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Maria Ulfah

Sarjana Farmasi, Apoteker


Being a pharmacist is my desire since I started entering the world of pharmaceuticals, the hard work done during this time I will finally achieve. Professional pharmacists that I can I want to make this a professional pharmacist can better known, recognized by everyone, and more courageous to deal directly with patients to provide information about the drug. To obtain a good quality of medicines, the industry plays an important role. So I wanted to be part of that build, develop the pharmaceutical industry become better and move forward.


Name                               : Maria Ulfah, S.Farm., Apt.

Date of birth                : Sukabumi/ 8 Januari 1992

Address 1                       : Kp. Cikiray Kidul Rt.05/10, Desa Sukamanah, Kec. Cisaat, Kab. Sukabumi, Jawa barat

Address  2                      : Jl. Univ. Pancasila, Gg.Bukudikrama, Rt.07/04, No.33, Srengseh sawah, Jakarta Selatan


Junior High school

SMP N 2 Sukabumi
  • 5 predicate in the class 3
  • Active in the organization, OSIS and MPK when class 1 to class 2

High School

SMA N 3 Sukabumi
  • entering science majors
  • has the highest math scores when class 2
  • follow extracurricular choir and win the race in sukabumi scout anniversary as champion 1
  • entered in 2 university through PMDK


Universitas pancasila
Aug 2010Feb 2015

S1, pharmaceutical majors


Universitas pancasila
Mar 2015Jan 2016

Profession apothecary

experience PKPA

Bina Obat Publik & Perbekalan Kesehatan

Kementrian kesehatan, Direktorat jendral Bina kefarmasian dan alat kesehatan
Aug 2015Sep 2015
  • Received material regarding Binfar overall and in particular public medicine and medical devices
  • More aware of how the world of work in the health ministry in particular Binfar
  • Knowing the duties and functions public medicine and medical devices

Pharmacist Assistant

apotek Kimia farma
Oct 2015Oct 2015
  • Learning how the duties of a pharmacist in a pharmacy
  • Provide information about the drug to the patient
  • Learn to manage a pharmacy

Quality Control

Landson, PT. Pertiwi agung
Nov 2015Dec 2015
  • Learn GMP (Good Manufacturing Process, SOP (Standard Operating Products), and IK (Work Instructions)
  • Creating Work instructions raw materials
  • Learn the duties and functions of all departments such as QA, QC, QO, R & D, Production, engineering, PPIC, the Registration of drugs, and HRD.
  • Plant tour all department
  • Create reports and drug stability test protocols


Kunjungan Industri 2012

Senat mahasiswa fakultas farmasi

PT. Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals

21 February 2012

Kesehatan Reproduksi dan Kecantikan Wanita


Jakarta, 14 September 2013

Speaker by Dr. Adi Widodo, SpOG

In recognition for Attending the Exhibition & Conference

CPhl south east asia

Jakarta Internasional Expo, Indonesia

8-10 April 2015

Personal Competency Development Training For pharmacist

Pharmacist career development center

Jakarta, 24 august 2015


  • Scientific Writing Competition 2012

          as the committee

        Theme "Pemanfaatan Mikroba dalam Bidang Farmasi"

  • Visit Scientific, Cultural and Tourism (TEMPLE) 2013

        as the committee

        As a container for pharmacists Competent Creating and Love for Nature Indonesia Culture and Mutual Establishing inter               Student Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Pancasila

Informal education

2012                  : Lembaga Bahasa & Pendidikan Profesional LIA

                               Has successfully completed a course until Intermediate Levels