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Master of Science in Bioinformatics

School of Health, University of Crete, Herakleion

Degree grade: 8.86/10


Bachelor in Molecular Biology and Genetics

Department of of Molecular Biology and Genetics, School of Health, Democritus University of Thrace, Alexandroupolis

Degree grade: 7.62/10


Model Experimental High School of the University of the Aegean, Mytilene

 General grade: 19.1/20


Feb 2016 Feb 2017 / Sept 2017- Oct 2018

Graduate Research Assistant

Laboratory of Population Genetics and Bioinformatics, Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology

Advisor: Dr. P. Pavlidis

Project: Inference of population genomic parameters in the human gut microbiome

Brief description:

Analysis of shotgun metagenomics data and development of a pipeline for taxonomic profiling, phylogenetic and demographic inference. An approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) methodology was implemented for the demographic modeling while a classical statistics approach was employed to test for significant associations between the taxonomic composition and available metadata annotations. 

Sept 2014Oct 2015

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Laboratory of Genomic Diversity and Genetic Epidemiology, Democritus University of Thrace 

Advisor: Dr. P. Paschou

Computational Projects:

  • Evaluating Genome-Wide Imputation Accuracy Across Southern European Populations Using 1000 Genomes Data As Reference
  • Genetic variation of the LRRK2 gene in samples from all over the world (Bachelor Thesis)

Lab Responsibilities:

Participating in the establishment of a large biobank of samples for the study of Type 2 Diabetes and Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome. Responsibilities involved DNA extraction, quality control and organization of the samples.

Jun 2014Aug 2014

Laboratory Assistant

Department of Prenatal Screening, General Hospital of Mytilene

Lab Responsibilities:

  • Thalassemia carrier detection
  • First-semester prenatal screening

Personal Skills


  • Greek: Native
  • English: “Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE)”, issued by University of Μichigan (level C2)
  • French: No certificate

Computer Skills

  • Operating Systems: Linux(Ubuntu), Windows
  • Programming Languages:
    • Experienced in Python, R and Bash
    • Beginner in C and Perl
  • Bioinformatics:
    • Experience in NGS data analysis (Quality control, shotgun metagenomics, GWAS, variant calling, RNA-seq, differential gene expression, ChIP-seq, GRO-seq, 16s amplicon sequencing, phylogenetics) 
    • Solid statistics foundation 
    • Strong gasp of machine learning and bioinformatics algorithms

Teaching Skills

  • “Pedagogical and Teaching Proficiency”, certified by Democritus University of Thrace

Workshops and Conferences 


  • 37ο Science Conference from the Greek Association of Biological Science. Volos, May 2015. Oral and poster presentation: Evaluating Genome-Wide Imputation Accuracy Across Southern European Populations Using 1000 Genomes Data As Reference


  • EMBO Practical Course on "Computational Molecular Evolution", Heraklion, May 2018 
  • Workshop on "Molecular and Phenotipic Evolution" organized by the Serbian Evolutionary Society and ESEB Global Training Initiative,  June 2018 
  • "Volos Summer School of Human Genetics" organized by the Welcome Trust Sanger Institute and the University of Thessaly, Volos,  May 2017
  • Hellenic Bioinformatics Conference, Thessalonica, November 2016
  • Seminar for Assisted Reproduction organized by HelMSIC- Hellenic Medical Students’ International Committee, Alexandroupolis, 2013