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Maria Stamatina (mara) Dimopoulou



Oct 2010Feb 2016

Fine And Applied Arts 

University Of Western Macedonia


team excibitions


"Rem-brand name" techohoros, Athens                                      "Rem-brand name"Gallerie Lola Nikolaoy, Thessalonikh


"Moonlight Sonata of G.Ritsos" Personal presentation at Goose Art Cafe,2014 ·                                                                  "Μικρές Φόρμες" gallerie papatzikoy ,veroia ·         "Εικαστική Μπουγάδα" public installation,thessaloniki ·     "Rem-brand name" techohoros gallerie, athens ·                        "Rem-brand name" gallerie Lola Nikolaou, thessaloniki


 ''Quart-s''  mini excibition , Artis Causa gallerie, Thessaloniki ''2ο influence festival'', karditsa, instullation ‘ΑιωνιαΩΡΑ’(infinite hour) - art ‘Impermanent 9’    SAF De-Touch , santorini                                                                ''Unspent white black color΄΄ , exhibition in theater, kozani    ‘’Poros art festival’’, participation and organize of the fine art part at the festival

Personal exhibition

  • Συνομιλια 13 :''Σκόρπια η Σονάτα του Ρίτσου πάνω σε χαρτί ακουαρέλας.'' Personall presentation Goose Art Cafe, 2014






On one hand, you look at them in the sky with their wings open and observe their fluttering with such fervor, with such admiration. Seek their wild freedom. you feel that is not imprisoned animals, not bound, that they live by their own rules. They learned to be proud and that the reborn from their ashes. And you feel rude that you are kind trying to imprison them on a piece of paper, it's like stealing a little bit of their freedom when you try to impress with their same substance, abstract, random, sensitive, and imperious polished mediators of God. And from the other.. how sure can you be that actually there is this feeling of freedom and independence as we think when we stare at them from below?


Emotional Energy

Everything is Energy. Albert Einstain

When memory becomes a painting , then all this energy is embraced in canvas so that the viewer can perceive a part of it for himself.. Einstain used to say that ''everything is Energy'' and paintings are here to prove that theory! energy can be included in everything even though in memory and emotions and the viewer is the proof.. when you watch a work of art and you wake your emotions,memories and thoughts up then the goal has been reached for a painter.

These feelings and this emotional energy is the basic part of my research for my thesis excibition


cooperative, adaptable, motivated and ambitious with artsy and imaginative ideas when that is needed

my 5 years cooperation with my professors and studentmates helped me embrace these skills beyond the team excibitions we took part of. Easy learning skill and also can get accomplished through tough sittuations

practice at school

one month practice at school

volunteer work

six month volunteer work at school with children with disabilities