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A graduate with skills in signal and image processing, programming, mathematics and pattern recognition now seeking a job

Work experience

Jun 2014Present

Research Assistant

TUT Foundation (Tampere University of Technology), 3D Media Group, Department of Signal Processing, Tampere, Finland

Performing duties of the research assistant, conducting a research on the topic related to the master thesis.

Sep 2014Dec 2014

Teaching Assistant

TUT Foundation (Tampere University of Technology), 3D Media Group, Department of Signal Processing, Tampere, Finland

Assisted the exercises of the course Introduction to Signal Processing, prepared the exercises for the students.

May 2012Aug 2012

Research Assistant

TUT Foundation (Tampere University of Technology), Faculty of Science and Environmental Engineering, Department of Mathematics, Tampere, Finland

Mathematical research on algebraic logic, in particular paraconsistent fuzzy logic.


Sep 2011Present

Master of Science (Technology), Information Technology

Tampere University Of Technology, Tampere, Finland

Major studies lie in the filed of Applied Mathematics, covering such courses as Graph Theory, Matrix algebra, Applied logics, Bayesian methods.

Minor courses include Basic Course in Image and Video Processing, Digital Video Processing, Introduction to Signal Processing, Audio and Speech Processing, 3D and Virtual Reality, Introduction to Pattern Recognition, Principles of Programming Languages, Programming in C++, Programming in MATLAB, Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms.

The topic of the master thesis lies in the area of 3D media technology and virtual reality. The focus is on the spatially immersive environments (such as walls of the room) for large scale visualization of virtual movie sets for motion capture actors. The areas covered include multiple view geometry in computer vision, e.g. projective
geometry and transformations, pinhole camera model, non-uniform resampling in images.

Sep 2007Jul 2011

Bachelor of Science in Technology

Southern Federal University, Faculty of High Technologies, Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation

Major studies were in the field of systems analysis and management. Major courses included Calculus mathematics, Probability theory, Algebra, Differential equations, Database management system,Systems analysis, Decision-making, Systems modelling, Programming in Pascal, General courses included English language course, Physical education.


Computer skills
  • good command of office suite (word processor, spread sheet, presentation software)
  • good command of MATLAB
  • good command of C++
  • basic command of object-oriented programming
  • basic command of HTML, XML
  • basic command of Microsoft Access
  • basic hands-on knowledge of motion capture systems gained during writing a master thesis
  • basic knowledge of multiple view geometry in computer vision gained during writing a master thesis
  • good hands-on knowledge on signal and image processing obtained while working as a teaching assistant and writing a master thesis
  • basic command of photo editing software
Job-related skills

hard working and diligent, wiling to learn new from the work and improve

Organisational / managerial skills

supportive and co-operative

Communication skills

good communication skills obtained from living abroad as an international student


My hobbies are reading, biking, trekking