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Audio-Visual Manipulation
the God of all the Arts,
the almighty manager of the human mind,
or simply - Film - is my general occupation. Creative writing is an important part of the film production process and an important way for me to satisfy my artistic and propaganda needs.

              Link to my short fiction films showreel :     

Work History


Janu 2012Present

For the past 7 years I have produced, directed and edited many forms of video products:– documentary short and feature films, short fiction films, music videos, product commercials, TV show, event videos (film and theater festivals, cultural events, sport events, music concerts, performance art events), video collages that accompany a performance (musical, dance, experimental).

Creative Writer:
Writing is an essential part of the film making business and recently I have began to practice creative writing for blogs and web sites, also creating my personal web, where you can view samples of my work 

A generous experience in translating documentary and fiction films, documents and various texts in Bulgarian, English and Italian 

Astanik Ltd

Jan 20122017

Filmmaker / Journalist

  Astanik LTD  is a film production company for short and long non feature films based in Sofia , Bulgaria. It also broadcasts a weekly TV show throughout the country for over 40 different televisions.
Astanik designs the video profiles for well- known global companies like Bayer, BASF, Pioneer, Du Pont,  Syngenta, etc for their Bulgarian market

My activities included filming, video editing, interviewing, writing, maintaining the official web site and news information/

Spazio Nour -

Feb 2015Jul 2015

Cinematographer , Video Editor

Spazio Nour is a contemporary art studio - Performance Arts / Museum / Art Gallery based in Milan, Italy. It hosts contemporary performance artists that create social experiments  concerning global human issues.
 I intervened as a cinematographer, documenting  the events and visits of various artists from around the globe as well as composing videos that would take part in performances.


May 2016September 2016

Production Manager

CinemaDaMare is traveling film festival / campus for filmmakers
For two and a half months, the festival travels through Italy, changing location every week, during which the filmmakers write, produce, film, edit and present their short film projects.

My occupation in the edition of 2016 was to keep track of the production , assist it and maintain the general peace of the filmmaker multi racial, multi religious community.
At the start of every week we held production meetings, discussing the pro's and cons of the previous week.
I arranged and kept track of an equipment schedule, monitored and assisted the teams and their requirements for crew members, props, locations, cast, film days and coordinated them, in order to have an efficient production flow between the 120 participants.
At the end of each week we held the Weekly Competition-a screening of the films made during the last 6 days. My obligation then was to judge and select the best performances and give out awards  (Best: Cinematography ; Acting ; Directing; Editing; Script; Set Design; ; Sound ; Production; Original Music)
Outside the film production I had as well coordinating festival management – arranging workshop events, location management, housing, discounts on food and transport for festival participants


New Bulgarian University

Oct 20122017

BA in Cinema Directing

Academy Of Fine Arts Of Brera, Milan

Mar 2015Jul 2015

Erasmus Student in Cinema Arts



English - Fluent command
Italian - Fluent command
Spanish - Good command

Adobe Premiere CS5 /CS6 / CC

Working with pleasure on the video editing software . Mastered a fast and precise production with a balance in rhythm and image  + audio and color corrections


journalistic and creative
TV , blogs, and film scripts

Photography and Cinematography

experienced  camera operator

Organisational / Managerial and Communication Skills

 Working in the film and TV industry teamwork is a foundation. Time management and multitasking are obligatory for the positive flow and quality of production. Capable creating a balanaced atmosphere, where the job is taken serious, but there is no negative pressure


for amateur theatrical plays and short films for 10 years

Joomla! and Wordpress

Website editing softwares