in.

Rights and Responsibilities

My responsibilities on the new school website is to insert new information and news. My first task was to insert the side tabs, which lead to certain areas in the new website. I then had to insert the teachers into the correct department that they should be in, as well as all the office staff and the athletics department.

Wylie East Production

Being in the Wylie East website production crew has really helped me grow in knowledge of how to administer a website. I have learned how to use it very well, and the most important is that I love working in this class.


My goal for next year is to continue on with webmastering, and be able to manage everything on this class. Mainly I would love to graduate, and afterwards enroll in a department to learn more about webs, and succesfully know everything to get a good enough job.

because I really enjoyed working in this class, and I much more liked the teacher that I had to work along with as well, because she would always help me out on anything that I got stuck on. She was really essential to me in learning all this new things.


My Best Trait